Saturday, December 28, 2013

MLM Secrets: Getting past "I Don't Have Money" excuse

 This is the excuse everyone in MLM, or network marketing hears all the time. "I don't have any money".

 It's really nothing more than a person telling you "I am not going to buy anything or have you try and make me join". So I want to share some MLM secrets with you that I use to not only get things turned around, but to make money from that prospect regardless.

 First, the MLM secrets to getting the prospect to change their mind, is to hit them with something that will make them admit they are lying, or make them realize they need to change. When they say "I don't have any money" you simply ask them "How does that feel?"


 This should either make them open their eyes, or make them go away if they aren't serious. We don't want to waste a second on a person who is not serious. Practice that line with your prospects, and you will see a new kind of person come forth and become a legit prospect after all.

 The other MLM secrets I want to share, is how do I make money from these broke prospects? That is much easier than it seems. First I work them into my business if I can, and make residual income from their efforts. If it seems that can not be accomplished due to the "no money" issue, I simply help them make a little money.

 There is an opportunity that pays it's referrals well. It isn't residual, and you make a payment of anywhere between $25-$58 per person.


 I begin with telling them I can help them change their situation. I mention about companies paying to test out products and free trials. It is true, they will do this. I send my prospect to my website, and they begin their business with no money upfront. If they never go onto working, or if they lose interest, it's still okay because there was anywhere from $25-$58 put into my Paypal account.

 It will also open the door to get them into my webinars for training. It helps build trust. It also brings in a few to my business where residual income is made.

 If you don't have a source to earn income from the "No Money" excuse, then you should do as I do. The money I make in this alone pays for my entire business. That is how many people will do this.

 This is the greatest of all MLM secrets I know. Now almost 100% of your prospects are valuable and make money for your business.

 Be sure to get started with this program so you too can profit from the "no money" excuse. Click Here to visit my page, and get started. It will cost nothing to join, and is easy to make money, and pull in new prospects. Enjoy these MLM secrets!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

MLM Recruiting: Building The Relationship

 MLM recruiting is the most important part to building a MLM business. Many can't stand it, while others do it with ease. But none the less, MLM recruiting must be done in order to build duplication.

 So how do I manage to hit top MLM recruiting and top producer almost every week? I want to explain what I do, the strategies I use, and how you too can become a top producer in MLM recruiting.

 I didn't name this blog post "Building The Relationship" for nothing. To me building the relationship is the key to mastering MLM recruiting. There must be trust in a relationship for someone to want to do business with you. You also need to let them know that you are concerned for their success.

 When I am on the phone doing my daily MLM recruiting, I never try to engage with a sale. The first call I make I am more focused on who they are, what they are looking for, and to see if the two of us are a match. Do we have the same personality? Do we both think alike? Does this person talk about ideas they have if they were to get involved.
 I also look for remarks they make that are positive. When they say something positive, I always agree and complement them for it. I tell them "I am the same way" and that really helps them see you as them. I have had many people tell me they have said no to everyone before me who has approached them in MLM recruiting. They say they have a belief, and a trust when they speak to me. So that's what we aim for.

 First call, they usually aren't expecting my call, I ask if they were able to view my presentation completely or if they had trouble with it. Just by approaching in a non-sales type of matter, my MLM recruiting becomes so much easier since my prospect normally doesn't turn into defense mode!
 After a couple days, I will email the prospect, give them a drop in with a call, or send a kind card through email. Keeping the trust alive, and the relationship going. There will come a time when they say the right thing and I pop the famous saying "So it sounds like your ready to get started now"

 Remember we are not salesman. We are problem solvers, and friends. People will reject a sales call very quickly, but a friendly approach to the matter is much different to them. Stay confident when you speak to them also. Sound very strong, and let them know without telling them "You don't have to have them, you are just there to help them" and things will begin to make a 180.


 MLM recruiting needs practice. I would suggest using interviewed leads you can purchase for very little. These are good to get practice, and get a few team members too. You should always work to making your own leads, but if you can master MLM recruiting using paid leads, you have yourself heading to the top fast.

 If you got some value from this, please comment or share. MLM recruiting is one of my #1 business abilities and it has made me much success. I want to share as much knowledge to others as I can through blogs, but the truth is you must have hands on experience to fully understand MLM recruiting and what I am teaching.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good Business Idea: "Kickstart Your Business In 2014"

 Good business idea : Be sure to attend "Kickstart Your Business In 2014" this January 3rd at 9pmEST.

"Kickstart your Business In 2014" is a private training webinar, exclusively to those who vote in the "Top 50 MLM Blogs of 2013". I am offering this webinar as a "Thank You" gift for your support in helping me in this contest. CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE


Why is attending "Kickstart Your Business In 2014" a good business idea?

Okay, let me explain what you are going to get for attending.
1. You will hear from others who have made millions of dollars in this industry. They will tell you exactly what you can do to get to these same results. That is priceless. You will be amazed at just how simple it is to get a home business, or any business, hitting big numbers in your first year. Don't get me wrong when I say easy, because there is a lot of time and effort that many simply won't put in. But if you want to know what our special guest did to explode to her first $1 Million dollars by her 2nd year, then cast your VOTE NOW!

2. You will see the best training on many different online methods to generate leads, close more reps, and grow at an extremely fast rate. We will be covering video marketing with a special guest, that when he makes a video, it will go to the top page on youtube. He can hit top page without a single view, so can you! Also learn social media do and don't, and many more techniques to say the least. That's a good business idea.

3. Free ebook on "Kickstart Your Business In 2014" that will be packed with great tools you can use, places to get the best advertising for way less, free advertising methods, and much more! It is like a handbook for marketers! Having it is a good business idea.


This will be an action packed, super info, mind blowing, roller coaster of good skills to have type training! It is crucial that you make this webinar. So now you know what you get for the vote! Another good business idea.

