Thursday, January 23, 2014

Search Engine Marketing Strategies


Search engine marketing strategies are a simple way to keep pumping new leads into your business.

 Depending on what type of business, or what type lead you need, search engine marketing strategies will help you locate several of them.


 I will use search engine marketing strategies in line with MLM, and network marketing style businesses. If you are operating a new home business in MLM, or network marketing, this strategy can be one of the most profitable and beginner ready of all the lead generating strategies.

 The way you make the most of search engine marketing strategies, is first by searching a list of MLM companies. There will be thousands of different businesses that are in direct sales, network marketing, and are MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

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 Once the list of companies is created, the next move is to research one at a time. You will find that some of these companies are crumbling, difficult to build in, or have horrible leadership. Those are the companies to focus on. It is more likely to speak to someone who is looking for a way out, or is unhappy with their primary company and open for something new and better for them.

 Search engine marketing strategies does take time up-front to get your list. Then it involves cold calling. Since these people never requested you to call, it is a different approach you must take.

 It is best to ask them about their business and the way they feel about the company. Let them know you are a marketer as well and want to help. Don't tell them to join you, offer help in their business first. They will join you soon, don't be a salesman.

 I used this search engine marketing strategies a year ago when I first started with a new company. I searched for a specific group of people who would of been in a team with someone I knew would have them unhappy. I was right, they all had already quit, or had given up on making it work. So out of the 100 names I had gathered, about half or 50 called me back or answered when I called them. Of those 24 joined my business in under 3 weeks. It led to me gaining 1 to 2 new members a day and bonuses like crazy. You can do this too with this strategy.

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