Monday, December 29, 2014

BoomerBusinessCoach: Getting Ready for 2015: Set Your Schedule

BoomerBusinessCoach: Getting Ready for 2015: Set Your Schedule: As 2014 winds to its inevitable close, boomerpreneurs are anxiously poring over their numbers, figuring out what worked and what didn'...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Network Marketing Prospecting: Their First Impression

When you are network marketing prospecting, are you considering one of the most important factors of network marketing prospecting? That is, are you considering your first impression you make on a prospect? Learn why it is more important than ever, to make a great first impression while you are network marketing prospecting.

Why worry with a first impression?

Because the truth is, most people will have made their minds up about you within the first few seconds of meeting you. It is important that you have them make thier minds up in your favor, by giving a first impression.

I explain several tips on network marketing prospecting on my official website, and the latest tip for network marketing prospecting is on a person's first impression. I also explained some examples of how you can better your results when network marketing prospecting with first impressions.

Think of all the times your network marketing prospect told you they would come to a presentation and never showed up when you called? This is an example of how first impressions will have authority over the outcome of your network marketing prospecting.

Some of the keys I focus on at my webiste is the "Dress For Success" motto. This is what you need to do when talking with other professionals who dress for their profession. If a person doesn't wear nice clothes, perhaps you shouldn't go in a suit and tie, because you appear to be "not compatable" with them, perhaps too sales like.

Shoot over to to get the full article on "Network Marketing Prospecting: Their First Impression" and be sure to leave a comment below if this has helped spark an idea for you.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Tips For Email Marketing: 5 Basic Tips That Work

 Are you wanting to get better results from your email marketing? Would you like to get more open rates, clicks, and conversions? If so, then these 5 basic tips for email marketing can help you get those ratios up much faster.

The 5 basic tips for email marketing will help you in your email marketing campaigns. The 5 basic tips are as follows:

1. Use Creative Subject Line:
Using a creative subject line when you send your emails out to your list. Remember that the money is in the list, but by using subject lines that are all sale and no value, the list will unsubscribe quickly. Be sure to use the 80/20 rule, which is 80% value, and 20% sales. This is the first step to increasing the open rates.

2. Keep It Short and Sweet:
No one has the time to read extremly long emails. They are needing to move on quickly. By keeping it short and to the point you will see more people actually reading your emails. This also helps to increase clicks, and prevent unsubscribers.

3. Put A Link Up Top:
Remember the tips for email marketing that suggests you keep emails short? Even then many may not completely read the email. So it is wise to describe the purpose of the email in one or two sentences and have a link near the top for those who just want to click. Placing the only link low, may prevent many from ever seeing it in time. It's okay to put more links throughout the body, just remember the further down the email, the less people are seeing it.

4. Don't Over Send
Sending to many emails will cause a higher unsubscriber rate. This tip for email marketing is to email about once a day, and 2 to 4 times tops on any special day with an event. But be sure to not email more than once a day most days, or people may get tired of your emails.

5. Don't Under Send
Just like the tips for email marketing on over sending, under sending can be just as bad. People forget who they subscribe to quickly. So if you under send you may see a high unsubscribing rate when you finally send the email. They either don't remember you, or feel you are not giving out enough value to continue with you.

 Be sure to comment below and share if you found value in these tips for email marketing. Be sure to also share with your team so they can improve their email marketing campaigns.

Monday, September 8, 2014

How To Build A Network Marketing Team

Everyone knows that if you create a team in network marketing, then success is much easier to reach. You can't hit the top of a company without a team. So today I am going to share with you some basic tips on how to build a network marketing team, so you can reach your goals.

First thing to keep in mind is to have a simple process others can follow. If you do not have a process or system, or if you have it so difficult most people can't understand it, then you need to focus on creating something more simple. Most people can not find success unless someone teaches them a simple to follow process.

Another tip on how to build a network marketing team is to focus on helping each new member get a fast start. This doesn't have to be a big start, just help them in anyway possible to get some type of income. This helps them understand they can reach success too. Do some calls with your team, and focus on the new guy.

When you are build a network marketing team, be sure you have every member of the team on an email list. You need to make sure they all are aware of any webinars, trainings, and calls. The more active you can have your network marketing team, the more results. Make sure they get to every call and training so they can keep the fire inside of them going.

Use a Skpye chatroom when building a network marketing team. This has been one of the most successful keys on how to build a network marketing team for me. My team has instant contact with me, even if I am on the phone with someone. It helps them feel more engaged throughout the day and will keep the fire inside them burning longer.

Don't be someone who simply signs up new members and then loses contact with them. You will see this will make it hard to keep team members in your network marketing business.