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"Kickstart Your Business In 2014" Friday, January 3rd, at 9pm Eastern
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How To Advertise Your Business For Free


If you are new to owning a business, or looking to expand on a budget, here are a few ways to know how to advertise your business for free.

 Most people are building MLM home based businesses, or affiliate marketing, and are always needing new ideas, and needing to learn how to advertise your business for free. If you are not in a home business, many of these same tips can still help out a lot and give you several ideas.


1. Classifieds.
This is always free for most of the world. Also, it can be handled in large volume. If you are needing to get as much free advertising as possible, use more classifieds. There are many classified websites out there. Most don't realize they can do more than just craigslist. A smart way to make the most of it is use craigslist, and as many more as possible. Also open up more gmail accounts, and use each email for a new location. putting you in more cities on each website. Be careful none the less, read the policies and make sure you stick to the correct posting rules, or you will be off the list!
If you have a small budget and want to get full advantage of classifieds, use Classified Submissions. They will always re-post your listings for you, saving you time. This will also have your ad in over 550,000 classifieds, forums, and more for under $40 a month. It is a great tool to use for classifieds. CLICK HERE

2. Social Media
There is a special way to use social media. Also there are many sites to learn about in social media. How to advertise your business for free with social media can be some of the best free advertising you can get. Be sure to get into as many social media websites as possible, and educate yourself in how to make effective social media campaigns. You will need to know how to post comment effectively, and how to grow a following on all the major social sites. It is important you learn how to do this in the most effective way. To get the most education on social media, use MLSP. You can stay up to date on the new changes that take place, and learn several other methods to advertise with. If you are on a small budget, you can use MLSP for less than $20. Highly recommended for the serious business owner. CLICK HERE

3. Live Prospecting/Referrals
This is something all the top earners do. No matter what other advertising you are doing, this should always be used, no matter the business. When you talk to people, always ask for a referral as well. If you are in MLM or Network Marketing, there are techniques you can use to get more people in your business while live prospecting. (See my last post on this topic)

4. IBO Toolbox
This is a website, setup like a social media site. If you are looking for ways on how to advertise your business for free, this is one of the best sites to use. They always offer free banner ads, and it is compensation for doing activities on the site. The free banner ads are seen by like-minded people, so it's great for affiliate marketing and MLM both.
The fact that you will build tons of new relationships with other marketers is worth it alone. This site can not only make affiliate sales, generate free leads, but build your social status as well. Use IBO Toolbox and get an extreme upgrade in business. CLICK HERE TO USE IBO

5. Google Alerts
Here you can have Google send you an email anytime there is an event, festival, layoff, or whatever you need to know about that may benefit your business. No longer do you have to look around, or hope to hear about something that would have been a great opportunity for your business.


6. Google Search
If you are looking for more prospects and ways on how to advertise your business for free, Google searches are always free. In MLM you would use a search, to look for distributors, or affiliates in other companies. You will be surprised when you begin calling people in companies that you know are collapsing (Google alerts) or hard to earn money with. If you have an opportunity that sounds much better, they are highly likely to join you. I have used this personally and recruited 24 new reps in just 21 days.

7. Card Grabs/Pull Tabs
Of course you know to hand out your business card to possible business. But if you want to know how to advertise your business for free, then you need to take as many business cards as possible too! When you see an advertising board, where everyone has their business card and fliers, grab their information. You will meet many open minds who will agree to watch your presentation. This in some areas is a big way on how to advertise your business for free.

8. Events
Of course this post is on "How To Advertise Your Business For Free" so you may wonder why events? I am not writing about renting a booth, but go to every event possible because it's full of business! Going to an event is a great place to get the business cards of those entrepreneurs who are renting booths. It's a great place to do live prospecting. Also it can be a great place to accidentally drop your business card in places!

9. Contest Entry Box
This can take a lot of prep work, but can deliver some big results. Use contest entry boxes as a way to have giveaways and get you a lot of exposure. You will need the box, the fill out forms, a prize, and as many people who are kind enough to let you put a box out. Each name in the drawing will be a lead for business. If you want to get more qualified leads with it, then the prize will need to be something that targets your audience. In MLM it can be a free home business (You pay the start up fees). But the big picture is that everyone in the box wins 2nd place. Make sure there are not 2 people in the same address before you tell them both they got 2nd place. Your 2nd place offer can be an Ebook written by you.

10. Blogging/Videos
Here is the largest way on How to advertise your business for free. These services are free and take work, and time. Blogging can be done on a host that either charges, or for free. I use a free blog host, mostly because I want good content to be the attention, and it wouldn't matter the host. Blogging needs to be a well thought out process for businesses, and MLSP has great teachers for this.
Videos can be placed on many websites. Youtube is a big traffic website, so it's a must to be put on Youtube. But don't forget there are tons of other websites, so place it as many places as possible. To learn how to correctly use videos to get ranked high on Youtube and get a lot of views, MLSP is the best place to learn more on videos and blogging both. It is taught by the ones who have mastered it and can show you exactly what you must do to get the same results. CLICK HERE FOR MLSP

Please share or comment below if you got value. Feel free to email this or share with your team as well if you have new members who need to know ways on how to advertise your business for free. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

MLM Marketing Strategies: Getting Past The Excuses

  MLM marketing strategies are necessary to get yourself through this tough industry. In this post I want to share MLM marketing strategies about getting past the excuses, and it's not just yours, but the prospects!

 How many times do you hear it? "I don't have any money" or "Is this a scam?" Or even better yet "This is one of those pyramid schemes isn't it?"

 If you have been in MLM for at least a day you have heard the excuses from the prospects. So I want to share with you on how I get around the excuses, and recruit even those who had said "No" to so many others.                                              

 Here is a tip: Never approach a lead or prospect with hype. It can work in some cases, but all ways will sooner or later. What we are looking for is to be better, and more professional. So you need to approach a prospect as a professional. Skip the hype about how this guy made millions, and they can win a car. That instantly puts their minds into "scam" mode. They are going to block you out in their head, and some will just tell you "No" before you finish with how they too can drive the car one day.

