Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Get That First Step In MLM and Network Marketing

 Your looking for answers right? Every time you search online for an answer to a problem you're having in your MLM business always leads you to an offer instead right? You need the info, but you can't risk spending the money on the info your not even sure will work, right? Been there? I have!
 Good news! I'll give you some ideas for free in this blog post that can help you get your MLM off the ground. The first step is always the toughest. Once you have a team and customers, it's easy to build. I know how you feel. How do you get people to believe in you when you have no value, or record to show? Everyone just says "I'll do it if you make money" or "Your wasting your time". And these remarks can come from the ones you would expect support from instead.
 Ok, so what you need to do is quite simple. Here are a few steps to put into motion:
1. Bookmark or put this blog somewhere you can keep coming back and reading it over and over again.
2. This is really the first step if you want to just write this down. You need to prepare your mind first. You must understand why it's important to believe. Without the right mind, you will certainly fail. Make sure you are set up for rejection, and lots of headache and stress. The more you are prepared for it, the less likely you'll break in the beginning.
3. Talk to your warm market, or people you know. For some of us it will be a quick sale or recruit and can help get a little bit of a start. If you have a strong plan in place to bring to the table with the ones you know, you may have a better chance to succeed in the warm market. Have a plan, have confidence, have knowledge in your company and products, and know the comp plan. Failure to do this, will make it even more unlikely someone will join you in your new journey.
4. If you have no luck in your warm market, and still ready to keep moving, great. If you had no luck in your warm market and excited as heck to get going again, even better! Most quit at this step. The rejection of the warm market put's most out. So remember you are doing this because you are a leader. That's why they wait on you to get something they can "follow" you if it works. You need now to start talking with strangers. They have no idea that you have never got anywhere before. They don't know you are new. If you present yourself in a professional manner, know your stuff, then these are the people who will see you as "someone to get in with" unlike the ones who have known you before the business. I have been told in my beginning that my prospects thought I was already successful, not realizing they were the first to join. They never asked what I made, I never hear that anymore. So do as much research and educate yourself as much as possible on this particular part. I have many recommendations on all of these topics in other posts. Just look through the blog posts I have.
5. Now you are building a few people under you. The steps and ideas for that are in other blogs I wrote, you can read by searching my posts. You need to keep hunting new faces, every possible way to pull in a new person to present your business to. Each person you get, either customer or builder, you need to focus on them strongly. Work with your builders and outsource your needs to them. For instance, a builder can hang flyers or be sampling and meeting new people for you, while you are on a different project. Of course that is only an example, I find in the beginning people do that mostly. If it's a customer, always make them know they are appreciated. Check up on them, send a gift, do kind things for them and they will grow a loyalty to you and your business. So many people miss that, and lose business. It doesn't help when you get a new customer if it only replaces the last. You don't grow that way. Remember, there is pennies in a sale and a fortune in a follow up.
6.By now you have grown some respect as a MLM business. It may be a good time to go back to your warm market. Now your odds will be better. The ones who waited on you may want to follow now because they see you making money. So that could be a good fast growth spurt for your business.
7. Have team meetings often. You don't need to have them in person anymore. There are conference lines for that. Have your prospects invite new faces who are curious. Bringing in curious or possible prospects to a meeting or event will also help you gain more members.
8. If you have mastered these steps and mastered duplication, by this point you are well into 5 figures and looking fast at a 6 figure income ahead. Your downline is growing with little effort. You have gained the recognition you needed and wanted. You have it made as long as you stay focused.