If these tips help, please comment and share on your favorite social website.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Social Media Marketing Plan

 Are you using social media to build your network marketing business? Or are you using social media correctly when building your network marketing business? In this article I will explain how to create a social media marketing plan that works. Regardless of which social media website you choose.

 The key to having a successful social media marketing plan is to be social. This is why it is called "Social Media." Many people will make the mistake of just posting ads or hype all the time, and it won't work. By engaging with others in friendly messages, you can build a relationship with others who will want to buy from you.

 Instead of posting ads, or pitches, use post that raise curiosity in your social media marketing plan. How many times have you clicked on a post that was a pitch for another company's products or business? Use relevant information, or interesting information that will make people want to click on your post and you can direct them to where you need them to go.


 Once you have began directing people to your hub (which is where you plan to drive the traffic) you then can work on building a relationship with your prospect. People like to buy from people they know, like and trust. Use social media to get to know your customers and your sales will increase.


 Using social media strategies such as a giveaway is a great way to drive traffic to your hub. This needs to be planned out as to what will be given away. You can use giveaways to increase your audience on whichever social platform you are using in your social media marketing plan, or to build your home list.

 The major key to know when creating a social media marketing plan is to give your audience what they want. Don't approach it as in what you want them to do.

 If this social media marketing plan article has given you value, please comment and share below. Be sure to share with any of your team that may be using social media to build their business.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How To Sample Effectively In Network Marketing

 Have you been trying to use sampling as a strategy for your network marketing business? Or perhaps you are sampling people but noone is buying? There are a few ways to increase the results when using sampling, so I explain here how to sample effectively in network marketing.

 First consider who you are sampling. Is this person even serious about needing your product? Or are they just wanting free stuff? By just sampling anyone, you will have most of your products thrown in the trash or left and forgotten. So be sure the person is a targeted individual before giving away your products.
 You must take the time to get to know your prospect or potential customer as well before sampling. If you want to know how to sample effectively in network marketing, then build a good relationship with the customer beforehand. 
 Use testimonies of others so your customer will want, or understand the benefit of this product. This will increase the odds of them wanting your product to work for them.
 Also, never give a sample out without getting contact info from your potential customer. Don't expect them to contact you first. A follow-up is most important. By following up with your customer, you will increase sales by an extreme amount.
 Be sure to read more details and visit my official website for gifts and weekly mastermind trainings for your network marketing business.
 Also be sure to share this with your team and downline. The more they learn the better for you. 
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Monday, August 25, 2014

How To Get People To Join Your Network Marketing Business

 Are you having trouble with getting people to join your network marketing business? There could be reasons for people not joining you, and believe it or not, it is natural for even the most successful network marketers to face these same issues. So here is what you need to know on how to get people to join your network marketing business.

 Ask yourself a simple question, "Would you join yourself?" If the answer is no, then you need to work on your confidence first. People want to follow someone who is confident in what they are doing. They want someone who can show them the way to success.

 Having a plan in place when speaking with prospects has helped me a lot. I learned that by telling some of my prospects (those that needed to hear it) my plan of action, many wanted in on it. This was something I seen as important for how to get people to join my network marketing business.

 Also, by offering, or showing them that I was willing to work for them for their success was big on how to get people to join your network marketing business. People are in this for themselves, and they want what's in it for them. However, some aren't so confident they can do it at first, so I offered to make calls for them and help them recruit others into their network marketing business. This usually works very well.

 But what really helped me break the wall that so many network marketers face when building a business, was prospecting cold market instead of warm market. Cold market did not know my past, and they had no idea I had just began as an entrepreneur. Remember that confidence plays a large role, so be confident and prospect cold market. Once the cold market begins to build, the warm market is not far behind.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cold Calling Tips

                                                     COLD CALLING TIPS

 If you don't have leads coming in on a daily basis, then perhaps you should consider cold calling. But, cold calling isn't that difficult if you follow a few simple cold calling tips. I used these same cold calling tips and were able to recruit about half of the people I spoke with at times.

 The best way to do cold calling in network marketing is by searching for other people who are already involved in the industry. You can find their information offline on advertising bulletins, or find their business cards laying around.

 But online, you can simply search for websites that list local distributors, or have sites that help people find their local distributor. This is an easy way to get someone's information for a cold call.

 However, I find it best to look for other network marketers who are advertising on websites, or classifieds. This will make an easy approach to the cold call.

 When you cold call the prospect, simply ask them "If the ad is working for them." You can mention you are thinking of running an ad there too if it's getting them great results. So, if they tell you, and more tell you, that an advertising site is working, then I would try it too!

 But simply asking them this will break the ice. That is the best cold calling tip I know of to keep from raising their resistance. When you ask people if their advertisement is working, it will lead to long conversations from most people.

 Remember that you are not trying to recruit every person when using these cold calling tips. These cold calling tips are just so you can build a relationship with the prospect, and that may lead to more calls before they join you.

