Thursday, January 23, 2014

Search Engine Marketing Strategies


Search engine marketing strategies are a simple way to keep pumping new leads into your business.

 Depending on what type of business, or what type lead you need, search engine marketing strategies will help you locate several of them.


 I will use search engine marketing strategies in line with MLM, and network marketing style businesses. If you are operating a new home business in MLM, or network marketing, this strategy can be one of the most profitable and beginner ready of all the lead generating strategies.

 The way you make the most of search engine marketing strategies, is first by searching a list of MLM companies. There will be thousands of different businesses that are in direct sales, network marketing, and are MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

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 Once the list of companies is created, the next move is to research one at a time. You will find that some of these companies are crumbling, difficult to build in, or have horrible leadership. Those are the companies to focus on. It is more likely to speak to someone who is looking for a way out, or is unhappy with their primary company and open for something new and better for them.

 Search engine marketing strategies does take time up-front to get your list. Then it involves cold calling. Since these people never requested you to call, it is a different approach you must take.

 It is best to ask them about their business and the way they feel about the company. Let them know you are a marketer as well and want to help. Don't tell them to join you, offer help in their business first. They will join you soon, don't be a salesman.

 I used this search engine marketing strategies a year ago when I first started with a new company. I searched for a specific group of people who would of been in a team with someone I knew would have them unhappy. I was right, they all had already quit, or had given up on making it work. So out of the 100 names I had gathered, about half or 50 called me back or answered when I called them. Of those 24 joined my business in under 3 weeks. It led to me gaining 1 to 2 new members a day and bonuses like crazy. You can do this too with this strategy.

 Please comment and share. If you have a tip or opinion please comment below. Share with anyone on your team who may need to know this to improve their lead generation.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

MLM Leader: How To Be Confident


Have you ever wondered how a person becomes a leader of a MLM or networking marketing team? What took them from being the brand new MLM team member, to become the MLM leader?
 This is is the purpose of this post, and I will explain just how you too can become a MLM leader. The secret? Is in the name of the post, MLM Leader: How To Be Confident.

 Truly it is confidence that takes a person from new to leader in any MLM or network marketing business. A person must see themselves as valuable and just take the steps in becoming a MLM leader. It starts with confidence. You must believe, and understand you can take another person to a successful level. Confidence is where it starts.

 If you are new to network marketing, or MLM opportunity, then I highly suggest you consider you learn from the best in the industry. Build confidence at a high level, and learn skills that most do not know. Having skills to succeed is how to be confident at becoming a MLM leader.

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 See yourself as the leader you want to be. People are looking for someone they can get behind and follow to success. You very well can be this person once you know a skill or two that can be taught to another new member. To someone new this is powerful. Helping just one person learn some value is a great way to building confidence.

 Remember that most people when they come in new do not have confidence, especially when they are set beside someone with more experience. So to become a MLM leader and learn how to build confidence, you need to start with a few basic skills you can learn here JOIN THE ACADEMY NOW                                                                                
 Watch the confidence grow. Learn the new skills to lead a MLM team to the top. Learn to make successful leaders who build large teams with you. In this academy I tell you about, you will clearly be blown away with networking skills and MLM business building from online and offline tactics.

 Remember also you have value to offer another person. You may need to look a little deeper than you first thought, but you can help benefit someone. That is the first step in confidence and becoming a MLM leader. You take it just one person at a time. If you offer them something they didn't have such as a new skill or you build their confidence, then you are on the right track to MLM leader: How To Build Confidence.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Online Marketing Training: Network Marketing Training Tools

 Online Marketing Training is easy to find when you have the right network marketing training tools to help. Here we will take a look into what many top earners say is the best online marketing training. And I totally agree with them.

 I discovered a webinar that takes place every Wednesday night and every time is packed with great content, value, and online marketing training. This webinar is absolutely free to watch, and provides the best training in the industry.

 Each week a new top earner will share step by step every detail they use to create tons of fresh targeted leads, and how they built 6 and 7 figure businesses.

 To cover a little example of what you will learn:

1. Social Media
2. Article Marketing
3. PPC
4. SEO
5. Group meetings
6. Blogging
7. Video Marketing
8. Recruiting
9. Lead Generation
10. Resume Date Research
11. Much, much, more.

 All of this will improve your online marketing training and skills. It provides the best network marketing training tools til this day. Register for the free webinar and get blown away with knowledge and value absolutely free.


 Here is an example of a past webinar. It is on the Top 10 Prospecting Tricks, or better known as top 10 ways to generate new leads. Watch it now, and register for next Wednesday!