 Most people believe that MLM marketing is a waste of time and all the excuses above. Your job isn't to sell them on the spot, but just get them to a presentation. Ask them simply " Would you like to earn some extra money if it doesn't interfere with what you do now?" Or you can ask "Would you be open to a side project if it doesn't interfere with what you currently do?"

 You now have them thinking in their employee type mindset. Of course most will say "Yes" or "Sure" or "What is it" If they ask "What is it" simply tell them to give you their name, number and email and you can get the info to them. You are busy, and it may take time to go over all the details. Maybe it's best if you just email them the information, and follow up with them later, when the two of you aren't quite so busy.


 It works! These MLM marketing strategies will keep the excuses of getting rid of you away. It also gets a presentation in front of a pair of eyes. In case you haven't realized it yet, the greatest MLM marketing strategies are getting the most presentations to the most people. If you do that, and be professional, you will grow as a MLM marketer.

 As far as you go with excuses, don't ever use them. Don't say "Everyone says it's a scam" or "No one wants to work with me". If you do these things, (I call it crying) it will drive away people. Ask yourself if you would want you as a coach?
 Don't cry about failure, learn from it. Use the MLM marketing strategies above to get around the upfront prospect excuses, and you will not feel like you need excuses.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Free Energy Samples

 Free energy samples. No gimmicks, no strings attached. I want to give you free energy samples of a product that has me in disbelief it can be this great, and still taste better than any drink on the market.

 All you need to do, is let others know! I normally write on tips to help other marketers build their business. So I don't mention my company of chose, but in this post I will reveal the company in which I market with.

 My company of choice is Vemma. And I want to give you free energy samples of Verve! or you can try our meal replacement shake, which is recommended by none other than the celebrity Chris Powell of the hit show from ABC called "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition"


 Take a pick. Or pick them both. No cost to you whatsoever, not even shipping charges. Yes, I am going to pay for the drinks and shakes and ship them to you because I am confident you will love them.


 In order to receive free energy samples of Verve! and/or Bod-E, simply share this blog on any social media of your choice. Facebook, Google+, or send a tweet about it so others can know. After you have shared the post go to to get a sample of BOD-E. Then if you want the free energy samples go to,verve

 Be sure to fill out the survey on the website to get the free energy samples. It is a very short and easy survey, just a few questions to answer. So here are the instructions one more time to receive your free energy samples:

1. Share this page and let others know how they can get their free energy samples too!
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 Now enjoy your free energy samples and be sure to let everyone know where they too can come get theirs for free! It's the holidays so it's a great time to give. What's even better is this will go on way past the holidays! Thanks for sharing. Feel free to subscribe and be ready for the next giveaway!

Free meal replacement shake from Vemma and Chris Powell

Free energy samples of the healthy energy drink Verve!,verve


Saturday, December 7, 2013

MLM Recruiting Secrets

 MLM recruiting secrets are really no secret at all. There is no magic word, or sentence. The reason why this is the truth, is because you can't say the right thing to the wrong person. Simple as that.

 There are things you can learn however to make recruiting in MLM a less frustrating and to have higher results. The first MLM recruiting secrets I will share with you is "Don't be a salesman!"

 We are problem solvers, not salesmen. No one likes to be sold or pitched, so if you are pitching your business everywhere, stop. Start focusing on what the person you are speaking to is looking for. What does that person want? And most importantly, what does that person believe he/she is capable of? Do they believe they can succeed in business with you? Or even by themselves?

 The best MLM recruiting secrets I can share is this. If a person can't trust you, or see themselves being able to succeed in the opportunity, you will not get the person to join you. So keep in mind you want to earn their trust, and make them see the possibilities. I explain more in this video.

 Remember to be real with the prospect. I am not a person who uses scripts. Scripts to me take away the one on one, or the man to man aspect out of the conversation. People will hear you sound like you are good at taking people's money, and they will be on the defense.

 Make your prospect open up and talk about themselves. Make them comfortable and try to relate to them. Here are some key points to remember when prospecting and these are very good MLM recruiting secrets that many don't use.
1. If they work, ask them what they do?  Good way to find things in common perhaps?
2. Ask them if they have tried anything in the past to make money? You will see that the ones who have tried other things in the past will be more likely to take a risk. Find where they failed and offer a solution.
3. When they sound positive and excited say to them "Sounds to me you are ready to get started".
Sometimes you have to make them take that step. Some people will think about it for way longer than they need too. It is important we make them learn to do things they are normally not use to doing, so they can see success they normally don't see!
 Tonight I had a recruiting webinar for my team and some other teams in my company. It was a MLM recruiting secrets type of call. I explained why I was hitting the top numbers in the network again. So I wanted to share with others who did not know of this webinar to attend.

 So lastly I will say this. It takes practice to get better at knowing what and when to say it. The way to MLM recruiting secrets practice is through making a lot of calls. By working new leads on a daily basis. If you need to generate leads on a daily basis then go to the academy of MLM training here. MLM Academy Training

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MLM Success Training

MLM Success Training is best taught to someone, by basically telling the details of how you got successful, but most importantly, how you would do it if you had to start over all again. Me, I would of made a full time income my first month if I had the knowledge I have now when I first began. So in this post I will share what exactly to do from the very first step in MLM success training.
 Here are some steps in order of how I would go about it if I had to redo it all. I have past articles that touch in more detail on many of these tips.


 MLM Success Training; Step 1: First you need to study the company you chose to do business with. The more information on the opportunity, compensation plan, products, and history will indeed be very useful in the upcoming days ahead. 

