Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How To Build A Network Marketing Business Fast

Anyone who joins a network marketing business always wants to know the same thing; "How can I build my network marketing business fast?"
Today I want to share with you the fastest way to build a network marketing business, and the best way to leverage your time to make it a success.

The Two Ways To Build

There are 2 types of marketing that can help you to build a network marketing business fast. Understanding the two and the difference between them, can help you a lot. Here are the 2 types of marketing you need to be focused on:

Active Marketing - Reaching out to a named individual, direct contact, and sharing your opportunity with them. This consists of showing your presentation to as many people as possible, while actually talking to them either in person or over the phone.

Passive Marketing - This is advertising, creating content or putting a funnel online in the hopes that an unnamed individual will reply to it. There is no personal connection between you and the prospect, and this is the means in which most network marketers hope to build their business.

So Which Way Is Quicker?

If you wish to build your network marketing business fast, you must be prepared to embrace the active prospecting and marketing strategy. Active marketing helps you to build faster because it builds the trust factor with your prospect.
It is the most rejecting way of course, but if you are new to the industry or have not yet had success in it, this will prove to be the fastest way to build your network marketing business. Aiming to show your business to 10 or more people each and everyday is the fastest way, period. It takes fewer people to see a presentation when they have someone to answer their questions.
Practicing active marketing helps you to become even faster at building your network marketing business. Learning how to best prospect in person and over the phone will go a long way in building with success. Also, active marketing can help you to generate some results, that will help to increase your passive marketing efforts.

Should I Use Passive Marketing?

Passive marketing is a long term type of marketing strategy. You can either use free strategies that take longer to develop results, or paid strategies that deliver quicker results.
I recommend using one paid strategy at first, while choosing a free strategy to work with everyday. Free strategies that can help bring long term results are strategies such as blogging, videos, live broadcasts and webinars. Once you begin having some success these strategies can pull in high quality leads for a long time.
Paid advertising brings faster results, however, once you stop paying, it stops producing. Using passive marketing to build your network marketing business fast, should be practiced and worked on during the hours in which you can not active prospect. Don't let active prospecting hours go to waste for any reason.

How Can I Find Prospects Of 10 A Day?

This is a task most network marketers fail with. However, there has came about a perfect solution for those who need to active prospect, and do not have the means or money to do so.
"MLM Recruit On Demand" is a system created by Ryan Gunness, and it will send you new prospects as long as you request and work them. It is only a small one time fee of $15 so it is perfect for everyone in network marketing to have quality prospects to introduce their business opportunity too.

Learn More About MLM Recruit On Demand

Work, Work, and Work Some More

To build any network marketing business quickly, you must be prepared to work like most people would never even try.
Active prospect for as many hours a day as possible over anything else. This is the fastest way to get the ball rolling.
During hours in which you are not able to actively prospect, work on a paid advertising strategy or free passive marketing strategies. This can be when it is too late or too early to call people, or in a situation you can not speak on the phone like on a plane or at your job.
Point is, never let any time go to waste and attack it with aggression. You will find yourself building a network marketing business quickly, leaving you more time to enjoy the rewards in the future.

Did This Help?

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Network Marketing Objection Handling: How Much Money Do You Make?

If you have ever prospected anyone in network marketing, you are way to familiar with objections. There are all kinds of MLM objections you can be faced with, but for the most part, it always seems to be the same few ones that you hear most.
This is why today I am going to share with you how to overcome a certain network marketing objection of "How much money are you making" and show you exactly how to overcome this simple to answer MLM objection.

Should You Reply To MLM Objections?

To be honest with you, with most MLM objections, you are best off not even trying to explain or answer them. In several cases, people use objections in network marketing to get out of a presentation or to show they are not interested.
So you always need to decide if a prospect is even worth trying to explain to, or if you are better off just letting them go. If you are in a group of people and someone does objections and you know it is because they are trying to make you look bad in front of others, simply let them go without hesitation. It shows the others you are not interested in just anyone.