 To increase your results and income with using these cold calling tips, I would recommend becoming a member of MLSP so you can have more to offer your prospect than just another business opportunity. Becoming a member of MLSP will give you more leverage and you can offer your prospect free weekly training to help them build their network marketing business. Many people will not be interested in your opportunity, but will be interested in learning new ways to build theirs and earn a second stream of income. Using MLSP will give you a strong advantage when cold calling.

Get started with MLSP by clicking here

 Did you get value, or did these cold calling tips help you find new ways to prospect? If so, please comment and share. Be sure to share with your team members who are in need of finding new prospects.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Facebook Marketing Strategy

 If you are looking for ideas to develop a Facebook Marketing Strategy, then these tips should surely help. Most marketers use Facebook in ways that hurt more than help. So learn these simple Facebook marketing tips to develop the perfect Facebook Marketing Strategy.

 First you must realize that Facebook is a social media website. This means you must be social. By just throwing links on posts to offers and opportunities, will do more harm than good. Don't just friend request a lot of people just to pitch them later. Develop good relationships with others, and your Facebook Marketing Strategy will be a success.

 Use a Fanpage for your Facebook Marketing Strategy instead of a personal profile. A personal will only hold 5,000 friends. A Fanpage will hold unlimited amounts of people. So the idea is to get "likes" on your Fanpage, which is like having a friend join your personal page.

 Once you set up a Fanpage, you need to begin getting "likes" to the page. Start by inviting all your friends from your personal page. Then you must use the chance in any article, video, etc, to grab "likes". A great website to meet others and get a lot of Facebook "likes" is IBOToolbox.

 Be sure to post very vaulable content on your posts. Don't put out what you wish your fans to do, but rather what they want. This will increase engagement. Remember that having a lot of "likes" does no good unless you are getting engagement.

 You can increase engagement by liking, sharing, and commenting on other people's pages and posts. I use my Fanpage to comment on other Fanpages, and this usually leads to lot's of engagement and causes more people to see the post.

 If you really want to take your Facebook Marketing Strategy to another level and build your Fanpage fast, then use PPC and Boosting. This of course can be a costly Facebook Marketing Strategy, but highly effective if you know what to do. I would suggest learning some great PPC and boosting ideas from watching this free video called "Social Media Insanity."

 Also be sure to use images or videos in your posts. These are much higher to get likes, comments, and shares than a post without an image. Useful Facebook Marketing Tip.

 Lastly, do not get caught up in reading and watching all the videos and posts that Facebook offers. When you are pusuing a Facebook Marketing Strategy, then it's best to stay focused, and pay atttention to your strategy.

 Be sure to get more details, and more value by visiting my official website You can recieve a free gift of a pdf file "20 ways to find network marketing leads" and get registered for the mastermind weekly webinars, all for free by filling out the form you see on the page.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

 Tonight on Spreecast I taught the viewers on how to drive traffic to your blog, or website. I am posting the Spreecast here for you to see if you are searching for ways on how to drive traffic to your blog. I will also explain some of the steps to how you can get lots of traffic if followed correctly.

 Watch August 4th Spreecast by visiting my website where the Spreecast is recorded.

You will learn in detail the tips I share below on how to drive traffic to your blog.

 So here are the steps on how to drive traffic to your blog:

1. Stick to a niche
2. Register your blog on all the major search engines
3. Write content with good keyword research
4. Ping your URL of your blog
5. Share on all social media sites, especially in group discussions
6. Backlink the blog for more links and authority
7. Write other blogs with same keyword ad details on authority sites, linking back to your blog
8. Use Traffic Exchanges for more traffic
9. Use social sharing sites for more social signals and traffic
10. Leave call to action at the end of your material

 These 10 steps will increase traffic, and will do it quickly if you remain consistent with posting. The more often you post the more you will drive traffic to your blog, and helps you rank.

 Ranking your blog helps find real organic traffic that is interested in what you have written on. Be sure to try and rank as high as you can, using the tips I share on the Spreecast. Do not get carried away with keyword stuffing or anything that works well on driving traffic to your blog, or your blog can be pulled.

 Make sure you watch the entire Spreecast to get full details on how to drive traffic to your blog. Also be sure to head over to my official website and register for the weekly mastermind trainings, and recieve free training and gifts.

 Please share and comment below if you have got value, or want to help your team with driving traffic to their blogs as well.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Social Media Marketing Tips

 How many social media marketing tips have you seen that explain what we need to do, and how many social media marketing tips do you read that warn you of what not to do? Well here is a major tip for social media that may shock you, but people are doing it.

 I was on Linkedin today, like everyday, and I was accepting the connection requests I had gotten. As usual because it is a great social media marketing tip, I contacted them all and did not pitch. Instead I introduced myself and said hello.

