Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How To Sponsor Like A Pro

This is what we all must be able to do in order to survive in the network marketing industry. If you are a genius at getting leads, what good will it do if you can't get them to join your business or buy a product? So how do we become a master at the recruiting game?
 Simple enough when you shown the secrets of the pros. I have recently watched a video on just this topic and it makes recruiting seem like something anyone can handle. If you are serious about your business and want to be able to pull in people in large numbers, then grab a copy of this "Sponsoring Secrets" by Ray Higdon.
 This free video above covers some in depth details on what to say, how to present and much more. Learn how to use questions to stay in control of any situation with a prospect. Once you learn these facts and how to put them into a question, you will have the perfect shield and ammo when that prospect tries to put you in your place and make you feel small.
 Learn how to handle objections like most people never will. A pro can take many people who have made their mind up before you talk to them that they will never join....and make them a rep! The most famous form of saying no is the dreaded " I don't have any money". We all hear that right? Well that's hardly the case, so learn how to respond to that phrase and have that person wanting to do whatever it takes to make that money fast!
 This video is so simple to understand that even if you are a beginner or someone who has no credibility yet, you sure will appear to your prospect as the opposite. It doesn't just stop there, it explains on how to build rapport and relationships with your new prospects to keep them in the game.
 Knowing this info will also make you the coach everyone will be proud to be taught by. I wish I would have known this information before I got started so I could of hit all the bonuses that are provided for the people who do well in the start of their business. Remember that not investing in education for your business means that you are not willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals you claimed you were serious about.
 So take advantage of the huge discount on this course and see just how much your business grows. Stop thinking that tools, systems, and everything else is the answer. While all those things are wonderful indeed, the education and wisdom you hold is where it matters most.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Perfect Mix

 I wanted to mention about the opportunity I took, and why I took it. It's because of two critical points, that when I saw the magic of them together, I saw how anyone can make this a success.
 First off I am in a network of marketers who promote a company called Vemma. With Vemma's compensation plan and our network's experience, I knew I had found what everyone is looking for....an easy way to build a business online!
 First I will explain Vemma and the comp plan. When you become a brand sponsor with Vemma, you will need to build 2 teams, or what is called a binary plan. A left team and a right team. Simple. What is great about this is the person who brought you in, or your sponsor, can build your teams as well. So can anyone else who has joined Vemma before you.
 Everyone who is in your team, either being sponsored by you or someone above you, will count towards your volume that is exchanged for money to you. So basically if you have a strong upline, then you can get a lot of new members into your team. If you have a weak upline, then you have more of a responsibility to build your own team.
 So with that said, the second major factor in the great mix is our network, or my upline. Like I said a strong upline will add more members to your teams and you get paid for it no matter who sponsored them. Our network has some of the greatest marketers you will find, and will pump new members into your team at an alarming rate of speed. Making it an easy win for someone who joins my team. Also the ones who join my team also have the advantages of my network placing people below me, because they will go under my newest member.
 As you see, with the way Vemma allows us to build our teams, and the ones who are helping me build, means success is only a matter of time. In our network we basically build one of the teams for you, and since you will need one team stronger than the other it makes your job so much easier. With our strong advertising methods such as national radio shows, website banners, and so forth.....we keep new people daily coming in our team and buying the biggest upgrades possible making so many of us great paychecks every week.
 If you came across this because you are looking to join into Vemma, or if you are just researching Vemma or an opportunity, then you need to contact me and get into our empire so you can get the success you need. It is a win situation and there is very little risk. No other opportunity on the planet can do this and I count my blessings everyday I was with these guys before they switched over to Vemma.
 Contact me by email at jaysonlinebiz@yahoo.com with subject Vemma Blog. I will know why you are emailing me and will open it.
 There is a video below explaining more great facts about the industry but the best part of the opportunity is what I explained above. Vemma allows others to build for you, and you have a very strong network doing just that.
 So take action fast and email me and let's discuss more. Don't wait around til everyone else has got in. Every minute you wait, you are loosing money because someone else got in first....you just became their paycheck. So email me fast and let's setup a time to get you started and on your way to success. jaysonlinebiz@yahoo.com

Sunday, July 14, 2013

There's A Solution to Every Struggle

 I know many people in network marketing are struggling because of high competition and a low amount of people who see the "big picture" like they have. I wanted to just say a few words about this subject and I hope this will enlighten some in their problems.
 The good news is that if you have seen the "big picture" than you have already made the right first step. Also since you were the one that went into owning a business, you are the leader of all the people you know.
 Why do I say you are a leader?
 Because you probably have heard "I'll see how you do first" and they don't commit. See they are waiting for someone to follow, you didn't. You just took the lead. The lead is only cut out for a few because of the strength a person needs to take it.
 There is a way to make your business a success and if you are reading this then you have already figured out the next step. Learn. You are here looking for answers and wanting to learn what you should do next. But first look at where you are weakest at?
 Is it in talking to others perhaps? Are you shy maybe? Or are you not having a problem in talking to people, just getting people to convert into your business? How are you doing with generating your leads or finding the right people to present your opportunity to?
 I want to share with you something that will actually solve the problem you have no matter which field you may find to be the one that needs the work. It is called My Lead System Pro
Below are the videos you can use to stop struggling. These will teach you a lot of great ideas and will also show you just a small piece of what you get in My Lead System Pro
 Prospecting- Top 10 Prospecting Tricks
 Facebook- Social Media Insanity
 Recruiting Leaders- Recruit Leaders Now
 Converting your Leads into Business Partners- Sponsoring Secrets
 How to get customers to buy every month- Get Prospects To Buy
 Keyword Research- Keyword Research Secret

Those videos are just a few ways to solve the problems you are facing. And the good news is it's only the start of many more good things for you. Watch the videos, and be sure you are attending our Wednesday night webinars and Tuesday's hangout so you can learn more. It's free to attend so why not? It can only solve a problem right? Weekly Webinar Meetings

Hope you find value and hope to see you on the hangouts. Become a member of My Lead System Pro and we will become a team together. I assure you, you won't get very far without it! I have learned that all the great marketers and top earners are using it and it has helped them grow to what they are today. You can become the same, and now you know the solution to getting there.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Do You Buy Leads For Your Business?