So those first few steps are the most important because they are the ones that make or break you. Most will give up. Most will not want to invest in furthering their education in this industry, and that's a bad mistake. Study a lot when you start. It's important.
Lastly, I will say that if you are looking for the right answer as in what detailed step to take, one by one, you may not find it. See there is no go here and go there, turn around twice and say your name backwards kind of technique, it's basically all in you making a move just a little at a time. If you find yourself not wanting to invest to get your business off the ground, you may not. The steps I mention above are exactly the "big picture" for me and how I started. Go to my blogs on finding leads, and that's how to get to the strangers. Talking outside of your warm market will be key to taking off the fastest. Remember, they won't know you're new if you look, sound, and talk like a pro!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

How To Get Customers To Buy From You

 Do you feel the pain of not being able to get people to buy a product from you? Why is it you can't seem to sell anything while everyone else around you is booming! How do the top marketers make these sales like it's nothing, and you can't? Well truth is, it's what you are not doing.
 Being a salesman is not a born with gift like some believe. Let's face it, when we are born we know nothing but how to cry. It's a skill that can be learned just like any trade, or any other skill. If you want to learn to be a pro, I have just the answer and it will get you there fast!
 Click Here to get access to a special training that will have you get customers to buy from you over and over again. It's very simple. There is detailed information and everything you need to know is in it. Once I put these methods and skills into place it was almost like overnight success. Before, I was able to recruit rather well. I had studied up on recruiting, but never thought about actually being able to have customers. Now with a mixture of repeat customers, and a large team on my network, I have found success.
 It is crucial to your business that you are able to sell to people more than just once. You will not be able to stay in business with just a few sales. You need to have the same people buying every month. A strong relationship is key. When people have a loyalty to someone, they tend to only buy from that person or place. Aren't you the same way? You have your favorite stores, right? And if a person or business has made you angry or is in any way displeasing to you, it doesn't matter if their product is less in price, you just don't want your money in their hands.
 Skills like these can be fully broken down into detail when you watch this free video How To Get Customers To Buy Over And Over Again
 You will learn what it is you need to begin doing now! This is taught by a woman who was able to quit her job and work at home full time earning a 6 figure income.....because she learned these skills.
 So if you are willing to do what it takes to get your business to a 6 or 7 figure residual income, Click Here Now and begin your journey to the top!

How to get prospects to buy is a free video and a special training course that is only $7. It is the greatest investment a person will make if you are in a product driven company. The video is free, and the extra course is yours to keep. If you have came across this blog because you need to have customers, I assure you satisfaction in this course. Click Here

Finding Leads For Your Business

 Finding leads for any business will be the make it or break it factor. A business must have new people and customers coming in, and how can it happen without leads? Well the good news is that it isn't near as difficult to accomplish as you may think.
 If you are sitting around thinking about how to find leads, or searching google looking for an answer to the problem then you will find it here Top 10 Prospecting Tricks
 This is a free video that will teach you the top 10 methods that a top earner named Ray Higdon uses. I used these and it made a difference of night and day in my business. Within three months of using these I had made it full time working from home as a marketer.
 I won't go in to detail on those tips, I'll let you watch the video and learn. Towards the end of the video you will be given a chance to join a system called MLSP and if you are serious about learning how to become successful and earn 6 and 7 figure incomes, you'll join.
 The cost is low, and the education and tools you get are amazing. This video will only give you 10 new ideas that absolutely work, and the system will teach much more. So watch the video, and if money is an issue for you, then try the 3 day trial for only $2. Then go with Academy subscription for under $20 a month. Trust me when I say it will be the best $20 you will ever spend in your life...period.
 If you are the dead serious marketer and want to make multiple streams of income fast, then you need to get the Mastery Subscription that will give you everything you need to make large amounts of income through many different ways. I use Mastery, no regrets.
 This is for every network marketer out there today. We all need leads, so watch this video, and get set up with MLSP..... you at least get the top 10 methods free!
Top 10 Prospecting Tricks

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Does Rejection Bother You?

