Monday, July 15, 2013

The Perfect Mix

 I wanted to mention about the opportunity I took, and why I took it. It's because of two critical points, that when I saw the magic of them together, I saw how anyone can make this a success.
 First off I am in a network of marketers who promote a company called Vemma. With Vemma's compensation plan and our network's experience, I knew I had found what everyone is looking easy way to build a business online!
 First I will explain Vemma and the comp plan. When you become a brand sponsor with Vemma, you will need to build 2 teams, or what is called a binary plan. A left team and a right team. Simple. What is great about this is the person who brought you in, or your sponsor, can build your teams as well. So can anyone else who has joined Vemma before you.
 Everyone who is in your team, either being sponsored by you or someone above you, will count towards your volume that is exchanged for money to you. So basically if you have a strong upline, then you can get a lot of new members into your team. If you have a weak upline, then you have more of a responsibility to build your own team.
 So with that said, the second major factor in the great mix is our network, or my upline. Like I said a strong upline will add more members to your teams and you get paid for it no matter who sponsored them. Our network has some of the greatest marketers you will find, and will pump new members into your team at an alarming rate of speed. Making it an easy win for someone who joins my team. Also the ones who join my team also have the advantages of my network placing people below me, because they will go under my newest member.
 As you see, with the way Vemma allows us to build our teams, and the ones who are helping me build, means success is only a matter of time. In our network we basically build one of the teams for you, and since you will need one team stronger than the other it makes your job so much easier. With our strong advertising methods such as national radio shows, website banners, and so forth.....we keep new people daily coming in our team and buying the biggest upgrades possible making so many of us great paychecks every week.
 If you came across this because you are looking to join into Vemma, or if you are just researching Vemma or an opportunity, then you need to contact me and get into our empire so you can get the success you need. It is a win situation and there is very little risk. No other opportunity on the planet can do this and I count my blessings everyday I was with these guys before they switched over to Vemma.
 Contact me by email at with subject Vemma Blog. I will know why you are emailing me and will open it.
 There is a video below explaining more great facts about the industry but the best part of the opportunity is what I explained above. Vemma allows others to build for you, and you have a very strong network doing just that.
 So take action fast and email me and let's discuss more. Don't wait around til everyone else has got in. Every minute you wait, you are loosing money because someone else got in just became their paycheck. So email me fast and let's setup a time to get you started and on your way to success.