What If I Have made No Money?

I have included a video in this post to help you answer this network marketing objection from several angles. If you have made no money, there is a good way to reply to the question. I offer a few examples, so do your best in using the right one for your situation.
Remember that many people still have the "Employee" mindset, so be sure to answer your MLM objection with that in mind. They will always try to figure out what you are making by the hour, so changing how you say it makes it more impressive.
Even if you have not yet made any money, you can always use an upline's examples or success. Be sure to tell your prospect you are new with only a few hours of total time worked in your business, but your upline has been involved longer and is making a lot of money. This helps to ensure the prospect it is possible to make a lot of money in network marketing.

What If I Have Made Money?

If you have earned some capital, you need to be sure to approach the answer with your prospect having the "Employee" mindset. So instead of saying you made $100 your first month (around 50 cents or less an hour) - tell them the amount of hours you worked, not the the time in which you began your business. You may of made $100, but only worked for about 5 hours in total. Now an employee mindset will see the amount to be made as a good number.

This Is A Bad Objection For Prospects

It is also important to tell your prospect when they use this MLM objection, that their question isn't something that can determine what they will make. They ask to get an idea of what they may make, when in all reality, it does not reflect what they will make.
Be sure to explain to your prospect, that their work ethic will be what determines their pay, not anyone else's. Many people will get frustrated and quit if their expectations are too high for this industry.

Network Marketing Objection Handling Overview

When you are practicing network marketing objection handling, you should always know that the more you prospect in general, the less you hear all of the MLM objections. Practicing make it all work best, but will never get rid of all prospects using network marketing objections.
When they do occur, be ready and know your answer by heart. Prospects have no idea that you hear these same MLM objections, so it is always impressive to your prospect when you have a firm and quick answer to their objection.

 P.S Want more network marketing objection handling tips and secrets? Click here to read full article on this network marketing objection handling and learn more objection handling tips for all types of objections.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The 4 Steps To Sponsor More Reps In Network Marketing

The 4 Steps To Sponsor More Reps In Network Marketing

In this article the most powerful MLM sponsoring tips are found. If you are able to follow these simple mlm sponsoring tips, you can be sure to have more success in the practice of mlm sponsoring as well as the business model.

Friday, March 3, 2017

How To Get Your Warm Market To Join Your Network Marketing Opportunity

I know it may seem like network marketing will be an impossible business model to succeed with once you begin trying to get your warm market to join your network marketing opportunity.
But I assure you it is not what matters most in network marketing, and your warm market isn't needed to become successful.
But since you need to prospect your warm market, it is best to do it right and get the most possible people into your network marketing business as possible. This is why I want to share with you the best way on how to get your warm market to join your network marketing opportunity.

Why Warm Market Is Tough

Understanding why it is so difficult to prospect warm market, can actually help you to learn the right way to go about it.
Warm market knows you, and all about your past. They know if you've joined things only to quit shortly after, they know all your failures, and it makes it more tough for them to believe you can help them to be successful.
This is why when you are prospecting your network marketing warm market, it is best to learn the right way to invite them to presentations. By getting them to see someone else, a person who has proven success, introduce the business model to them will work best.
This takes the trust in you off of them, and places it into someone they do not know or realize has the same past as you just about. This is typical for all people to feel, so learn how to avoid questions when presenting your warm market with an invite to a presentation.

see how this top earner invites people so they show up for presentations

No Means "Not Now"

You've heard this expression. But this doesn't mean you should continue bugging people about your network marketing business, including those in your warm market.
You want to present the opportunity to them, and let their decision be what it is. From this point forward, do not continue telling them about every detail every time you see them.
Let them ask you about your business when the time is right. They will ask from time to time because they expect to hear something negative like you quitting or loosing the battle.
This is when you give them a positive answer. If you have not had any success yet, use a story of someone who has. You can refer to the video, soundbite or my official blog to get more on this.
If you have had some success, even just a little bit, let them know. It can be your first signup, or someone who mentioned they were interested that may do well. Simply put, keep it positive and show your excitement without going into sales mode. A question on how things are going does not mean they are ready to join. Give them a positive answer, and let it go.