 I believe that most people in marketing sit on the sidelines for way too long because of one simple factor. They are afraid of rejection, or what a person may think. That is why most people fail. Of course lead generation is a huge factor in failure. If you can't generate new leads at a large rate, you will fail. But some will learn the lead generating secrets and never call a prospect because of fear.
 So that's where the saying "ideas without action are worthless" really plays a big role. If you are pulling in possible prospects you really have to call them and speak with them to get a result. If I relied only on signups and sales without calling, my numbers would be too low to survive on. Sure it happens, but it is a rare case and is not the way to make success in this industry.
 Do not be afraid of what a person may say or how they may react to you calling them. I have had people be rude, hang up, and of course politely tell me no. It isn't often that I get the ugly ones either. Most of the time people are generous and polite, even if they aren't interested.
 Occasionally people are looking for exactly that which I have. Those people turn into business partners and customers. I call so many people in a day that sometimes I find more than just one person in a day that is interested. But, I had to get rejected more often to find them. That is the key to this industry...numbers.
 A simple word of advice to anyone who is new to the business would be to never plan out a conversation. I was guilty of that mistake and quickly learned it doesn't ever go as planned. My first experiences were with a network who had us print scripts to read to our prospects, and it was very easy to get thrown off by unexpected responses. So I quickly gave up on scripts and just called people and talked to them as I would anyone. That got me much better results.
 You should learn a few "pitches" or "lines" before attempting to call people. These really help. Most cases you hear the same questions and responses from everyone, so once you master a few, you get better results. Never let the prospect have control over the conversation. Always answer a question with a question. When you answer with a question, it really helps bring you back to control. Of course you will have a few that you realize quickly they aren't what you're looking for so let them rant and let them go!
 The other key to calling prospects is to remember that you are only scouting them. Don't feel upset when it's a no. Some people you don't want anyway, so make sure you understand that you're looking for the right people instead of trying to get everyone to join. You want the right people, and if a person says no they have done a favor for you.
 You need to learn as much as possible on mastering recruiting and making prospect calls. Calling is a must in this industry. You won't get very far if you don't pick up the phone.
 The best place to learn prospecting and on how to become a master recruiter is MLSP. I highly recommend  it and most top earners will too. If you haven't used it before, it can change everything in your business. Try the 3 day trial and you will learn everything you need to know about marketing, including how to become a master recruiter and great "pitches"      My Lead System Pro

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beware Of Floaters

 The term "floaters" is what I use for that prospect that seems to never make up their mind. It seems they can't sink or swim. The problem with them is that they can be a drag on your business. Of course you want to get them involved with your business, but when is enough is enough? Can you keep calling them everyday? Sometimes an answer? Sometimes not? What do you do in this situation?
 I know that I don't want anymore people to keep up with than I already am. Each person is in a process, has a place on your schedule, so you need to have them in or out as fast as possible. If you keep "floaters" around too long, your schedule get's filled with many people who more than likely aren't going to make a decision.
 So don't be afraid to let them go. There comes a time when you need to let them go if they don't make a decision. I personally try only 3 times calling a prospect before I leave the message on their phone letting them know I made a decision for them. Best way to put it is "Hi Jaye, listen man I tried to reach you over the past few days, and I know things happen unplanned and emergencies pop up. But I'm going to just go ahead and take you off the list soon because I believe you have decided this isn't a fit for you. If somethings come up and this is why you haven't made our appointments then you can call me back when things get back to normal. I just wanted to let you know that I won't be calling you again, so if you decide you are still wanting to make this happen you need to call me."
 You may be surprised at how some of these "floaters" become paranoid and call you back. Of course they will claim they had an emergency ( that's the purpose of saying you understand emergencies come up, so they feel comfortable about using that as an excuse so you will still think good of them) but none the less you have gotten a response that you much needed. If they don't respond, then you now know they weren't joining you, and you saved yourself more time for better things.
 Floaters can bring you down and feel overwhelmed so it is very important that you move through them fast. Don't build up an entire days worth of dials on people who haven't been picking up the phone. You need time also to write blogs, film videos, generate leads, posting, and even outdoor prospecting.
 If you found this information helpful, I'm glad it helped solve a problem you may of been having. If you are a new marketer, of any company, you need to use My Lead System Pro to be trained on topics such as this and to be able to keep leads coming in daily. Get started with My Lead System Pro (MLSP) here My Lead System Pro