 I wanted to make a quick post about my experience today. Maybe if anything this will bring relief to someone who is in a position where they can't find people themselves to talk to about their business, so they purchase people's information instead.
 If that's you then you may get a kick out of this post. I have been using paid leads today for the last couple hours of my day. They were thrown my way because the type of lead they are makes them more time consuming than anything. I call them one after another, and I find that there is only a few types of results you can expect.
 Some have the wrong number or used a disconnected number because they were just curious and don't want to feel pressured by you calling. Some have been recycled by the lead company so many times these people really get frustrated when you call them about opting into a website. The others hang up as soon as you begin to speak because they don't recognize you and fear of sales kicks in! Finally after many calls, one person is interested in learning more. Then this person becomes a prospect and away they go into the system you have.
 I personally believe that paid leads should only be for someone who is fresh into the business, just so they can possibly get a team member and more than anything learn from them. It is crucial that you generate your leads so that the people you call are on a much better scale, and it will take fewer calls to get the right person. My opinion, but I believe most marketers would agree.
 If you are in this position then you need to learn how to make your own leads. It's simple and all you need is the right tools and education and then it becomes as easy as baking a cake. If you need to learn how, you need to watch Top 10 Prospecting Tricks This video will give you 10 great tips on doing so. After you watch it and see the value, then become a member in MLSP, because that video is only a small fraction of what's to come!
 If you are wondering why you would need MLSP, let me explain. For one thing you won't have to put up with what I did today and hear "why are you calling me?" or "I never visited a website like that". Of course this may be true since we really don't know how a bought lead got into the system....they could have visited years ago.
 Another reason is that paid leads can be anywhere up to $160 a piece and there's no promising they even wanted to be a lead. So when you have MLSP, you can generate your own leads using their tools for less than $20 a month. Here is where you get in at that price http://jayecarden.bizbuilderacademy.com/
 Or for the price of less than one paid lead at it's highest cost of $160, you can use mastery MLSP for under $150 a month. This is truly the way to go for the die hard, serious marketer who wants everything out of the business. It gives you 100% profits on all the products inside, tons of capture pages either built for you or customized. Also pays you $100 a month for every master member you have on with you. So if you are looking to build a powerful team, all while making a second income that can be larger than your primary, Mastery is where you need to go http://jayecarden.bizbuildermastery.com/

 So if you are feeling the pain of having to buy your own leads, I can relate. I did many of those today and couldn't imagine living off of them forever. The costs of the paid leads takes away from profit, time, and patience. Besides, when you hear yes more often than no, your desire to market increases. So consider generating your own leads if you want to make a huge profit in this industry. If you feel comfortable buying your leads, then I wish you the best! If you are buying your leads, and want to make them yourself, to save money or for whatever reason, you know where you need to go.....http://jayecarden.bizbuildermastery.com/

Monday, July 1, 2013

Need To Make Money Fast In Your MLM Business?

 5K IN 30 Days
We all want to do this, but only a select few will. And the reason is because they were told how. There really is no magic secret to making it successful in MLM or marketing, you got to learn that the only secret is you. So why can some pull it off?
 Here's why. They are aggressive and they do not slack. They get up early and go to bed late. They invest in education in their beginning days and through out their careers. They don't let rejection bother them. They aren't afraid to be uncomfortable all day long calling people who get offended by their calls. They believe they can do it and don't stop until they have reached their goal they originally set in the beginning. Is this starting to make sense yet?
 In order to reach the fast money one must know what to do. You need leads for sure. You must be talking to someone everyday. Can you manage to tell someone about your business everyday for the rest of your life? I know I could. I can find up to 30 people everyday to talk with about my business or an affiliate product. The best part is, the people I tell are the exact person who needs the product or business.
 I want to share a video with you that will teach you step by step on how someone can earn $5,000 in their first 30 days. This video is required for a beginner, or someone who hasn't seen enough growth in their business. It basically takes a few top earners of the industry and sits them down and asks them the question  "If you had to start all over again from scratch, what would you do to make $5,000 in your first 30 days?"
 5K IN 30 DAYS
 After watching this video you will know exactly what you need to do to get your business moving fast. You will learn from the top earners in this industry. I was able to earn a full time income from home after just 3 weeks of hard work, all of which I learned from these same leaders.
 So let's get into action. If you seriously need to get the ball rolling in your business watch this video and if you can take the course and stick to it, then be proud of yourself for doing what it takes. I can tell you one thing for certain.....If you do not take the time to learn this industry then you are wasting the time you do put in.
Last thing. If you don't take the time to learn what is necessary to make it in this industry, then why would you even be in it? I can't express how serious this is that you learn this material. Even if you have to bookmark this page and come back to the link. I look forward to hearing how this has changed everything in your business and look forward to seeing you become the newest top earner! Remember that success is a choice, not a draw of luck.
 5K IN 30 DAYS