 One of the people who asked me to connect with him had sent me a message saying "Read the rules of contacting (his name) and that itself looked a little silly. But, what I read in his rules is what I want to focus on as one of the social media marketing tips I am about to share.

Watch this video to hear the entire story:

 So by saying this to all other network marketers, he is surely closing the door to building a relationship and attracting others. The main rule to succeed in network marketing is to attract others, by building solid relationships. He is preventing these from happening.

 So more social media marketing tips to discuss on what not to do is, don't slander other people, their products or services, and their companies and leaders. By telling us our leaders are not as "Good Looking" as his are, is making me glad I didn't waste my time with him.

 Although his message may prevent some spam, and I doubt it will for the most of it, isn't going to help him because it keeps the good from coming in. By saying not to message him unless it is to join his business, makes me wonder why he is even requesting to connect with me?

 I hope if you are doing this same mistake, you will consider these social media marketing tips and stop. Don't slander, or try to say you look better and are better than others. Plus never use false information about your company like he has.

 If you have team members in need of learning this, or you enjoyed this article, please comment below and share on your favorite social media.

 "Need leads? Grab a free copy of my pdf "20 ways to generate leads for network marketing" by visiting my official website and filling out the form.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Global Pro Systems: What To Expect

Have you ordered a package from Global Pro Systems and wondering what to expect? Or perhaps you are involved with Global Pro Systems and would like to find a way to build your Vemma business? Either way, I am going to share what to expect, and how to make your business work out.

If you have already became part of Global Pro Systems, and you now realize you can't afford the leads they recommend, then you are not alone. Global Pro Systems was my first encounter into network marketing and it wasn't until I discovered how to generate my own leads was I able to make profit using Global Pro Systems.
If you want to learn to generate your own leads, and actually make good profit, then I highly recommend you register for our mastermind weekly trainings. These trainings are taught by top earners of several companies, and they are free to attend. Get registered now to learn more on generating your own leads REGISTER HERE


If this is the case, then here is how the process worked when I was a member. I left Global Pro Systems in June of 2013, and things may have changed in some ways since then.

1. You are booked a phone appointment with your mentor or sponsor
2. You are asked to join the company Vemma, at a buy in of $299. 
3. You are set up for a second phone appointment where you were asked to upgrade to the highest amount possible.
4. You are sent to Global Pro Systems training, where you are asked to purchase a merchant account, domain names, and leads.

Keep note that with Global Pro Systems, I never learned much about how to be successful in network marketing. It is more of a promotion to purchase leads, than learning how to be successful. With leads of $139.95 a piece, plus a $29.95 additional charge for the package to send the lead, I was unable to duplicate the system. If you are not willing to invest a large amount of money into the business, I would recommend to avoid using the Global Pro System.

There are a lot of charges and Global Pro Systems is a very costly program to use. It is not needed to have a Vemma business, so if you can't afford it, just go straight to Vemma.

If you believe Vemma is not the right business for you, then feel free to contact me for info on businesses that do not have monthly autoships to maintain a business. I also assure you I will not charge you to look at the business, like you just paid for. Email me for more info at

 So either reason you are looking to learn more on Global Pro Systems, I hope this will help. If you are struggling in Vemma using Global Pro Systems, then register for free mastermind trainings, that will teach you everything to know about lead generation, for free REGISTER HERE

Or you can use MLSP, and for the same price as Global Pro Systems, get much more quality, value, and more experienced mentors. The MLSP system is designed to create successful leaders and will refund you if you are not 100% complete satisfied. REGISTER HERE

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Marketing Presentation: How To Invite

 Are you wondering why everytime you have a marketing presentation scheduled your prospect doesn't show? Well this could be easily solved, by following a few simple tips on getting more people to show up for network marketing presentations.

 On my official website I posted 3 tips to help increase the number of marketing presentations you get in front of your prospect's eyes. Feel free to take a look and read more about marketing presentations and how to invite at

 So, let's go over these network marketing presentation tips:

1. First problem you may be having is your prospects are seeing you more of a salesman than a problem solver. If they think you are only out to sell them something, forget the marketing presentation. You need to be a problem solver, and have a solution to their needs. Once they have trust in you, it may be best to invite.

2. Perhaps you tell too much before you get your prospect to the marketing presentation? When you are inviting someone to a marketing presentation, don't sling hype, vommit information, and basically give the presentation. It's best to say less to more. Let the marketing presentation, be the marketing presentation.

3. Do you send your prospect to the marketing presentation, and tell them "You will get to them when it's over" perhaps? That is a big reason you don't hear from them after they viewed it. They will more than likely think it's a great idea, or opportunity, and go straight to their friends and tell them what they seen. Well we can figure it out what their friends will fill their heads with, and you never hear from your prospect again. You need to be the one to answer the questions of your prospects, and only you. Be sure to be present for the presentation, so when it's over, it's just you and the prospect.