The Final Step For Warm Market Network Marketing Recruiting

Now everyone you know, knows of your business. It is time to move on and begin prospecting cold market. Cold market is much easier and takes you more seriously because they do not know your past failures.
Cold market is how I was able to sponsor my warm market into network marketing. The cold market believed I was already successful because I was the one reaching out to them. This lead to several signups, and of course that leads to residual checks in the mail.
When my warm market asked about my business, I had some good news to tell. My rank advancements in the early ranks, my checks, and the extra income is very nice. This had a few of them asking if they could get involved and help too.
For many people, including your network marketing warm market, need to see someone else go first. They need a leader. It can be you they follow once you begin receiving checks and showing some success building and that it is real.
If you have no cold market, you can access a lifetime of high quality network marketing leads by visiting my official post on this topic. Use the link below to access my website, or if leads is all you need at this moment, go here for access to lifetime leads

More On Warm Market Network Marketing Recruiting

If you want to learn more on how to get warm market to join your network marketing opportunity, refer to my official website and latest blog post "Getting your Warm Market To Join Your Network Marketing Opportunity" by using the link in the below P.S line

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

When To Find The Common Connection With A Prospect

You hear in network marketing by your upline "Be fast" with a prospect. But, you also know that taking your time, and finding a common connection between you and the prospect really increases sales and signups.
So which is best? Be quick, or find a connection? This is what we will be learning more about in this article, and helping you know when it is best to find the common connection with your prospect.

learn how to avoid objections from your prospects in this free video

When To Be Quick With A Prospect

To determine when to be quick, and when to find the common connection, will depend on what stage your MLM prospect is at.
If your prospect has not viewed a presentation, or is clueless to what you are about to offer them, it is wise to not try and start a conversation to find a common connection. Instead, you should be quick, and get them to a presentation, and avoid any unwanted conversation that can lead to questions.

If you do not yet know how to invite someone the correct way to a presentation, refer to this free video "Master Sponsoring Secrets" and learn the formula or blueprint on how to invite prospects so they do not ask questions and actually show up for the presentation.

When Should I Take My Time?

When you find a common connection between you and the network marketing prospect, you will increase the odds of them signing up or purchasing a product.
If a prospect has already seen a presentation, and you are speaking to them, they must have some type of interest in the opportunity or product. This is usually the best time to find a common connection, right before the close of the call.
By doing so, you increase the rapport, trust and likability. Most prospects like the idea of knowing that you are much like them. It keeps the negative image of a person only after money being on the other end of the line. So feel free to find something to discuss that you both understand or like.

Overview Of Finding The Common Connection

Remember if a prospect has viewed the presentation, it is okay and sometimes even wise to build rapport and find a common connection.
By trying to do this ahead of seeing a presentation, you will open the doors to a prospect wanting to ask questions about what they are about to see. So it is always best to build rapport and find a common connection with only those who have reviewed the material, and are actually interested somewhat in what you offer.
This will also keep you from losing time with unwanted or uninterested prospect. In network marketing, time is important. So chose wisely those who deserve the time you have, and those who you must let go quickly to move forward.

P.S If you want details to each situation that can occur, to know if you should move fast or not, refer to my latest post on my official website titled "Finding The Common Connection With Your Prospect"

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Should We Use Scripts With Our Network Marketing Business?

Have you ever been in an organization or team in which they recommended or even demanded you use scripts? Of course, they do this because they want the most possible people to be able to make calls with new prospects, and have some type of success overall.
But, did you ever wonder "Are these network marketing scripts helping or hurting my business?" Let's dive into that discussion today, and find out when it's best to use MLM scripts and when it's not.