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ways To Sample Successfully

 If you are in a MLM company, and that company is in the wellness industry then you have been told that sampling people is the way to find more people for your business. So you have been handing out samples to everyone you meet, but you still aren't getting anyone to buy or join. So you probably are wondering now "What am I going to do?" or "I can't afford to keep giving this away with no results!"
Sound like the situation you have been in lately?
 Well there is a way and a strategy to improve your sampling results. You will not get everyone onboard with sampling, but that is the case in all advertising methods. So sampling isn't much different. So here are a few tips that I consider when I sample, and it seems to give me better results.
 One thing I do before I sample is I have a conversation with the individual I plan on sampling. I tell them about the opportunity with the company I am in, and the amounts of money a person can make if they take the product, before I let them try it. In my primary business we have energy drinks that are the best tasting energy drinks there are (in my personal opinion). But to others they may not be. So if they are an energy drinker I mention all the success stories including mine, so now that person has already made an opinion before they try it, and it's a positive opinion. Many will have their mind made up before they even taste it. If they are thinking that you are just looking for some money and hope they like it, they may tell you no, even if they really did like the taste. If they are excited about having a product they can make a fortune with, they will like it, even if they aren't sure about it! I've had people tell me many times..."well this isn't that bad, I think I can get use to it."
 See many people already know what they want you to think, and aren't honest with you or themselves. So the trick of getting the person excited about using the product to make money, they will learn to like it. I have much better results with that method than I do when I just simply hand them out to individuals I don't know. The ones I speak to are the ones who come back.
 Also when you are sampling, always keep in mind your target audience. For instance, I wouldn't give an energy drink to a elderly lady, instead I would let her try the liquid vitamin formula. It will help her feel much better and would be more needed by her. I would sample the overweight people with weight loss products, the young with the energy drink and our successful young people revolution opportunity. So keep in mind what type of person you are dealing with and always consider what their need is, so you can have much better results.
 Also you need to know the details of your product inside and out. People ask prepared!
 When you are sampling, you need to have a professional look to you. You need to look like a person who has success with the products. People will notice and take consideration to your appearance. If you look successful and excited about what you have, people will want it. Don't ever say any negative remarks about your product, even if it's something you were told by another customer. Never say "sometimes it can cause a slight headache if you take too much..." any remark such as that can turn someone off, even if you have good intentions.
 So remember to find your target audience, and don't just throw it out to just anyone. Take time with each person, because people buy from the people they like and trust.
 Now go and start getting some better results. If you are getting a new customer or partner with every 5 samples or less, then you have mastered the sample strategy. It can be the most simple method every time you leave the house!
Learn more here

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Using Classifieds As A Lead And Sales Generator

 We all see classifieds everywhere, but do we actually think about putting them into our own advertising budget? We should! In my network we have been studying classifieds as a way to find business and are getting amazing results. Listen to these results that have happened for our team:
 One lady had ran an ad in Craigslist and used the $25 a month promotion. It led to a little over 50 leads in under the first week. Also a man who did not pay to have it promoted, got 11 leads for himself in his first 4 days. Both of them are brand new to marketing and are very happy with the results! There are many other stories, but the point is that this can be another method that is free if you choose. You need as many methods in place as possible to get rolling.
 A few tips on this is that sales can be made no matter the price. You need to have an idea of what you will do when a lead is generated, or where you will be sending them. Craigslist is not the only free classified website on the internet, there are many more so try a search and locate as many as you have time for. The more classifieds you have on the web, the more the numbers will grow. As you may have been taught in marketing, it's just a numbers game. You just need to learn to make those numbers at a higher ratio. So don't go into this without a plan, know how to target your audience, and know where you will send the responders to. Being prepared will help the ratio.
 A recommendation to get a higher result of leads and sales would be to use Classified Submissions CLICK HERE