 If you want more information on marketing presentations and how to invite correctly, visit my official website at There are more explanations, and value on my website.

 Also you can pick up a free pdf file on "20 ways to find network marketing leads", plus get invited to mastermind trainings, all for free by visiting and filling out the form on the right side.

 Please feel free to comment and share if you want others in your team to learn how to invite people correctly to a marketing presentation.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free Leads For MLM

 Are you looking for free leads for MLM opportunities because you are on a tight budget, or perhaps you just want to add more leads to your MLM business each month? If this is the case, or for any reason, I want to explain some ways you can find free leads for MLM opportunities that you can generate yourself.

 You know if you use a MLM lead providers, the quality of the lead can sometimes, or mostly be low. However, when a person generates their own leads, the quality is much greater mostly. Combine higher quality MLM leads with free strategies and you can make more profit.

 On my official website I posted 10 strategies to generate free leads for mlm businesses and opportunities. So if you would like to learn the 10 free strategies, hop over to my official website

 Free leads for MLM opportunities will take time to generate, and using free methods means you need to invest more time. Consistency and massive action can turn any free mlm lead strategy into massive amounts of leads.

 In order to achieve success in any MLM opportunity you will need duplication among your downline. So by learning how to generate free leads for MLM opportunities, you can share with those on your team who are on a tight budget. Time is the source for free MLM leads when you can't invest in a more faster approach.

 Lead providers may at times provide free MLM leads as an offer to test their services. If you ever see these offers of course you should try them. You never know what you may get.

 But the best way to find success in MLM is to learn to generate free leads for MLM businesses. Visit my official website for 10 strategies that I have used personally to find free leads for MLM opportunities I am part of.

 Please comment below on any of your favorite or most productive free MLM lead strategies. Also be sure to share this article with your team, so they may learn more.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Internet Marketing Tips: How To Increase Productivity

 Increasing productivity in your business will be a great way to increase results. But do many people know how they can increase productivity in their business? Learn how to increase productivity by over 300% without having to need more time.

 Learning how to increase productivity isn't as hard as some may think. I actually recorded a webinar on July 1st 2014, and I explained how you can increase productivity no matter what business you may be currently working in.


 Here is a recap of the details you need to know to increase productivity in your business.

1. Setting a schedule. By setting a schedule and sticking to it, you will be more capable of increasing productivity. You must be willing to follow the schedule you have chosen. Do not sway away and get off track, ever.

2. Produce Value. Whatever your business is, it has a target market. Producing value for this market is the key. Just putting out useless offers to people who have no need for the service or product is not increasing productivity. Make sure you are putting value out, and a lot of it on a daily basis.

3. Stay consistent. When you are trying to increase productivity, you need to be consistent. Constantly increasing and putting out value and content is a great way to increase productivity. Whatever it is you do that gets you the results, be sure you always do it, and do it more if possible.

 For more info on Internet Marketing: How To Increase Productivity visit my official website and grab your free gift while you are there:

Want to learn more ways and secrets on how to increase productivity?

 As you learned on the webinar, you can grab a copy of Adam Chandler's info product "23 ways to increase productivity" for only $9. This course will save you thousands of dollars you would need to spend to learn these secrets. Grab it now before the price goes back up and you will have to pay at least $1000 to get it.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Online Marketing Strategy: Which Online Marketing Strategy Is Best?

 If you are looking for a new online marketing strategy, or perhaps trying to find your first strategy, then this article will direct you where to go. There are several online marketing strategies available, but do you know which online marketing strategy you will be best at?

 Whenever you begin using a new online marketing strategy, you need to stay focused on that particular strategy until you are pulling results from it. By trying to do every online marketing strategy all at once, you will neglect them all and become overwhelmed.

 Online marketing strategies are like most everything else. The more you work it and become familiar, the quicker you do it, and the better you become. So choose one online marketing strategy and pursue it until you are developing about 5 to 10 leads a day and then add a new online marketing strategy to the mix.

 Now, which online marketing strategy is best for you? That can depend on a few factors. Your personality, and your skills. The best thing to do is to learn what online marketing strategies there are available, how they work, and then you can decide which ones will suit you best.

 Here are some of the most common, and highest producing online marketing strategies:

Resume Database Research
Article Marketing
Webinars/ Hangouts
Audio Marketing

 There are several more not mentioned above. The best way to learn how each works, and what type of cost may be involved, is to attend the free weekly mastermind hangouts by CLICKING HERE

 You can learn each week a new online marketing strategy. You may realize some are too complicated, or too high cost for your business as of yet. But, there are several free online marketing strategies you can learn by attending these weekly trainings, or by simply getting started now with MLSP for only $2 GET STARTED NOW

 Choose wisely. Don't get overwhelmed by all the different strategies. Just select which is best and focus your full attention until it's producing results.