 MLM Success Training; Step 2: Position your self into social media. Let's face it, social media is big and you can build a successful business using just one social site. But you need to interact with as many as possible. Use complete profiles, and build your engagement from a target audience. The best place to start growing an audience on your social profiles is at IBO Toolbox. You can also find many new leads with their free advertising activities. Click Here To Register At IBO

 MLM Success Training; Step 3: Create your "old school" advertising. It may sound like an old way to advertise, but it still works. I am talking about business cards, flyers, and posters. You always need to concentrate on your own backyard. You need a local team and there is no better way than advertising in your local area. Use newspapers if you can. Setup meetings. Have locals calling you. This will take a large amount of effort, but once you have team members locally, it get's passed on to the ones who are new.

 MLM Success Training; Step 4: Order yourself some leads. Since you are still new (pretending as if you are) you need to get some business generating. Making your own leads can take time to build, so order leads from a trusted source. It is important to have a few people daily to call. This will be replaced by your own generated leads one day soon, so it's only to get a few team members around the globe.

 MLM Success Training; Step 5: Begin using online classifieds. This is a way to start bringing in your own leads. Online classifieds get many views. It can be a tricky technique to pull off due to many classified sites not wanting MLM opportunities posted. There are many ways to get around that, so look into learning more about it. The best way to maximize your classified lead generation is through Classified Submissions This company will post your classified ad into over 550,000 different locations. They will also re-post when they expire saving you tons of work and time. Make a great ad and use Classified Submissions to get a lot of new leads daily. Click Here To Use Classified Submissions

 MLM Success Training; Step 6: Use a lead generating system. This is one of the most important parts if you want to be successful. You need to learn all ways to generate leads. There is no better way than to learn from the ones who have became top earners, and mastered each tactic. Use MLSP to learn internet marketing at it's best. You will be trained on all avenues of marketing you need to know about. It is the most important factor in MLM business, educate yourself. You can either use the academy, or go to mastery. But this also positions you in business with the best of the best. You become who you hang around so position yourself with these mentors. Click Here To Begin MLSP Training

 MLM Success Training; Step 7: Find events, and always attend them. This is what we do, network. What better way to meet others who think and feel the way we do than in events. Use Google Alerts to find information on upcoming events, festivals, even layoffs in your area so you can begin networking. There are many networking events where only MLM business people go. You can find these events at Warrior Forum online. Attend as many as you can, you will meet new business partners, learn from others, and even find new opportunities that you can take great advantage of. 

 MLM Success Training; Step 8: Start your own team webinars and calls. Even if your company has it's own webinars, and conference calls, you need to consider doing it with your personal team as well. This will help establish you as a leader, and will give you a chance to teach value and skills to your team. If you begin to use MLSP (Step 6) then you will know everything about how to start doing webinars, and making them a very successful tool at gaining new business, and duplicating from others in your team.

 MLM Success Training; Step 9: Create your own website. You need to brand yourself, plain and simple. There is no better way to stand out than through creating your own website, blog, videos, etc. Be sure to offer value of some kind, and keep your target audience in mind.. Once again using MLSP (Step 6) is a great way to learn how to brand yourself as a marketer. 

 MLM Success Training; Step 10: Begin building your list. This step should be actually the one of the first steps in the MLM success training. But to keep it from getting mixed up and off subject, I saved it for 10. Whatever method brings you the first lead, you need to record that person's information. All your leads come in differently and through different sources. Be sure to keep them listed correctly and in their right list. This list will be very useful in your email campaigns you need to be doing daily from the time you get your first lead.

If you have got value and find these tips helpful, please comment and share. I will be bringing more content and details on all the steps mentioned above. If you are in MLM or network marketing, subscribe to this blog and you can get new information as it comes out. Education in your field is the most important factor in success. So if there should be a tip 11, it would be to never turn down new information. Sometimes it can be a game changer in your career.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MLM Recruiting Secrets

MLM recruiting secrets are important to learn if you want to be able to recruit more people into your MLM business. I will share a few MLM recruiting secrets with you and show you how I am hitting top recruiter in may projects I work in.                                


First I'll tell you how to get a prospect to do what we call "get off the fence" and make a decision. Let's face it, you can't have too many people who are thinking about it to have to keep up with, it get's too much sooner or later. So the best way to get them to join is on the first call with them. After you have let them view your presentation is when you will need to use this MLM recruiting secrets to up the chance of them joining.

Ask them what did they like about the presentation?

Never ask "what did you think about it" because this opens the door for negativity. You want your prospect speaking only positive remarks to open their minds to a positive thinking approach. That's a MLM recruiting secrets itself, but is not the main one. The main MLM recruiting secrets you need to know is when they tell you a positive feature about what they like, you agree as if it is what you liked best too. Then without getting too far off track, tell them " Sounds to me then you are ready to get started". This will either let you know they are not ready, but in many cases, it gets them to take the ride! This MLM recruiting secrets will help you gain many new signups fast. Never let them think too long or they will think themselves out in fear.

Another great MLM recruiting secrets is to use the paper application when signing up a prospect. Let's say you just used MLM recruiting secrets I shared above and you got a person to say "yes". Now you need to use another MLM recruiting secrets and write their information down on paper. Then call the other prospects that didn't commit to the first MLM recruiting secrets I shared, and tell them you have someone who did commit and since you spoke to them first, you want to let them have this person below them if they get in today. You can continue this as long as you want with as many as you have on the fence and get a whopping 4 or 5 people in one single day with this MLM recruiting secrets.

One more MLM recruiting secrets I use is when I tell people that I recruit one to two people everyday, and since we have a binary compensation plan, they can get paid on them also. This works very well and can help you keep signing people up daily. Because they want to profit from your one to two signups a day, they become that one to two signups you get. Keeping it a true fact that you can sign up one to two a day.

Hope you enjoyed and got value from my post on MLM recruiting secrets. Please comment and share with as many of your team members as possible so they too can learn the MLM recruiting secrets I shared.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ideas For Recruiting

  Ideas for recruiting are important in order to build your business. Recruiting people into your business is the life and backbone of building. So if you are searching around the internet looking for ideas for recruiting, here are a few tips to help you get more out of you recruiting.