They will keep your classified sales at a much higher rate than you can alone. They post on half a million networked sites, 85 search engines, 250 web directories, 80 ffa sites, 50 message boards and forums and 550 classified ad sites. For you to do that much advertising would take a lifetime to post on each one once. They also will keep your post updated on craigslist. Now you don't have to remember to keep it updated so it doesn't go to the back. This is great because you can have a great classified campaign running while you spend time working on something else that needs improvement.
 With Classified Submissions, you can create a great profit with the right planning. Be sure you are prepared and make a classified ad to submit to them, and the leads and/or sales will begin to generate. It is extremely easy to use, and costs less than $40 a month to have this campaign in motion. You may want to have as many methods on auto pilot as you can afford to keep growing, taking one method and adding another when you have received the income from the last. So Classified Submissions is a great first campaign investment for your business.

Whichever you decide to do, either hiring Classified Submissions to do a huge campaign for you, or decide to do it yourself and invest as much time as possible, it all is a great step. Moving forward in some way will be the only way to get your business off the ground. If you want to learn more about lead generation in all possible methods, then go to MLSP CLICK HERE

I highly recommend this because of the extreme training it provides and the great advantages you will have. You can take a more in depth study into classifieds and much more. These referrals can also be found to the right of the blog page, both Classified Submissions and MLSP CLICK HERE

Work hard, submit to as many classifieds as you can, and put as much time and effort as possible and you will see success. Now go and start your plan, submit it, and grow.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How To Use The Contest Entry Box To Generate Leads

 This is a tip on how to use a contest entry box to generate a lot of leads. If used properly, there will be a lot of new names of people in your local area who may be good prospects to follow up with. Of course you will want to call every single lead who drops their name into the box. But before you worry with the calls, let's get an idea of what we are looking for.
 First thing is to decide on a prize to be given away. The prize should be whatever attracts the type of person you are searching. If you are in a wellness MLM for example, free products would be great to give away. Now you have people who want to lose weight dropping their names in the box. If you are in a MLM that's not a wellness company, maybe a gift card would work? Or a nice valuable coin? That is a decision that should be made first.
 You then get your box, cut a hole or slit in the top to have the names dropped in. Building the box is important and depending on how many places will let you put one up, will determine how many you make. Put a place on the box, or by the box for the submission forms. You can use a pocket on the front of the box to display the registration forms, or possibly lay them to the side.
 The registration forms need to ask the right questions to get the info you need on a prospect. You will need a survey type form, with just a few questions on it. For example, in a wellness company you would ask " How much weight would you like to lose?" Or a place to put current weight, then desired weight. Ask how active they are, do they exercise, and this may help to see how many are couch potatoes. You must always include a place for name, number, email, address, and best time and way to be reached. Make sure you put a lot of thought into the survey slip, because that will be one of the most important parts of this.
 So now what do you do? You have all these names of people trying to win something and you need to turn them into customers or partners. I would suggest that you pick one to be the winner for sure. Never be dishonest in your business even if no one will find out. You can always try to get the winner into a steady customer or partner. But with the rest you need to give them a second place prize, and be sure they all get second or third place. Call them up and offer the prize of that position that wasn't mentioned on the box.
 For example: I would use a box that the winner will receive a free home business start up. This means I must pay their way in. Even if they don't stick around, I would still make my investment back on all the 2nd and 3rd place winners! I would call each prospect and say " Hey, you didn't win, however, you did get 2nd place to receive a free E-book on how to operate a home business." I would make sure that I had prior to this written an E-book on building a home business and have every link, and opportunity, go to my sites and businesses so they would build under me. If you do this, make sure you can create an E-book before you give it away! By finding the ones interested in knowing how to build a home business, that gives you great quality prospects to follow up with and work with. If they decide they don't want the E-book and care nothing about working from home, it saves time because they were not going to work out anyway.
 If you want to stick more to a customer feel, you could give samples to all the ones who would be willing to buy from you according to your registration slips. Samples can add up if you just hand them out to anyone, and can cost a lot of money for nothing much. Sampling needs to be a skilled technique before attempting it.
 So this I hope has sparked some of your own creative thinking and you can use this idea to build your own business. Of course you can use any prize, or 2nd place prize that you want. Use any questions you may want. But be sure you plan each step out before you just jump in! This technique will pull a lot of leads, and a lot of time. But the more often you do it, the better you get. To learn some more great ideas that you can make with your own style, watch the top 10 prospecting tips to help you with your lead generation  CLICK HERE

