Thursday, August 22, 2013

How To Earn $5,000 In 30 Days

  It may sound bogus to some, but it is indeed possible. And if you read this entire blog post you will know exactly what to do to learn how. What's even better, is what you learn can be done over and over and earn $5,000 every month and even more in residual income. Here's how:
 4 top marketers in the industry have got together and were told to lay out the steps to making 5K in just 30 days starting from scratch. These are the best of the best, and they were asked "What steps would you take to earn $5,000 in 30 days if you had to start all over again and build from the bottom."
 So with this you can learn so many great tips that the best of the best would do if they had no money and had to make 5K like their life depends on it. So basically it is what most people are up against when they start and many would like to know how because they don't have any money themselves to invest. If you can see the power to this course, you would understand exactly why you need this. This is material I wouldn't mind paying $2,000 for! It's worth it because of what you learn. I had to promote it because now it can be bought for dirt cheap! Just put back $1 for a month and you would have more than enough to pay it! And that counts for February too! Yes, that easy to get! And will change your life forever!

 What steps would you take if you were forced in a life or death situation and had to make 5K in your first 30days? I bet you would be able to if your life depended on it. I know how you would do it too..... you would order this training video and get busy with what the top earners know about that most don't!
 If you make a decision to invest in your future of your business, then you are a wise person. But it's seldom the way many invest. Don't invest in more products, invest in knowledge. Having the knowledge will help a person grow their business to a level that otherwise, it wouldn't have been manageable.
 Now you know how to earn $5,000 in just 30days. You gain the knowledge from these masterminds who will explain where to start and where to stop. What methods are the best at pulling leads, and how to convert. You can learn so much from this video, and have the upper hand on your competition. So don't let them see it first! Order now and let me know how it changed your life and turned your business around. I wish I could just share the info, but it is protected. So I recommend this to you because I am highly confident this will give you the knowledge to know what to do to make the 5K in 30 days, I wouldn't promote someone else's material if I didn't believe truly in it and confident that it'll work for you! See you at the top!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Do You Handle The Stress Of Building Your Business?

 Well if you are not under a lot of pressure with calls, people trying to reach you while you are helping another person, new team members needing help, and customers placing orders, then you haven't felt it yet. But if you are getting all these people coming to you at once, don't be stressed and loose your mind about it. Be thankful that your business is in the right direction.
 Some days (like today for me) can bring many down and cause them to break. But one important thing to remember is you are feeling success. It's not easy to get there, and it's not easy to hold sometimes.
 A lot of people who desire to have success don't realize that they don't have it because they aren't cut out for it. They want to have off time, not to have to work hard, and they don't realize those things lead to failure in most cases. Most people don't want what comes with success, they only want the rewards from the hard work.
 So you need to make sure you can handle some real intense pressure and days that go on for a long time. Be prepared to work all day, and not be able to fully complete everything you needed to.
 I decided to write about this while I had a minute because today was one of those days. I managed to get through many obstacles that have built up throughout the day. But at the end of it all, or when the phone has ceased and the typing begins, I managed to end the day with two new business builders or partners, and it makes it worth it. I always know that more people means more money, and more people also means more work.
 So bottom line is this; don't expect success without putting in more work than what the average person sees as normal. Most people's minds are set to the 40 hour week. They just want to work for 40 hours then off to enjoy their day. That will not be the case in any successful business person or entrepreneurs life. They don't understand the 40 hour week, nor do they see it as beneficial. So in order to achieve the success you want, you must consider that a work day is your all day. You wake up to work, and go to bed with work. You don't have off days nor holidays. Indeed there will come a time for freedom enjoyment and vacation; but the truth is even on vacation work goes with you. So, do you really want to be successful still?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Those That Work The Most Will Make The Most

