Sunday, July 27, 2014

Global Pro Systems: What To Expect

Have you ordered a package from Global Pro Systems and wondering what to expect? Or perhaps you are involved with Global Pro Systems and would like to find a way to build your Vemma business? Either way, I am going to share what to expect, and how to make your business work out.

If you have already became part of Global Pro Systems, and you now realize you can't afford the leads they recommend, then you are not alone. Global Pro Systems was my first encounter into network marketing and it wasn't until I discovered how to generate my own leads was I able to make profit using Global Pro Systems.
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If this is the case, then here is how the process worked when I was a member. I left Global Pro Systems in June of 2013, and things may have changed in some ways since then.

1. You are booked a phone appointment with your mentor or sponsor
2. You are asked to join the company Vemma, at a buy in of $299. 
3. You are set up for a second phone appointment where you were asked to upgrade to the highest amount possible.
4. You are sent to Global Pro Systems training, where you are asked to purchase a merchant account, domain names, and leads.

Keep note that with Global Pro Systems, I never learned much about how to be successful in network marketing. It is more of a promotion to purchase leads, than learning how to be successful. With leads of $139.95 a piece, plus a $29.95 additional charge for the package to send the lead, I was unable to duplicate the system. If you are not willing to invest a large amount of money into the business, I would recommend to avoid using the Global Pro System.

There are a lot of charges and Global Pro Systems is a very costly program to use. It is not needed to have a Vemma business, so if you can't afford it, just go straight to Vemma.

If you believe Vemma is not the right business for you, then feel free to contact me for info on businesses that do not have monthly autoships to maintain a business. I also assure you I will not charge you to look at the business, like you just paid for. Email me for more info at

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Marketing Presentation: How To Invite

 Are you wondering why everytime you have a marketing presentation scheduled your prospect doesn't show? Well this could be easily solved, by following a few simple tips on getting more people to show up for network marketing presentations.

 On my official website I posted 3 tips to help increase the number of marketing presentations you get in front of your prospect's eyes. Feel free to take a look and read more about marketing presentations and how to invite at

 So, let's go over these network marketing presentation tips:

1. First problem you may be having is your prospects are seeing you more of a salesman than a problem solver. If they think you are only out to sell them something, forget the marketing presentation. You need to be a problem solver, and have a solution to their needs. Once they have trust in you, it may be best to invite.

2. Perhaps you tell too much before you get your prospect to the marketing presentation? When you are inviting someone to a marketing presentation, don't sling hype, vommit information, and basically give the presentation. It's best to say less to more. Let the marketing presentation, be the marketing presentation.

3. Do you send your prospect to the marketing presentation, and tell them "You will get to them when it's over" perhaps? That is a big reason you don't hear from them after they viewed it. They will more than likely think it's a great idea, or opportunity, and go straight to their friends and tell them what they seen. Well we can figure it out what their friends will fill their heads with, and you never hear from your prospect again. You need to be the one to answer the questions of your prospects, and only you. Be sure to be present for the presentation, so when it's over, it's just you and the prospect.

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 Please feel free to comment and share if you want others in your team to learn how to invite people correctly to a marketing presentation.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free Leads For MLM

 Are you looking for free leads for MLM opportunities because you are on a tight budget, or perhaps you just want to add more leads to your MLM business each month? If this is the case, or for any reason, I want to explain some ways you can find free leads for MLM opportunities that you can generate yourself.

 You know if you use a MLM lead providers, the quality of the lead can sometimes, or mostly be low. However, when a person generates their own leads, the quality is much greater mostly. Combine higher quality MLM leads with free strategies and you can make more profit.

 On my official website I posted 10 strategies to generate free leads for mlm businesses and opportunities. So if you would like to learn the 10 free strategies, hop over to my official website

 Free leads for MLM opportunities will take time to generate, and using free methods means you need to invest more time. Consistency and massive action can turn any free mlm lead strategy into massive amounts of leads.

 In order to achieve success in any MLM opportunity you will need duplication among your downline. So by learning how to generate free leads for MLM opportunities, you can share with those on your team who are on a tight budget. Time is the source for free MLM leads when you can't invest in a more faster approach.

 Lead providers may at times provide free MLM leads as an offer to test their services. If you ever see these offers of course you should try them. You never know what you may get.

 But the best way to find success in MLM is to learn to generate free leads for MLM businesses. Visit my official website for 10 strategies that I have used personally to find free leads for MLM opportunities I am part of.

 Please comment below on any of your favorite or most productive free MLM lead strategies. Also be sure to share this article with your team, so they may learn more.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Internet Marketing Tips: How To Increase Productivity

 Increasing productivity in your business will be a great way to increase results. But do many people know how they can increase productivity in their business? Learn how to increase productivity by over 300% without having to need more time.

 Learning how to increase productivity isn't as hard as some may think. I actually recorded a webinar on July 1st 2014, and I explained how you can increase productivity no matter what business you may be currently working in.


 Here is a recap of the details you need to know to increase productivity in your business.

1. Setting a schedule. By setting a schedule and sticking to it, you will be more capable of increasing productivity. You must be willing to follow the schedule you have chosen. Do not sway away and get off track, ever.

2. Produce Value. Whatever your business is, it has a target market. Producing value for this market is the key. Just putting out useless offers to people who have no need for the service or product is not increasing productivity. Make sure you are putting value out, and a lot of it on a daily basis.

3. Stay consistent. When you are trying to increase productivity, you need to be consistent. Constantly increasing and putting out value and content is a great way to increase productivity. Whatever it is you do that gets you the results, be sure you always do it, and do it more if possible.

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