The One Liners

I have personally found that the one liners, or things you say that are a sentence (maybe 2) long, and has a purpose to get someone to a presentation, are about the only time scripts in network marketing are good.
The only other scripting that has been effective for myself, are objection handling lines. This leaves a large amount of your conversation with a prospect open to discussion. Use this time to find a common connection between you and the prospect. Using a network marketing script however, will not allow you any room to find that connection.

Network Marketing Scripts Aren't You

network-marketing-scriptsOne issue I have with using MLM scripts, are they take away the realness of the conversation. They leave the prospect feeling as if they are talking to a robot, or answering machine.
People join people in network marketing, and by using your own personality, and your own words, you may see a larger increase in signups.
Due to the fact that no one knows how a conversation will go before they make a call, there is no way to prepare for a prospect. You always have to go off what is given to you. This is where scripts are suppose to play a big role, and keep a team member feeling confident they will know what to say. Once they discover it is more hard to stay on a script when a prospect has questions, they may tend to simply use a script for a possible guideline of what to say and never go word for word again.
So by keeping your calls unscripted, you will most likely see a rise in trust and likability from your prospects. Remember, people join people, so the more personal a call can be, the more likely a person will want to do business with you.

So What Are The Best One Liners?

scripts-network-marketingIf you can learn the one liners, and objection lines that are scripted, you will find more results in your business.
No matter how good you become at network marketing prospecting, you will always get objections from time to time, and you need to know how to handle them. Also, the better you get at prospecting, the less often you will hear those objections.
Also, when it comes to being successful at network marketing, you would have to be a person who is successful at inviting a lot of people to your presentation. There are one liner network marketing scripts that can help you get people to say "yes" and even show up when you call.

With that said and understood, it would be wise to learn from someone who has proven they are capable of accomplishing such tasks.
Watch This Video of a #1 income earner give his best inviting lines, objection handling, and closing tips to help you get more signups into your own network marketing business.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Easy To Use MLM Marketing System

Everyone in MLM will see challenges, struggles, and hard times building their business. This leads to many people looking for a easy to use MLM marketing system to help them on their quest. But, what they usually find, is the MLM marketing systems can be too much for them to understand or make work to their level.
So, if you are looking for an easy to use MLM marketing system, and simply want to find one that can duplicate for your team, and bring in new signups for your MLM business, you will surely find that the MLM marketing system mentioned in this article will fall perfectly in line with what you are looking for.

Easy To Use

You don't need to know SEO, paid advertising, or anything technical with this easy to use MLM marketing system. All you need to know is what your MLM company or upline tell you to say when you prospect other people.
The system is designed to put you in front of people who are aware of MLM, are proven to want opportunity, and you just invite them to a presentation. Really nothing more to know in order to make this marketing system a success for you and your MLM team.

The System Does The Work

As far as generating leads, this MLM system will not require you to know anything about lead generation. The system will supply you with the best type of MLM lead available, which are genealogy leads.
You do not pay for the leads, or will you have to. If you do decide to generate your own leads, the system will reward you with 100% commissions on first sale of the system, and 5 leads for every 1 lead you generate. So there are advantages to promoting the system itself, but for building an MLM team, you only need to log in each day and do the work.

The Features

Here is a run down of all the features included in this MLM Marketing System:

  • Leads For Life At No Extra Cost
  • 5 Leads For Every 1 Generated
  • 100% commission on first sell and $100 commission for upgrades
  • Landing Pages
  • Scripts and Training Vault
  • Incentive Program Available
  • Have Leads Call You Instead Of You Call Them
  • Exposure 
  • Autorespondor

Plus, much more. The system is laid out for an easy to learn, easy to use, and good for duplication in your MLM team. However, it also has features to learn advanced marketing skills or offers the tools for those who already understand advanced marketing skills.

How To Get This MLM Marketing System

If you wish to own this system for your own MLM business and team, then all you need to do is visit the "MLM Recruit On Demand" landing page seen in that link. It will take you directly to a page to request the introduction video where Ryan (owner and creator) will explain more and more on what this MLM system will do.

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