Ideas for recruiting can be easier explained by telling it to you in words. I will write down the basics, so be sure you watch my video below called "Ideas for Recruiting".

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #1. Be confident. Being confident in your program or business will reflect to your prospect. I here everyday people tell me they believed everything they tried was a scam, but trust me. Mostly because I am passionate about the business I have chose, and I release the excitement and passion when I talk to others about it.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip#2 Imagine yourself as the position you wish you were. When you walk, talk, and act like you are the highest position in your company, you will become it. It will reflect in you and will be seen by others and they will be more attracted to join you.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #3 Speak positive words always. Never speak negativity in any sort. By speaking only positive words, it will help attract more people to you. Would you join someone who is always complaining and fussing or telling you "It's not worth it" or "It'll never happen for me" and so on? Be positive and it will begin to change your entire world. It will change your thinking too!

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #4 Be giving. Give to others as much as you can and they will follow you closer. In a binary compensation plan this ideas for recruiting tip works wonderful. When you have gotten someone to agree and signup, have them signup on a paper application. Then approach your prospects from the past who were thinking about it, and let them know since you spoke to them first you will place this person below them. You may decide to give them the credit for enrollment. Or just to have them below them. You can work your way up as many people as you can and each person you speak to, it will be more like "I have X amount of new members who have agreed and since I spoke to you first, all X amount will be below you!

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #5 Increase your prospecting. Network marketing is a numbers game. By increasing your number of daily prospects you speak to, this will gain more recruits for you. The more you speak to, the more people you have to use all ideas for recruiting tips, and especially ideas for recruiting tip #4. You can learn more ways of getting leads on past blog post I have.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #6 Be sure you ask questions. You need to know their reason for looking, and why they need to make the money. Everyone wants money, so be sure for what it is they need it for. Doing this gives you ammo to use when they start to seem like they are backing out. Questions you need to ask: Why are you open to an opportunity? Or when they ask you a question you can ask them "By knowing this will it be what you need to get started?" Learning your prospect's life can be very important in order to build rapport. If you speak to a female prospect, it's always great to ask about their children. A male is also good to ask the same, but you can also ask how their job is coming along. Plain and simple, be sure you ask questions to get the information you need.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #7 Stay in control. Never let the prospect get you backed up in a corner. Some will try this by asking you the questions. Remember you  need to ask the questions because the person asking the questions is in control of the conversation. People may try calling you a scam, or a pyramid scheme be sure you are knowledgeable in how to respond. I have more info on those remarks in past blog posts. 

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: Tip #8 Be nice. Always remain nice no matter what the circumstances are. You must always be professional while you are prospecting, and being nice is important. Many of us know that as business owners, but some believe they can get cocky with anyone at anytime if they feel like it. Prospects are going to push buttons, but a professional does not take it to heart or gets offended by anything.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: Tip #9 Be a leader. Be sure you take control and be a leader for those who join you. Others will see you as someone to help them. Remember it is not always a great product that gets people to join. Lead with yourself more, and the help you can provide. Host your own webinars, and information blogs or videos. People are much more highly likely to join a person they believe can show them the way to success over a product that is being sold. Be a leader is an important ideas for recruiting tip.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: Tip #10 Look the part you play. I am a big believer and for a big reason, that a person needs to look like the right person as well. This means do not go into networking events dressed like you were outside working on your car. Dress nicely, and be presentable. No one will even think or believe what you say if you walk in looking trashy or not dressed for success. I've seen may by just wearing a suit, or a collar shirt, recruit massive numbers of people. It's because they look successful already, and people are attracted to that.

I hope you got value from this, and it has helped shine a light of hope if you needed it. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and "like" my page so you can keep up with my posts and new updates of information. Also subscribe to my blog to receive new updates and information. Work hard, and feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions or need help.
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Benefits Of Starting A Business

Benefits of starting a business can be very rewarding. Especially the benefits of starting a home business or the benefits of a home based business can be even more rewarding. The reason why is because the overhead costs of a home based business are at a level most everyone can afford. 
The Best Benefits

Consider the benefits of a home business. No employees with pay roll, taxes and health care costs. No big buildings to buy or rent. Also the utilities are much lower and you won't have to pay any extra than you do already. So if you are thinking about the benefits of starting a business, then first consider starting one that is easy to create, and still pulls in the same profit or even much more profit.

No having to pay to keep this place running!

Instead, consider sticking to something that is risk free Click here for a risk free and simple platform

More benefits of starting a business include tax breaks of all kinds. The average savings in taxes alone can be more than the cost of engagement in a home business. Tomorrow night I will be covering more on "benefits of starting a business" with a Spreecast. Be sure you RSVP so you don't miss out. If you already have a home business than be sure to bring your prospects who have not committed yet and this will help motivate them to join you. RSVP NOW

More benefits of starting a business are the time and freedom you will have. Many people do not realize the benefits of starting a business, especially the benefits of starting a home based business. 

Let's consider the costs of having a job. Benefits of a home business are no more expensive lunches. No more high fuel costs or transportation costs. The savings in child care can be well more than needed to start a home based business. So once you look at the overall benefits of starting a business you begin to see that you will spend more money in having a job, make more money than you would with a job, and save a lot more money that can now fund your business.

Consider trying in a home business one without risk. It is a great way to get involved and have time to see how well you can work your business without the risk of loosing anything. Also consider the benefits of starting a business, and consider having an automated system that will help duplicate and grow your home business quickly. Watch this presentation and follow through til the end. You will be amazed at how well this system works and how it can make you a lot of money more quickly than going alone. Now you know just some of the benefits of starting a business and I highly suggest you go through with it. What have you got to loose if it's risk free?

