Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Get That First Step In MLM and Network Marketing

 Your looking for answers right? Every time you search online for an answer to a problem you're having in your MLM business always leads you to an offer instead right? You need the info, but you can't risk spending the money on the info your not even sure will work, right? Been there? I have!
 Good news! I'll give you some ideas for free in this blog post that can help you get your MLM off the ground. The first step is always the toughest. Once you have a team and customers, it's easy to build. I know how you feel. How do you get people to believe in you when you have no value, or record to show? Everyone just says "I'll do it if you make money" or "Your wasting your time". And these remarks can come from the ones you would expect support from instead.
 Ok, so what you need to do is quite simple. Here are a few steps to put into motion:
1. Bookmark or put this blog somewhere you can keep coming back and reading it over and over again.
2. This is really the first step if you want to just write this down. You need to prepare your mind first. You must understand why it's important to believe. Without the right mind, you will certainly fail. Make sure you are set up for rejection, and lots of headache and stress. The more you are prepared for it, the less likely you'll break in the beginning.
3. Talk to your warm market, or people you know. For some of us it will be a quick sale or recruit and can help get a little bit of a start. If you have a strong plan in place to bring to the table with the ones you know, you may have a better chance to succeed in the warm market. Have a plan, have confidence, have knowledge in your company and products, and know the comp plan. Failure to do this, will make it even more unlikely someone will join you in your new journey.
4. If you have no luck in your warm market, and still ready to keep moving, great. If you had no luck in your warm market and excited as heck to get going again, even better! Most quit at this step. The rejection of the warm market put's most out. So remember you are doing this because you are a leader. That's why they wait on you to get something they can "follow" you if it works. You need now to start talking with strangers. They have no idea that you have never got anywhere before. They don't know you are new. If you present yourself in a professional manner, know your stuff, then these are the people who will see you as "someone to get in with" unlike the ones who have known you before the business. I have been told in my beginning that my prospects thought I was already successful, not realizing they were the first to join. They never asked what I made, I never hear that anymore. So do as much research and educate yourself as much as possible on this particular part. I have many recommendations on all of these topics in other posts. Just look through the blog posts I have.
5. Now you are building a few people under you. The steps and ideas for that are in other blogs I wrote, you can read by searching my posts. You need to keep hunting new faces, every possible way to pull in a new person to present your business to. Each person you get, either customer or builder, you need to focus on them strongly. Work with your builders and outsource your needs to them. For instance, a builder can hang flyers or be sampling and meeting new people for you, while you are on a different project. Of course that is only an example, I find in the beginning people do that mostly. If it's a customer, always make them know they are appreciated. Check up on them, send a gift, do kind things for them and they will grow a loyalty to you and your business. So many people miss that, and lose business. It doesn't help when you get a new customer if it only replaces the last. You don't grow that way. Remember, there is pennies in a sale and a fortune in a follow up.
6.By now you have grown some respect as a MLM business. It may be a good time to go back to your warm market. Now your odds will be better. The ones who waited on you may want to follow now because they see you making money. So that could be a good fast growth spurt for your business.
7. Have team meetings often. You don't need to have them in person anymore. There are conference lines for that. Have your prospects invite new faces who are curious. Bringing in curious or possible prospects to a meeting or event will also help you gain more members.
8. If you have mastered these steps and mastered duplication, by this point you are well into 5 figures and looking fast at a 6 figure income ahead. Your downline is growing with little effort. You have gained the recognition you needed and wanted. You have it made as long as you stay focused.

So those first few steps are the most important because they are the ones that make or break you. Most will give up. Most will not want to invest in furthering their education in this industry, and that's a bad mistake. Study a lot when you start. It's important.
Lastly, I will say that if you are looking for the right answer as in what detailed step to take, one by one, you may not find it. See there is no go here and go there, turn around twice and say your name backwards kind of technique, it's basically all in you making a move just a little at a time. If you find yourself not wanting to invest to get your business off the ground, you may not. The steps I mention above are exactly the "big picture" for me and how I started. Go to my blogs on finding leads, and that's how to get to the strangers. Talking outside of your warm market will be key to taking off the fastest. Remember, they won't know you're new if you look, sound, and talk like a pro!