Online Marketing Training: Network Marketing Training Tools

Saturday, January 11, 2014

MLM Recruiting System: Build Your Own System

 If you think it can not be done because you have no computer skills, then you may be looking at it in the wrong way.

 MLM Recruiting System: Build Your Own System is focused on how you alone can create a system, or a step by step process and not have to worry about someone else creating some magic system. It is simple to put together, and I will explain how I have put one together, so maybe you can build one for yourself and your team.

 With an MLM recruiting system you may be thinking a lot of IT work and technical stuff. But you can simplify it by using a series of other tools to do the same job. Instead of having a one tool covers all, you can just use different tools, and create your own process.

 In my team, I started out by developing a step by step process with a few friends I met in the company. We merged into one team, and began building.

 Step 1 was we would develop our own leads (Click here if you need help developing leads) or we would purchase leads from a trusted source.

 Step 2 we would contact every lead and "screen" them to see if they were actually interested in learning how they can work from home.

 Step 3 we would then set up a scheduled call with them at an agreed time, where we would do a 3 way call with an upline. Of course in this case, I was that person for the 3 way.

 Step 4 we call the prospect and have the team member read a script we created. Soon after the upline would 3 way a recorded audio we used from a free conference website we created. It allowed one recording to be used for a call in. That recording would explain the process, and do the pitch.

 Step 5 we closed the call after the recording and then moved the new enrollee into their training. A website I purchased for only $15 a year would serve as the training for the new member. We updated it with new training throughout the week we held and recorded.

 Step 6 would be to train and get your new team member to either learn to develop leads to bring to the 3 way calls, or buy some leads to find more peeps. They would begin to add more prospects into the 3 way calls and me or another upline would do the close.

 So as you see. Me, my good friend and business partner, and one other lady in the team, built an entire system in a week. Total cost of system.....$15.

 Did this system work? You bet!

 It is not hard to create a process if you are alone in your MLM business. MLM recruiting system is easy when building your own system. Don't try to over complicate it. Set it up, take your time. I had the help from 2 other people. So one person could develop this system in about 2 to 3 weeks solo. You then have a step by step process that your new enrollee can follow.

 If you received any value, or good ideas to use in your business, please share below. I am hoping others will make this simple MLM system for themselves and see a MLM system that will duplicate itself in a matter of time.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MLM Tips: Ways To Find Customers

 In this series of MLM Tips, we will focus on "ways to find customers".

 It is important that we have a good balance in MLM between customers and affiliates. Customers are what matter, let's face it, even your affiliates or team members are your customers.


                                                           WAYS TO FIND CUSTOMERS

 MLM Tip #1: Sampling is probably the way you hear most in your company if it has a consumable product. Sampling is indeed a good way to find customers, but it can also be a good way to burn your wallet. Don't just blindly go handing out products to just anyone, they more than likely just want something free.
 Instead use targeted focus. Who is the right person for the product? Determine by age, sex, race, gender, or whatever you must to find out who is the perfect person or the right person in need of the products.
 Focus on those people in the right profile for the product. Also sample to anyone who is of interest when they hear about the opportunity as well. I lead with opportunity, and then sample and have a near 80% turn rate on my samples.

MLM Tip #2: Giveaways are great to get people taking a look at your product. It still falls in the sample category, but has many differences as well. Giveaways, or contests, can have the right people coming out to request for the product. This means there is a higher chance of them actually being interested. Think of it like this.... they came to you, put some effort into filling out something, or calling. In sampling you are asking them to take it. In giveaways people come because they see a need for your product.


MLM Tip #3: Use Fliers and posters in an area where your targeted audience may be. You can promote a product and opportunity at once if you wish, but have it where your ideal customer may go. Weight loss or body transformation products would work well near a gym for example. Or if you sell anti aging face cream, near a beauty salon would be ideal.

MLM Tip #4: When you do get a customer, be sure you keep close to them. Offer something extra in their purchase. It can be something inexpensive to you but mean a lot to them. Offer a sample of a product that's new, or something they haven't tried yet. Always reach to expand their taste for your products.

MLM Tip #5: Events are great for finding new customers. Rent a booth, and sell in smaller amounts is the key to more sales. People while at an event enjoy spending a few dollars here and there. They don't like to spend the large amounts of money on just one item. So if you can make a way to sale individual products or make a shake, it will make more sales and introduce more people to the product.


MLM Tip #6: Start a blog and use high amounts of content about the products. On your blog you can do giveaways, offer samples, and review products or announce new products. Blogging would be a good way to get your products in front of people who are not in your area.