Friday, November 22, 2013

IBO toolbox

IBO toolbox is a free advertising platform which is great for internet marketers of all kinds and business owners. It's a free advertising network to help you find leads for your business. IBO toolbox is always free to use and pays you in free advertising for doing the tasks you already do to build your business.


After using IBO Toolbox for one week I have seen a large amount of new leads. It's good for someone who is just beginning in network marketing, or internet marketing. With the free advertising you get, you choose from text ads, and banner ads of all sizes. You can chose where the IBO toolbox free ads go as well. IBO toolbox is a tool every business should use, some more than others.


When you begin your IBO toolbox profile, you will quickly begin networking with other business owners and other internet network marketers. It is very powerful at gaining more social media engagement as well. Every person on IBO toolbox will "like", follow, friend, connect, and all the other engagements a business needs to help their social media profiles. There are many advantages and many hungry opportunity seekers that will be searching for the opportunities you may be able to provide them.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MLM Downline

 MLM Downline is the most important part of building a MLM business. It is the backbone of your business when you are using MLM. I have noticed that many people do not seem to focus on their MLM downline in the smartest ways. They focus on only growing their MLM downline by recruiting more, and more people, and not spending enough time on helping their MLM downline grow their own MLM downline. It may be because they see the first sale as the most important part, or a bonus for recruiting a certain amount of people within a certain amount of time. So if you are looking for a way to grow your MLM downline, read my posts on lead generation and recruiting. However, if you are looking for how to get your MLM downline to grow their own MLM donline, then continue reading.

 Sometimes we have to take control of our MLM dowline when we see the support or upline we have are not willing to teach or provide the support needed for the team. Maybe they are focused on growing their own business and forgetting that the people below them, or their MLM downline, are their business. I have been told in the past to not worry with your downline when they are calling you or emailing you. I was told they will take up too much time, and they have to learn it on their own. But I see it as they are coming to me so they can learn it on their own. They need help. If I feel they ever are trying to use me to get me to do their job, then I can draw a line, but when your MLM downline are new, is when they are most fragile.

 Keep in touch a lot with new MLM downline. Do not forget to contact them and check on them. Be sure you take the lead of your own team. Be the leader. Some people feel like they aren't a leader because the person or people above the person who recruited them are the leaders. But the truth is, when you join a MLM business, or any type business, you become the owner. You must be your own boss, so you need to consider being the one to make the decisions.
 I am always on the lookout for new ideas, tools, and anyway possible I can help or share something beneficial with my MLM downline. It has helped me keep a high percentage of them in my business. I will put a list of links below so you can use these to help your MLM downline too.
 I registered for my own webinars, conference lines, and got all the tools I needed to run a MLM downline of thousands, well before I had it. Most people in your MLM downline will not do these things, because most don't want to lead, they want to be led. So it is important that you become the one who leads. The one who steps up and takes charge will be the one who builds a successful team.

 Good luck in building your MLM downline, and use these tools below to help grow your team. These links will help you and your MLM downline get free advertising, learn to generate leads, build their social media profiles, learn recruiting skills, and learn everything they need about online marketing, and offline team building. Hope it helps, and don't neglect your team.....ever!

 Click Here to learn how to build a giant team. Also great to recommend to your team to educate them on all aspects and grow a successful business.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


 Click here to join us Monday
Spreecast is a website that lets you do live webinar style meetings with the public and helps you advertise these broadcasts. I will be doing a Spreecast on the benefits of a home business on 11/25/13 and have decided to begin doing a Spreecast every Monday from here on out.
 Even if you find this after the date, you can always go and watch the recorded version of it. Spreecast allows you to record every Spreecast you make for people to watch that may be new or missed it live. Being there live is indeed better because you get to ask questions, and comment.
 Spreecast has all kinds of topics being discussed on it's site. Anything you wish to discuss can be spreecast. From sports, to politics, celebrities, and of course home based businesses, Spreecast has something for everyone.
 I will be covering on next Monday's Spreecast benefits for home businesses such as tax breaks, reasons why others love having one, and much more to help others see why it is becoming so popular. Many people are scared to get started in a home business, and that's normal. Even I got scared when it came time to put the money in. But I want people to understand that today there is a opportunity that can fit all people. So many people don't understand why they need to pay to own a home business, and that seems to be an easy thing to understand. So I will explain not only why, and compare it to how having a job may cost you even more, but why it is a good thing.
 So if you want to RSVP do so now and get registered to watch the Spreecast. You may want to invite people you know that won't commit that final step (fence sitters) or any of your new prospects. You can use my Spreecast as a tool to help those you have "thinking about it" make a decision. RSVP now, and make sure everyone you are prospecting attends, and you may as well get you some new business partners after the Spreecast is over.  RSVP HERE

Monday, November 18, 2013

Daily Accountability

 What is Daily Accountability? Well, each day you tell yourself you will do better tomorrow right? Things you put off today you for sure will do tomorrow, right? But yet it never seems to get done the way you know it needs to be. That's why daily accountability is needed, and you have to be the boss of you. Daily accountability is where you hold yourself responsible to get the job done!
 I am beginning to do a series of videos starting tonight on my own daily accountability. I will use it as an example not only to those who depend on me as a leader, but to myself. I will make sure that each day I do more than the day before. I know eventually I will not be able to do more than the day before, but it is the fact of being determined, and having a daily accountability.
Click Here for more info on press release

I highly recommend that you consider doing your own daily accountability and record it. If you want to take it a step farther like I have, try posting it for public viewing. It's a great way to hold yourself to focus on doing as much as possible everyday. It is great for wanting to make the extra phone call, or write another article, or do whatever it is you do. If you operate a home business than at least keep a record of what you do each day so you can see if you are progressing or slacking. Daily accountability is very important if you have a hard time making yourself do the work. Working for yourself means no one around to tell you what to do, and a lot of people have a hard time because they need or think they need someone to tell them and make them do their work.
 So consider doing a daily accountability record, video, or blog. It really keeps you on your toes and gives you desire to do more each day. I have also wrote another piece of material on a press release from IBOtoolbox, which is a new program I have grown fond of. Read it here, and get yourself signed up in it. It is a free program and a great way to get free advertising, leads, and backlinks. Also a great networking site to meet other network marketers.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Best Network Marketing Opportunities