 Learn more by visiting my official website at

If this helps direct you to what you are looking for, please comment and share. Be sure to share this with your team so they can learn new online marketing strategies and begin producing for you.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

How To Use Linkedin To Generate Leads

If you have a profile on Linkedin and you are not using it to generate leads, odds are it's because you don't know how yet. I am going to share with you how to use Linkedin to generate leads for any MLM, or Network Marketing business.

 On May 1st, 2014, I was a guest on and I explained just how to use Linkedin to generate leads. It is a simple strategy, that cost nothing. Anyone can use this strategy to generate leads using Linkedin.

 Watch this video on the recording of our webinar:

 What you learn in the webinar is why Linkedin has the highest quality leads possible. How to start developing leads as soon as you begin a Linkedin profile. Also the power of the Linkedin groups and how to properly use them to generate leads using Linkedin.

 This information can work with any MLM, or Network Marketing business. All you need to do is develop your niche into the strategy taught on our webinar "How To Use Linkedin To Generate Leads"

 Learn exactly how to use Linkedin to generate leads by viewing our training at:

Visit to also read about the strategies in detail.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

MLM Success Tips: The Right Way To Build

 Are you struggling to get your MLM or Network Marketing business moving? Do you think it seems as if nothing is working? To find MLM Success, read these following tips and see how it changes everything about your business.

 To read full in depth article visit:


 MLM Success Tips #1: Brand Yourself

 One mistake many new entrepreneurs make when starting in MLM is they tie their name to the company they promote. There are several reasons you should not do this. One is due to the uncertainty of your company's future. Read More:

MLM Success Tips #2: Be Professional  

 This is something we all know. But so many make the mistake of not being professional. Mixing your private life into business can be a mistake if not careful. Also what we say when we are talking to our friends on a Twitter account we try to promote with. Learn more ways to prevent disaster and be professional

MLM Success Tips #3: Develop Great Mindset

 You need to be developing a positive attitude, and learning more about staying positive. Your thinking can determine the outcome of your business. Be sure to allow a few minutes of your day to developing the correct thinking.

MLM Success Tips #4: Learn To Make Your Own Leads

When you develop this skill, profits will increase. Many will pay for leads through a provider, and this results in a lot of wasted time working with uninterested prospects. Learn to make your own leads, for several benefits. I explain these benefits at
If you are in need of learning this critical procedure, I highly recommend using My Lead System Pro to learn several ways to generate leads. You can also use the best tools for finding targeted prospects as well. CLICK HERE For My Lead System Pro

MLM Success Tips #5: Learn To Recruit

 When you learn to become a master at recruiting in MLM, or Network Marketing, your business will skyrocket! Recruiting is something that many fear, and it leads to failure. If you want to become a better recruiter in MLM, use My Lead System Pro and you will learn from those who are the best. CLICK HERE For My Lead System Pro

 These tips are the basic fundamentals to building a successful MLM. "MLM Success Tips: The Right Way To Build" was written to explain what you need to focus on, and not to explain each in it's own details. To learn more, and stay up to date on MLM Success Tips and more valuable training, be sure to subscribe to this blog, or my website

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Social Network Marketing: How To Increase Engagement

 Are you making this crucial mistake that most network marketers are? Would you like to have more followers, shares, likes, comments, re-tweets, and more? Follow these simple social network marketing tips and you will see more engagement.


 First thing in social network marketing to get right is your type of posting. There are 2 types of posts when using social network marketing and they are as follows:

1. Active Posting
2. Passive Posting

 Passive posting is the mistake so many network marketers make. This is where you simply post your business opportunity or offer on the news feed. It sometimes looks like hype, and causes resistance among your readers. DO NOT be posting your business opportunity like it's the greatest thing ever and people should automatically join.

 Active posting is where instead of causing resistance you create curiosity. You do not mention your offer, but instead leave information out on purpose to get people to wonder, and click more. This is how you get more people to your offer.


 passive: "We are exploding in our company, and now is the time to make millions with the greatest product on Earth. Message me for details."

 active: "Why would someone want to do something like this?"


 Also to gain more of a following and build your audience you need to be more engaging yourself. Be sure to comment, share, re-tweet, and like other people's posts and you will begin seeing more people engaging in yours.

 Be sure to ask questions in your posts. Questions have a call to action in their own way. This can help get more comments as well.

 Always give the readers what they want to know. DO NOT post what it is you want out of the readers.

