Sunday, September 29, 2013

Creating Duplication Inside Your MLM Team

 It is easy to understand that if you can manage to create duplication in your downline, than your business will be successful. But why is it that so few can do this?
 Well to make it easy to understand, the reason is simply because most people are following someone instead of thinking for themselves. Of course it's not a bad thing to follow a person who has had a lot of success, but remember that what they did worked for them, but doesn't mean in the slightest way it will work for anyone else.
 Everyone is different and everyone has different skills and talents. So if a person can not speak very well or has a problem with their speech, do you tell them they need to make phone calls? Or if a person can't spell very well, do you tell them they need to write emails?
 So if you try to look for just one way to duplicate what you will find is some who can and most others won't. It is best to have many ways to have a team work. Duplication isn't that everyone does the same thing, that isn't what duplication means. Duplication is where everyone is building the same thing, not using the same tools to build with.
 I am a person who doesn't like to use paid leads. However, I do use them with my downline because so many of them can't create their own leads. If it wasn't for someone selling the leads, they would do nothing. So it is important I use them for my team members who want that. When you have a team that buys their leads, you need a system or process for these leads, so it makes it easier for people to follow. Remember most people want to follow, not lead.
 It is very wise that you teach your team many ways to help them build. Teach how to make videos, use certain social media sites, run solo ads, SEO, PPC, and as many ways as possible. That opens the door for many more to be able to now build. By using just one method, you close the chance for many in your team.
 Some are afraid to use a phone or talk to a prospect. If they were taught how to run a solo ad or email campaign it would be much better than just shutting the door on them. If they begin to grab new customers and signups, then they are duplicating the success. No MLM company will pay differently because you found a customer in a different technique than what most have used.
 So it is important to have duplication. If you don't have a system or method that at least half or more can use, than that system is not duplicating. Also if a high number of your team can't afford a process you offer, than it is crucial to find other means. Don't rely on people to come up with the money to either buy a lead, run an ad, or pay someone just because it worked for you. I have seen so many fail because of that simple reason.
 So step up and take control of your team. If your upline is telling you that their way is the only way you will teach your downline, and you know that the way they want is not going to duplicate well, then offer your team other ways to build. Remember it doesn't matter "how" a person builds, it just matters that it works. And by that it needs to be a way that most people can use or succeed with. The more options you teach your team, the more you will find they produce.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Building The Team

 Lately I have been extremely busy building a new team in my primary business. I wanted to make some points about it, and see if they relate to how you feel and think?

 I believe the strongest part and most serious factor in building a successful MLM or referral based business is trust. As soon as the prospect becomes a member in your team that person has now become the most important part of the job. Without trust, how do you ask your team to buy something you believe will truly benefit them? How do you get them to make the calls, and webinars if they believe you are just pulling their chain to make them spend more money on a wasted sale?
 There are two ways to build in this industry. Some build with the idea or thought of how do they make the most money for themselves. Which is simple. You need more sales, upgrades, and you need to find a way to get the people to buy those upgrades. Having only your paycheck in mind will mostly destroy your team. See, you will forget about the struggles that your downline may be going through. You may convince them to get the highest upgrade, and that is the reason they don't have the funds to continue the next month. You will just drain them and they will know that you are in it for a sale, and they will be gone fast. I have seen it way too many times from the same people who operate in that fashion. They even train their team to do the same, so it really builds you a team of unconcerned people for the rest of the team. No cares of what happens to them, just as long as you made an extra amount.
 Then there is the way I prefer to build. Not caring about any sales, just making sure that the person who put their trust in me, get's everything they came for. By doing this, I see more people happy to work with me. I also can recommend anything, and they all get it. I only concern myself with what is best for them, and provide them with what they need to move forward with. Of course I may lose a little bit of immediate bonuses or pay, but in the long road, or overall picture, my residual builds up more sturdy than the others. By making sure my team gets to where they need to be, it automatically puts me there too. And the feeling of seeing others excited about what they have accomplished is priceless.

 So if you are in MLM or any kind of home business, please feel free to leave your opinion on this. Do you disagree? I know some who would. I have been told by some in the top, that they got there by making the highest upgrade sales, and recruiting the most people at the largest buy in levels. Also they tell me not to be concerned with downline because they take away from the time you have to build (meaning more recruits or sales) and the downline needs to figure their own problems out. So many do live by those standards of building. But to me, helping the downline is building my business. Their success is also mine. So which do you prefer? Just remember, your downline may read this!