 We all want to know what the best network marketing opportunities are, but really how many of us find them? How many times are you told by someone that they are in the best opportunity? Of course they believe that or they wouldn't be in it. But, most believe they are in the best network marketing opportunities because it's the only one, or one of just a few they know exist.
 So how do you find the best network marketing opportunities? I highly suggest you watch the video below and I will explain how to find that perfect fit for you. The product has some to do with how to choose, but there is more to it such as the compensation plan, sponsors, and company itself. You need to get that right mixture, and I will show you in detail what it is to look for.

 If you are searching for the best network marketing opportunities because you are wanting to begin building one, or even if you are looking to see if something may be better than what you currently are involved in, then I suggest either way to consider these points:
1. Are the products offered, the type of products people will want to buy without being interested in the opportunity itself?
If most people who are your customers buy the products only because they too want to make money, then you will not find many customers. Are the products something most people buy every month?
2. Are the products over priced?
If these best network marketing opportunities you are looking into have products that costs more than a person can buy at their local store, most people will not want to buy yours.
3. Is there a large start-up cost?
Most companies have a large start-up cost to pay their members large bonuses, once again making a person only interested in paying it so they too can receive the large bonuses from those they find.
4. Is there good support from a trusting upline?
Many people know that in many cases, you can join these best network marketing opportunities and find that once in, you are on your own. If your sponsor will not return your calls, and never offers help, you may be in the wrong opportunity.
5. Is the company going to be around for long?
Has the company itself proven that it will be able to stay around? Even though ground floor can be great, it also can be for nothing if the company collapses.

So important factors in mind, you need an opportunity that has low priced, high quality products that people will buy every month even if they are not involved in the opportunity. There is an opportunity just like that and it is also an easy one with a very low start-up cost. Contact me directly to learn more about it, and to see if it is right for you. Hope you got much value from this blog, and this has helped you understand a few thing about finding what is the best network marketing opportunities, that may not have crossed your mind yet.

Friday, October 25, 2013

MLM Secrets

 Why is it that some people can grow a home business so easily? Yet no matter what you try it doesn't seem to work? Well there is a simple reason, and it's fixable.

 If you are willing to put in the work, time, and effort needed you too can be working your way to the top and living the life you dreamed of. It really isn't as hard as some think. What you need is the MLM Secrets that the top earners know about.

 So what are the MLM Secrets? The MLM Secrets are not really any secrets at all. It is that the top earners you see in your MLM company have knowledge in one, or a few of the most important strategies to gaining success. Now you can jump in and learn the MLM Secrets that the top earners know, just watch below.

 Now you know how to learn the MLM Secrets you can begin to implement them into your business. With what you will learn from being trained by the top leaders in the industry is priceless. The value they give would cost someone thousands of dollars to get one on one training and now you get it for only spare change.
 What could be more important than turning your MLM business into a success? I see so many people who are becoming leaders and driving their incomes up because of this course. It's a fact. Once you learn the MLM Secrets you will be passing right over your competition and even your sponsors. Look forward to seeing you on the leader boards and watching you gain massive exposure in the Seven Figure Mastermind Team.
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pyramid Schemes

What exactly is a pyramid scheme and are you getting yourself involved in one? To know the answer is to dig a little into what a pyramid scheme is exactly, and if what you are researching about is a pyramid scheme.

What makes an opportunity a pyramid scheme is when you have a price to join a network, and the object is to get others to buy in, and you get a piece of it. There usually consists of no products, or very low quality products. So basically most networking companies we hear about that make millions and millions of dollars each year are not considered a pyramid scheme.

So why do people call them pyramid schemes? 
Most see a person at the top, and by bringing in people who also bring in people usually draws a pyramid when you put it on paper. But, if there is a product involved, and customers ordering the product, then it's not a pyramid scheme.

Some believe what makes an opportunity a pyramid scheme is where people who are on top make all the money, while the ones on bottom pay out. But in these opportunities everyone starts in the same place, right? So the ones on top, worked their way there. 
A good example to me of a pyramid scheme is when an opportunity, or a job, has you in a position that no matter how hard you work, or how good you do, you can't advance to a better pay until someone dies, get's fired, retires, or quits. Of course then allowing only one person to take their place. So to me this is the way most major companies work, not network marketing opportunities. Network marketing opportunities allow a person who does well move up anytime they have earned it. You can always make more than the ones who joined before you, if you do more. So what really is the pyramid scheme here? Yea, a job!

Here is a little more input on my thoughts when someone says it's a pyramid scheme.

If you are a person already involved in network marketing, these ideas can be of good use. Anytime someone mentions to me the silly pyramid scheme excuse, I always ask them "What is your understanding of a pyramid scheme?" Of course the answer is mostly the exact same thing, so I can then tell them they have given a perfect description of a job. It really helps to make them understand. Remember that the reason they think that way in many cases is because that's all they have heard so far. Opening their eyes can be the turning point in them truly finding a way to make a good income. That's what networking is about anyway. Not about sales. It's all about helping others enjoy the benefits of it. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Creating Duplication Inside Your MLM Team