MLM Tip #7: Make videos about your products, giveaways, and samples. Offer deals, or offer information on a specific topic that would pertain to someone who could use the product.

MLM Tip #8: Offer your existing customers free products for referrals. Always let people know that for every referral they bring you, you will give them something. Maybe a "Bring me 3 and yours is free" type of offer.

 If you have a specific way to find customers that isn't mentioned above, please comment on the tip. Be sure to share this with others if you find it useful or if you know someone in MLM.


                                                             MLM Tips: Ways To Find Customers

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Work From Home For Free


 If you are looking for ways to work from home for free, then let me introduce you to one of the best ways to work from home for free. LEARN MORE HERE

 It doesn't matter if you are are new to working from home, or if you are already working from home and need additional income. Maybe you are in a MLM, or affiliate marketing business, and need some way to make money from your prospects who don't want to invest in your opportunity?

 This has been a great work from home for free opportunity for me to share with my prospects who can't invest. It makes excellent money, and the only reason I can think for someone not to want to do it, is because they only hunt for residual income opportunities.

 When you fill out the information to start, be sure you include a phone number that I can reach you on. After you have started, I will share free seminars and training so you can make the most from your work from home for free opportunity. If you do not include a number for me to contact you with, I will not be able to assist you, and you will be on your own having to learn. This can result, in slower results.

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 If you have gotten started, as a gift to you, I will train you in many ways to market the opportunity and make more money with it. There is a huge market for legit work from home opportunities that have no cost or investment. With the right information on how to market this, you can have daily payments well into the hundreds per day.

 Welcome to your first entrepreneur side project, or your extra method to earn from the down economy.

 Work from home for free is a great way to either get your start as an entrepreneur, or to make more money in your established opportunity or business.

 If you know someone in need of earning some extra money, and they don't have the funds to begin a higher paying opportunity, please share this with them. They can earn hundreds a day, or thousands a week. If taught properly, it can earn you money your first day.



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Attract MLM Prospects

 Need to attract MLM prospects? Maybe you're tired of chasing prospects and not getting any results?
There is a way to change things, so don't give up! I am going to explain how you can attract MLM prospects to come to you begging to join, instead of you begging them!


  A very important thing for you to remember is that "They are the lucky ones to have you, not the other way around." Yesterday I was calling my prospects who had came through my presentation funnel, and of course came across the person who says "Everything is a scam."
 He was quick to try and interrupt, and sounded like he knew all about online marketing. He asked "Why should I join you." I simply answered, "I am not concerned with if you join or not, I am not sure if I have made up my mind that I need you yet." This of course, set a new attitude with the shocked prospect. He realized he was wrong about everything he had said.

 Attracting MLM prospects comes from you being professional. Here are some tips to help you be more professional, and you will start to attract MLM prospects.

1. Offer value. This means that when a prospect, or anyone see's your website, there is something there that they can benefit from. Something with a price tag that is given to them for free. This will give you respect, and a desire to come back to you.

2. Giveaways. This will help attract MLM prospects by the simple fact of free. They will come for the free value, and will learn of you. Remember, the more who come for the giveaway, the more exposure and ranking you begin to grow.

3. Use a screening process, or marketing funnel. This will leave you with mostly good quality prospects, and less of the type I mentioned above. It won't be 100%, but saves you a lot of time by throwing out the less serious. I use these marketing funnels and systems to build my MLM, and I have people joining almost daily without even speaking to them first.
(If you need to see an example, or want to see my funnel, simply CLICK HERE and you will go through my marketing funnel. If you are serious about making it successful, then sign up for it and use it too.)

4. Stay educated. It is important that you keep up with the ever changing internet, and learn to attract MLM prospects by the 100s. You will need to have several people running through funnels, and you will need to be calling several people as well in order to get your MLM business turned around. Using a funnel will alone get you new prospects without calling them first. However, calling them will double to sometimes triple the amount each week. So use the phone to get more business.
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5. One last tip to attract MLM prospects is to never seem desperate. Don't beg. Don't plea. Just let them know and be on your way. Be sure anyone who shows interest is kept in touch with. But stay strong, sound passionate about your company, and they will feel it if you really are passionate about your company.
 If you feel you have gotten value from this, please share. Comment below if you have anything to add on attracting MLM prospects.

 If you need to find a way to attract MLM prospects, I suggest you follow the tips above. Use a marketing funnel, it will bring you mostly good prospects who sometimes signup before you speak to them.

Stay educated and use the right tools to build a business. You can find the best tools, and the best training by joining the academy boot camp below. Learn from those who earn 6 and 7 figures. They will teach you step by step to build a successful business. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE ACADEMY for only $2.