Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Attract MLM Prospects

 Need to attract MLM prospects? Maybe you're tired of chasing prospects and not getting any results?
There is a way to change things, so don't give up! I am going to explain how you can attract MLM prospects to come to you begging to join, instead of you begging them!


  A very important thing for you to remember is that "They are the lucky ones to have you, not the other way around." Yesterday I was calling my prospects who had came through my presentation funnel, and of course came across the person who says "Everything is a scam."
 He was quick to try and interrupt, and sounded like he knew all about online marketing. He asked "Why should I join you." I simply answered, "I am not concerned with if you join or not, I am not sure if I have made up my mind that I need you yet." This of course, set a new attitude with the shocked prospect. He realized he was wrong about everything he had said.

 Attracting MLM prospects comes from you being professional. Here are some tips to help you be more professional, and you will start to attract MLM prospects.

1. Offer value. This means that when a prospect, or anyone see's your website, there is something there that they can benefit from. Something with a price tag that is given to them for free. This will give you respect, and a desire to come back to you.

2. Giveaways. This will help attract MLM prospects by the simple fact of free. They will come for the free value, and will learn of you. Remember, the more who come for the giveaway, the more exposure and ranking you begin to grow.

3. Use a screening process, or marketing funnel. This will leave you with mostly good quality prospects, and less of the type I mentioned above. It won't be 100%, but saves you a lot of time by throwing out the less serious. I use these marketing funnels and systems to build my MLM, and I have people joining almost daily without even speaking to them first.
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4. Stay educated. It is important that you keep up with the ever changing internet, and learn to attract MLM prospects by the 100s. You will need to have several people running through funnels, and you will need to be calling several people as well in order to get your MLM business turned around. Using a funnel will alone get you new prospects without calling them first. However, calling them will double to sometimes triple the amount each week. So use the phone to get more business.
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5. One last tip to attract MLM prospects is to never seem desperate. Don't beg. Don't plea. Just let them know and be on your way. Be sure anyone who shows interest is kept in touch with. But stay strong, sound passionate about your company, and they will feel it if you really are passionate about your company.
 If you feel you have gotten value from this, please share. Comment below if you have anything to add on attracting MLM prospects.

 If you need to find a way to attract MLM prospects, I suggest you follow the tips above. Use a marketing funnel, it will bring you mostly good prospects who sometimes signup before you speak to them.

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