 It is easy to understand that if you can manage to create duplication in your downline, than your business will be successful. But why is it that so few can do this?
 Well to make it easy to understand, the reason is simply because most people are following someone instead of thinking for themselves. Of course it's not a bad thing to follow a person who has had a lot of success, but remember that what they did worked for them, but doesn't mean in the slightest way it will work for anyone else.
 Everyone is different and everyone has different skills and talents. So if a person can not speak very well or has a problem with their speech, do you tell them they need to make phone calls? Or if a person can't spell very well, do you tell them they need to write emails?
 So if you try to look for just one way to duplicate what you will find is some who can and most others won't. It is best to have many ways to have a team work. Duplication isn't that everyone does the same thing, that isn't what duplication means. Duplication is where everyone is building the same thing, not using the same tools to build with.
 I am a person who doesn't like to use paid leads. However, I do use them with my downline because so many of them can't create their own leads. If it wasn't for someone selling the leads, they would do nothing. So it is important I use them for my team members who want that. When you have a team that buys their leads, you need a system or process for these leads, so it makes it easier for people to follow. Remember most people want to follow, not lead.
 It is very wise that you teach your team many ways to help them build. Teach how to make videos, use certain social media sites, run solo ads, SEO, PPC, and as many ways as possible. That opens the door for many more to be able to now build. By using just one method, you close the chance for many in your team.
 Some are afraid to use a phone or talk to a prospect. If they were taught how to run a solo ad or email campaign it would be much better than just shutting the door on them. If they begin to grab new customers and signups, then they are duplicating the success. No MLM company will pay differently because you found a customer in a different technique than what most have used.
 So it is important to have duplication. If you don't have a system or method that at least half or more can use, than that system is not duplicating. Also if a high number of your team can't afford a process you offer, than it is crucial to find other means. Don't rely on people to come up with the money to either buy a lead, run an ad, or pay someone just because it worked for you. I have seen so many fail because of that simple reason.
 So step up and take control of your team. If your upline is telling you that their way is the only way you will teach your downline, and you know that the way they want is not going to duplicate well, then offer your team other ways to build. Remember it doesn't matter "how" a person builds, it just matters that it works. And by that it needs to be a way that most people can use or succeed with. The more options you teach your team, the more you will find they produce.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Building The Team

 Lately I have been extremely busy building a new team in my primary business. I wanted to make some points about it, and see if they relate to how you feel and think?

 I believe the strongest part and most serious factor in building a successful MLM or referral based business is trust. As soon as the prospect becomes a member in your team that person has now become the most important part of the job. Without trust, how do you ask your team to buy something you believe will truly benefit them? How do you get them to make the calls, and webinars if they believe you are just pulling their chain to make them spend more money on a wasted sale?
 There are two ways to build in this industry. Some build with the idea or thought of how do they make the most money for themselves. Which is simple. You need more sales, upgrades, and you need to find a way to get the people to buy those upgrades. Having only your paycheck in mind will mostly destroy your team. See, you will forget about the struggles that your downline may be going through. You may convince them to get the highest upgrade, and that is the reason they don't have the funds to continue the next month. You will just drain them and they will know that you are in it for a sale, and they will be gone fast. I have seen it way too many times from the same people who operate in that fashion. They even train their team to do the same, so it really builds you a team of unconcerned people for the rest of the team. No cares of what happens to them, just as long as you made an extra amount.
 Then there is the way I prefer to build. Not caring about any sales, just making sure that the person who put their trust in me, get's everything they came for. By doing this, I see more people happy to work with me. I also can recommend anything, and they all get it. I only concern myself with what is best for them, and provide them with what they need to move forward with. Of course I may lose a little bit of immediate bonuses or pay, but in the long road, or overall picture, my residual builds up more sturdy than the others. By making sure my team gets to where they need to be, it automatically puts me there too. And the feeling of seeing others excited about what they have accomplished is priceless.

 So if you are in MLM or any kind of home business, please feel free to leave your opinion on this. Do you disagree? I know some who would. I have been told by some in the top, that they got there by making the highest upgrade sales, and recruiting the most people at the largest buy in levels. Also they tell me not to be concerned with downline because they take away from the time you have to build (meaning more recruits or sales) and the downline needs to figure their own problems out. So many do live by those standards of building. But to me, helping the downline is building my business. Their success is also mine. So which do you prefer? Just remember, your downline may read this!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How To Earn $5,000 In 30 Days

  It may sound bogus to some, but it is indeed possible. And if you read this entire blog post you will know exactly what to do to learn how. What's even better, is what you learn can be done over and over and earn $5,000 every month and even more in residual income. Here's how:
 4 top marketers in the industry have got together and were told to lay out the steps to making 5K in just 30 days starting from scratch. These are the best of the best, and they were asked "What steps would you take to earn $5,000 in 30 days if you had to start all over again and build from the bottom."
 So with this you can learn so many great tips that the best of the best would do if they had no money and had to make 5K like their life depends on it. So basically it is what most people are up against when they start and many would like to know how because they don't have any money themselves to invest. If you can see the power to this course, you would understand exactly why you need this. This is material I wouldn't mind paying $2,000 for! It's worth it because of what you learn. I had to promote it because now it can be bought for dirt cheap! Just put back $1 for a month and you would have more than enough to pay it! And that counts for February too! Yes, that easy to get! And will change your life forever!

 What steps would you take if you were forced in a life or death situation and had to make 5K in your first 30days? I bet you would be able to if your life depended on it. I know how you would do it too..... you would order this training video and get busy with what the top earners know about that most don't!
 If you make a decision to invest in your future of your business, then you are a wise person. But it's seldom the way many invest. Don't invest in more products, invest in knowledge. Having the knowledge will help a person grow their business to a level that otherwise, it wouldn't have been manageable.
 Now you know how to earn $5,000 in just 30days. You gain the knowledge from these masterminds who will explain where to start and where to stop. What methods are the best at pulling leads, and how to convert. You can learn so much from this video, and have the upper hand on your competition. So don't let them see it first! Order now and let me know how it changed your life and turned your business around. I wish I could just share the info, but it is protected. So I recommend this to you because I am highly confident this will give you the knowledge to know what to do to make the 5K in 30 days, I wouldn't promote someone else's material if I didn't believe truly in it and confident that it'll work for you! See you at the top!