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Should You Work More Than One Opportunity At A Time?

 Some can do it, some can't handle the stress. It's working more than one networking opportunity at a time and trying to actually succeed at them all.
 When beginning in networking it is smart to work only one opportunity. You will find that just one will take all your time if you are to work it correctly. It's not until you get to a point where you are making some good money do you "add" another opportunity to your list. Preferably one that is not in the same industry as the one you first joined.
 We all know there are several wellness companies in the networking industry. You may find it hard to work more than one company that sells a shake right? You would have to decide which company to use for your new customer. So I would suggest that if you are wanting to add another opportunity that it be a different industry.
 Now there are ways to work more than one for sure. I have done many at once. But I have a system in place so the time I must put into each is low. For instance, I have one that is retail only on a third party website making me sales. Another I have a team member working my leads that I generate and doing the signups for me for a percentage of the recruits and customers. Works great since he gets a 100% match on my sales. Then there is my affiliate program I promote. It helps drive more people to my primary business that I spend most my time building. So I can build my primary business by promoting an affiliate program. Of course the affiliate tools I promote also is a project of it's own. Some of them are promoted on webinars, and some are as easy as telling anyone you meet. But, they all lead to checks in the mail and deposits in the bank.
 It has taken time to build a system like this. I find a place or way to use an opportunity before I join the company. I usually go looking for the opportunity once I see there is a place in my schedule I can use it, or it can be used to promote another opportunity.
 Don't just jump into something like I do if you are still new at the network world. However, there is an opportunity that would be great for anyone either new or looking to start. I blogged about it previously, and it is called Rippln. It is free to get involved and begin building your ripple as they call it. It grows fast without you having to put much time into it, and it would help generate you another source of income. To get involved you must be invited. To get the invite you need to email me at or like my Facebook page and message me there
 Also if you are in a MLM opportunity it's a great chance to make extra income all the while building your business, you need MLSP. It will pay affiliate commissions up to 100% and is used to help you gain more business partners and sponsors. To get involved in MLSP go to My Lead System Pro
 As far as working two opportunities at the same time I would recommend that you have one firmly stable before considering adding another. If you have managed to build good relationships with trusted marketers who can help for a type of incentive than you may be in a position to consider. All the great networkers have done this and have built multiple streams of income for themselves. But if you aren't careful you will overload and collapse.
 If you are wanting to learn how to make yourself multiple streams of income or looking to make it in network marketing I can help you create it. It is an easy task for me, but it wasn't easy getting there. Visit my website and contact me and we can work together. There is a price if you are in a different company or are not connected to me in the same primary business. However it is affordable and you will learn much for the price. My website address is and just contact me there or join me on my team. I'd love to work with you and watch you grow as a business person. Jaye Carden Marketing LLC

Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome To Rippln

 To say the least, it is a great new way for many people to learn of Network Marketing. It is a new social media site like Facebook, and will also be a store like Amazon. This is the first of it's kind, a social media that pays you to network and tell others about it. The best part of all is it's free to play!
 Rippln is the name, and the reason it's called Rippln is because you get paid off the ripple effect you create. You can invite as many people as you would like and they do the same. Your ripple will grow beyond your imagination as friends invite friends over and over again until the entire world has heard and joined.
 Think about Facebook. It has generated hundreds of billions of dollars because of people sharing it with one another. Think of how many people you may have told about Facebook who are members and the ones they tell and so on. But you never got a dime of that money did you?
 Well now you can! And this app is growing faster than Facebook did in it's first days. You join by invite only and to get an invite is quite simple. You just need to ask me and you get in. Perfect for new networkers since there is a zero risk to get involved and watch your ripple grow.
 It also is a perfect side plan for any networker who is involved with another company. It's an easy project to spread and since it's free to play, everyone will get involved. See how it is powerful?
 Don't be the one who sits out and waits to see if it will grow big. It already is growing big and if you sit it out and wait, your friends will already be involved and your chance will be gone. This is where you look back at a decision you made and will be making hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road. This decision can change your life forever.
 To get involved send a request for the information to me at and I will get you started. This is an easy way to learn new marketing tips and a great income source. Remember you can invite everyone you know, and getting people to join is simple because it is a free app. You get paid based off of how many people are in your ripple, and how much revenue from all the games, sales, and advertising that's bought. So grow a big ripple and get you a big check! Let's go guys! Get that ripple started! See video at bottom of blog for more info. To get started email me with Subject: Rippln Invite @

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Serious Marketer Skills

 If you are in marketing and operate a home business, then you need to ask yourself if you are a serious marketer or if you are doing this as a hobby. If it's just a hobby then I wouldn't expect too much success to come from it. It will be fun, maybe a few customers or a family member downline, but if you are wanting the success that the top earners see, you must get serious and aggressive.
 Have a plan. A daily routine. Make sure you have reasonable goals that you accomplish everyday no matter what gets in the way from day to day. You will always have interruptions and responsibilities outside of your business, but never let that be the reason you couldn't meet the goals you laid out for yourself.
 If you are new you need to connect with at least 3 people everyday. Connecting with 5 would be a more serious person's goals, but 3 will create a little momentum real fast. You need a way to keep a constant flow of new people looking into your business, or targeted leads that would be interested in something you have. It is a must have factor in marketing to never have a day where there is no one to speak with.
 So now that the goal is to keep introducing new faces to your business or products, you also must be able to take the time to find those new faces. I highly suggest that you get on with MLSP in order to learn the necessary methods to do this My Lead System Pro
 With all the new people comes even more responsibility since you leave no lead on the table without a decision from them. You must pursue a lead until you have a yes or no answer, or you can be missing out on a possibility. Of course your time becomes more valuable as you grow, so there can be necessary steps to getting a response from someone in order to keep them from wasting your valuable time. To learn more on how to get someone from "floating" to given an answer, which can be yes a lot of the time, watch the videos in the training library once you have became a member on MLSP My Lead System Pro
 Soon enough you will have yourself in a pattern of success. It will gradually grow the more days you stay consistent and by adding new methods to raise the 3 to 5 goal to more like 15 to 20. It's not impossible, but can seem that way to a rookie. You need to be trained and have a mentor to guide you. If you are in need of a mentor, I will be more than happy to help you, even if we aren't in the same business. I can show you exactly how you get to having the 3to5 leads a day tomorrow and how to get to 15 to 20 soon. I never run out of new leads, and have passed them to my team members many times.
 So if you are a serious marketer, and want to achieve what you just read, I will tell you to get involved with MLSP through this link My Lead System Pro and we have automatically became team members. It doesn't matter if we are not in the same company or not. From there I will take you on my calls and show you step by step what I do to achieve up to 30 leads or more a day. I will also show you how to convert these into customers/sponsors into your business.
 So remember ask yourself is this a hobby or do you want the success of the top earners? If you want success and have the heart, soul, and mind to be a aggressive worker, then let's do it! Sign up now, I will be calling you the very next day! My Lead System Pro