 It's common sense right? If you don't work, how can you get a result? In network marketing that rule is as true as any other industry. The only thing is in the beginning you are over worked and under paid. So why do you keep working? Because in network marketing, anyone can become the under worked and over paid person.
 Ask yourself how hard are you working to become the under worked and over paid person? Some people may find that they are not putting in enough effort to achieve it. They are definitely plenty of people wanting to be the person to live a luxurious lifestyle but have no idea what it really takes. So I want to share a few ways that can help a person take off and make it happen when they first get started.
 1. Always be involved with building your social media presence online. The larger you grow it the more results you can get.
2. Be creative and create pull tab flyers and create small flyers about the size of a business card. Everywhere you go you need to put them out in large amounts. This will not work by just hanging one at a nearby store. They must be at every place that people can see it. Be creative with both the ad, and the place you put it. You will need to put them out in tens of thousands in many various cities.
3. While you are out hanging your flyers remember to talk with others about the opportunity you have, or the products. Make stops in places such as fire stations, and small stores to not only hang the flyer but to make a quick talk to get a person to your company's or team's presentation.
4. Also grab the business cards of other professionals you see especially those that you know are in networking. You will need to call these people when you get back and see if they are open to looking at the presentation.
5. Classifieds can be placed all over the place and in many online sites. A good way to get those out to as many cities and on as many pages as you can is through Classified Submissions where they will do the work for you on a scale you can't do yourself unless you never sleep. Finding inexpensive ways to get more time for other methods is a great way to build fast.
6. Begin learning about video marketing. It is free, effective and pulls a ton of interested prospects when you learn just exactly how to do it right. Point is that it is free, and you can make them easy and fast.
7. Blogging. Yes, just the same as I do now. A blog post is forever so it gives it time to grab many people's attention over time. Drive traffic to your blog with the best of your ability and results soon begin to happen.
8. Google search other marketers and call them. This one habit alone can have you giving out presentations on a daily basis. You find the marketer's website, where the number to them is almost always located, and you call them to see if they are open to taking a look at an opportunity that you believe will really benefit them. If you believe in your opportunity and company you will not be telling a lie. They may disagree with it being the best, but every now and again you will have a team player. If there is no number then go for the email. Only email them through their website, and that is only if they have no way to be called. So this alone can be done during the normal business day hours.
9. While you are posting your classifieds, even if you hired Classified Submissions, you still can go an create a lot of email addresses to get more posts in more cities throughout craigslist or backpage. So just because Classified Submissions is posting on over half a million different classifieds, forums, networked pages and more; you can reach more cities in the top classified sites by creating new emails and using those accounts to reach more areas and audiences. This alone can be worked solid through out the night.
10. Having home parties and throwing events of your own can be a big step. These can pull in results real well but take planning. So be planning your next event and put into your busy schedule of all the methods above. Be sure to learn as much as you can about these home parties and events to maximize your turn out ratios.

Now if you are applying these 10 steps above on a daily basis there is not a reason your phone will not be ringing off the hook and have you signing up people every week, and sometimes everyday. There is a lot to manage into your schedule each day, but if you do, you get results. Over worked and under paid will be the way it is for a while, but that is the way to under worked and over paid, and it's all free methods or super low costs. Good Luck! Work Hard!

Monday, August 12, 2013

MLSP Mastery Member Trial

 I want to take a little time tonight and give credit where credit is due. I blog a lot about a program called MLSP and the reason is that I truly believe in this program and it's value. I am honored to be a part of it and it has been the reason I learned everything I know about marketing that helped me achieve a full time career in it.
 Now MLSP has stepped it up a notch and made the Mastery Membership level and its whole purpose is to help the serious home business owner achieve even more success and income.
 Now this amazing membership can be tested for you to learn and earn. 7 day $10 trial will give you access to MLSP Mastery Membership. With this you get 100% commission on all products that you sale, and you will have the top earners doing the selling for you. This is something that should have no less than $1,000 price tag on it.
 This is what many marketers use to make 6 figure incomes in their home business, and MLSP alone can be a 6 figure income as well. When you combine this with your business, it will blow you away at how the 100% commissions and the free leads lead to faster success.
 MLSP has decided to not only be the greatest way to create leads, learn all the methods of the top earners, but now have them do the selling for you. It is designed so a rookie can even achieve success fast.
 If you are asking if Mastery is right for you, then to help you decide you need to ask yourself some questions first. Do you want to be a top earner? Are you into business for a career, or just a hobby? Do you have a desire to succeed and hit 6 and 7 figures with your business? If you believe you are in this game to win, there is no doubt you will be only satisfied with the results you get from your Mastery Membership.
 So act now and get moving. Sign up for a test drive for only $10 and try it for a week. You can see the power yourself and even possibly earn your first $1000 or $2000 in the week. MLSP also offers 100% first time offers. I am so happy that MLSP has been so generous to offer this trial, I had to write about it. I have many people on Mastery and never had a complaint. Act now, because this trial may not last forever and if you miss out on this, your competition will surely surpass you! See you on the inside!

Friday, August 9, 2013


 If you are in need of the skills it takes to create a successful home business then be sure you put these calls into your calender.

Saturday Team Building Call:
Call in info: 949-202-4265 access code 1750580#  Saturdays @ 8pmEST
Webinar address:

Type in the web address or use this link at the time above ( 8pmEST ) mark your schedule and caleneders

 This call is designed to teach ways for people to not only grow their network business but also to create duplication. This call is a live meeting where anyone and everyone is welcome. If you are in need of growing a business, or creating duplication you need to attend this call and get the steps to do so.

Weekly Wednesday Webinar
Register Here

 This is a powerful webinar every week where a new topic and promotion is released. It is free to attend like all the others and is crucial for someone who knows that making themselves the product of sale is most important. Learn from all the top earners and those who have made 6&7 figure incomes.

These two webinars are open for anyone to take a look and use to learn from. You will get great value from both of these and it is wise to attend every time they air. I will add more over time as they are available and hopefully see you there!