 Hope these tips have helped, and be sure to learn more at my official website

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Starting An MLM: Gaining Credibility

 Starting an MLM can be tough, especially for those who try to work their warm market. You mostly hear the comments such as "I'll wait to see if it works for you first" and this of course leaves you wondering how can you gain credibility.


 That's exactly what this post is for. To help you gain credibility in starting an MLM.

 I will share with you what it is I have done to break down this wall that seems to stop so many entrepreneurs early in the game.

 I gained my credibility by contacting cold market, or those who do not know me. When you learn to develop leads, the prospect has no idea, that you have never sponsored anyone yet.

 This helps eliminate any prejudice thoughts that your warm market may have against you. I was able to recruit several people from all over the world, and this caused my warm market to basically beg me to join.

 If you need to find new ways to develop leads, so you can begin doing the same and breaking down the wall, click the link below and you can learn more on how to develop leads, and more on how to recruit.

 Focusing on cold market while starting an MLM is what I teach my team members as well. It has helped most of them get an earlier result. However, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone to make this work. You will need to make a lot of phone calls to strangers.

 "Starting an MLM: Gaining Credibility" was the most recent content I shared on my official website

 Learn more on gaining credibilty when starting an MLM and more by visiting my official website.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Network Marketing Lead Generation

 Network Marketing Lead Generation is a simple process to learn. However so many network marketers find themselves in situations where they run out of good prospects to network with.

 So what could be a good solution to this?

 I have a great solution for Network Marketing Lead Generation and I share it in a recent Spreecast training. Watch "Network Marketing Lead Generation" Spreecast by visiting the link below.

 I cover over a dozen network marketing lead generation methods and go into detail on them. Remember to always take massive action when using these lead generation methods.

Here are the methods you will learn when you watch the training on my official website

1. Rat Droppings
2. Blogging
3. Videos
4. Prospecting Strangers
5. Card Grabs
6. Social Media Strategies
7. PPC
8. SEO
9. Resume Database Research
10. Solo Ads
11. Webinars
12. Spreecasts

 These 12 and more will be discussed in detail. View the training by visiting

I am unable to load the Spreecast onto this blog, so I am redirecting you to my official website. Be sure to put your name and email into my list form so you can receive a free copy of my up and coming Ebook "20 ways to find new leads"

Network Marketing Lead Generation is crucial to your business. Without leads, you do not have any business.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog so you can stay up to date on new information in Network Marketing. You will learn lead generation, recruiting, team building and leader skills.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MLM Recruiting Secrets: 5 Tips To Recruit More Reps

 Are you struggling to find more reps to recruit for your MLM business? Read the 5 major secrets to recruiting more reps into your primary MLM business.

 Recently on my official website, I released a post called "MLM Recruiting Secrets: 5 Major Tips To Recruit More"


 In this post I share 5 secrets that I have always used, and it truly has helped me recruit more people into my MLM business of all companies. I will tell you the 5 secrets here on this website, and feel free to get more detailed info on each secret by visiting HERE

 First MLM recruiting secrets is being professional. Doesn't sound too much of a secret, but many people do not follow it properly and loose tremendous amounts of business because of this.

 Second MLM recruiting secrets is focusing on cold market recruiting. Forget what all your upline says about talking to friends and family. Has it ever worked for you before? Some it can, but most it won't. Be sure to visit my website to get more details on cold market recruiting. (You need to do this as soon as possible)

 Third MLM recruiting secrets is generating enough leads to be able to prospect cold market. There are hundreds of ways to find new leads to prospect. Be sure to grab a copy of my Ebook "20 ways to find new leads" by visiting my website HERE
The Ebook is soon to be available. It will be available by the time most people read this, but if you see this in the first week of it's release, just simply request a free copy before it's published by contacting through my website.

 Forth MLM recruiting secrets is the paper app trick. This is simply where when you recruit someone, you record the information on paper, and then use this to offer your "fence sitters" as an incentive to join today. Works well.

 The fifth MLM recruiting secrets I share on my blog is using the right tools. So many people suffer in business because they will not buy what they need. Do not be afraid to purchase the tools you need. These tools will greatly increase your leads, prospects, and signups. I list a few tools that all network marketers should have on my website, so be sure to get more information HERE.

 Be sure to request a copy of my Ebook before it comes out so you can get it free. Be one of the first to learn my 20 top lead generating tips, and even receive bonus tips to help you find more leads.

 Also read the full details on each MLM recruiting secrets I share above by visiting my official website

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing  is where you will define who is the right person or group of people that will be interested or need the product or service your business offers. So to better understand targeted marketing I want to use a few examples below to help you find who your targeted audience is.

