Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Network Marketing Objection Handling: How Much Money Do You Make?

If you have ever prospected anyone in network marketing, you are way to familiar with objections. There are all kinds of MLM objections you can be faced with, but for the most part, it always seems to be the same few ones that you hear most.
This is why today I am going to share with you how to overcome a certain network marketing objection of "How much money are you making" and show you exactly how to overcome this simple to answer MLM objection.

Should You Reply To MLM Objections?

To be honest with you, with most MLM objections, you are best off not even trying to explain or answer them. In several cases, people use objections in network marketing to get out of a presentation or to show they are not interested.
So you always need to decide if a prospect is even worth trying to explain to, or if you are better off just letting them go. If you are in a group of people and someone does objections and you know it is because they are trying to make you look bad in front of others, simply let them go without hesitation. It shows the others you are not interested in just anyone.

What If I Have made No Money?

I have included a video in this post to help you answer this network marketing objection from several angles. If you have made no money, there is a good way to reply to the question. I offer a few examples, so do your best in using the right one for your situation.
Remember that many people still have the "Employee" mindset, so be sure to answer your MLM objection with that in mind. They will always try to figure out what you are making by the hour, so changing how you say it makes it more impressive.
Even if you have not yet made any money, you can always use an upline's examples or success. Be sure to tell your prospect you are new with only a few hours of total time worked in your business, but your upline has been involved longer and is making a lot of money. This helps to ensure the prospect it is possible to make a lot of money in network marketing.

What If I Have Made Money?

If you have earned some capital, you need to be sure to approach the answer with your prospect having the "Employee" mindset. So instead of saying you made $100 your first month (around 50 cents or less an hour) - tell them the amount of hours you worked, not the the time in which you began your business. You may of made $100, but only worked for about 5 hours in total. Now an employee mindset will see the amount to be made as a good number.

This Is A Bad Objection For Prospects

It is also important to tell your prospect when they use this MLM objection, that their question isn't something that can determine what they will make. They ask to get an idea of what they may make, when in all reality, it does not reflect what they will make.
Be sure to explain to your prospect, that their work ethic will be what determines their pay, not anyone else's. Many people will get frustrated and quit if their expectations are too high for this industry.

Network Marketing Objection Handling Overview

When you are practicing network marketing objection handling, you should always know that the more you prospect in general, the less you hear all of the MLM objections. Practicing make it all work best, but will never get rid of all prospects using network marketing objections.
When they do occur, be ready and know your answer by heart. Prospects have no idea that you hear these same MLM objections, so it is always impressive to your prospect when you have a firm and quick answer to their objection.

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