If you are in a business in the lawn service market, you would look for people who have a yard, and target those who are more than likely too busy to cut their own grass. Since so many people that fit this target market live in certain subdivisions, it's not so hard to find the right people. One area or subdivision could produce a large amount of clients. But, it is competitive, so you need to make more noise than your competition. Which means basically getting your offer in front of more people, and have a reason they need yours more. Usually this is done by having a better product or service than your competition. 
Finding and targeting the right market is key to achieving massive results. All of your ideas should be directed towards who your targeted market is. One good example, is Pinterest. Pinterest is a social website that has people pin boards as images. It showed in a recent poll that mostly women are using Pinterest consistently. So the idea of Pinterest would be targeting females with the pins you would post on there. Find the benefits that women would have for your product/service, and pin it on Pinterest.

You can learn the questions you need to ask yourself in order to find your target market by visiting
Those are a few things that need to be answered in order to find your target market. The same rules apply in any business whether it be a home business or a brick and mortar business. So many business owners do not consider targeted marketing in their advertising budget, and it leads to low results. Don't let this happen to you.
Find the right people, you make sales. Advertise to the wrong people, get frustrated.
"If you are in need of finding new leads for your network marketing business, then watch this free video called "The Top 10 Prospecting Tricks" and learn 10 new simple ways you can generate leads for your network marketing business.
Learn more by visiting
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chris Carley: How To Be Successful In MLM

 If you are searching for how to be successful in MLM, then I want to share with you a way to follow one of the greatest MLM mentors of all time. Learning how to be successful in MLM usually starts with a great mentor. The kind of mentor I am about to introduce you to.

 Her name is Chris Carley. MLM legend and mentor. Below are some posts of her most recent Facebook posts, where she shares advice, and skills on how to be successful in MLM. I highly recommend you friend her on Facebook, and follow closely to what she teaches. 


written by: Chris Carley

"Had over 27 questions to the message about how I made millions after getting fired from Boeing. Unsurprisingly the most common question was:
Q: Do you see a pattern in people that 'make it' and people that don't?
A: YES. ALWAYS. Especially with friends and family.  THEY DON'T READ THE BOOKS. Like working out, you have to do it every day or you get out of shape FAST. People go to Tony Robbins's type training and their companies events and get all excited but when they get home they lose that because they weren't taught to turn within. You were born with an incredible system that knows how to breath, blink, heal a cut on your finger without you having to tell it what to do so listen to that still small voice within. You get a stomach ache when you talk to someone listen to it!!!! You get goose bumps reading something LISTEN TO MORE OF THAT. I don't care who you are or what business you are in, we are in sales. Your best asset is you, in family matters, work and relationships so be aware of what you are thinking, blogging about, emailing about, forwarding emails....delete the negative, pass forward the positive. I have helped thousands double and triple their incomes that aren't even in the business I am in, but I only worked with them when they ak6,000 that next month is: THINK AND GROW RICH. Napoleon Hill. Not just rich in money, but SPIRIT. Don't try and give me any excuse because I was the queen and I can take it away from you. No time to read? Set the book by your toilet. Whatever you are selling copy the big boys. Microsoft, Dell, At&T. Advertise a low-end product that EVERYONE can afford that works, then.....what do"


"Every day I'm asked from friends, family, the 68 year old grocery clerk I see week, the guys working their asses off in the hot sun in front of my mansion, HOW I went from a $10 an hour Boeing, Fired factory clerk (working midnight to 7 a..m.) to earning over a million dollars in one year to over $20 million to date (THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT MONEY. IT IS ABOUT HAVING INCREDIBLE HEALTH, FRIENDS AND GREAT FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS) and every time I tell them the same answer: I got on my knees and prayed and asked God to show me HOW. I read the books successful people read and I didn't let not being able to afford them stop me. I went to my library in Federal Way, WA.*
YOU are the only one that can limit your capacity to receive. The problem is never NOT with the supply. If you think you have reached your limits because of your boss, or circumstance, health, spouse, you have to change your thoughts because there are thousands around you in worse circumstances but have enlarged their vision.
Today, I and dozens of my very successful group are reading: WHEN you change your thinking, you enlarge your capacity to receive. Some people go around with a small cup...They're not expecting much; (so they don't get much) others have buckets. They can pay their bills on time and have a little left over. They've done okay. Yet there is another group that is very unusual (but you can be in that group!) "They believe they and their children can be mighty in the Land" They don't have a cup. They don't have a bucket. They don't have a barrel. they have a barn, a whole warehouse. *Adapted by Joel Osteen's book: Break Out! 5 keys to go beyond your barriers and live an extraordinary life. (parenthesis mine and no I don't make a dime promoting this book :))"


Learn more on Chris, and connect with her on Facebook HERE


 These are posts that Chris Carley made on her Facebook page and after posting them she received tons of friend requests. She has made a powerful pact on this industry, and if you want to know how to be successful in MLM you are basically being given a blueprint.