Sunday, December 22, 2013

MLM Recruiting: Building The Relationship

 MLM recruiting is the most important part to building a MLM business. Many can't stand it, while others do it with ease. But none the less, MLM recruiting must be done in order to build duplication.

 So how do I manage to hit top MLM recruiting and top producer almost every week? I want to explain what I do, the strategies I use, and how you too can become a top producer in MLM recruiting.

 I didn't name this blog post "Building The Relationship" for nothing. To me building the relationship is the key to mastering MLM recruiting. There must be trust in a relationship for someone to want to do business with you. You also need to let them know that you are concerned for their success.

 When I am on the phone doing my daily MLM recruiting, I never try to engage with a sale. The first call I make I am more focused on who they are, what they are looking for, and to see if the two of us are a match. Do we have the same personality? Do we both think alike? Does this person talk about ideas they have if they were to get involved.
 I also look for remarks they make that are positive. When they say something positive, I always agree and complement them for it. I tell them "I am the same way" and that really helps them see you as them. I have had many people tell me they have said no to everyone before me who has approached them in MLM recruiting. They say they have a belief, and a trust when they speak to me. So that's what we aim for.

 First call, they usually aren't expecting my call, I ask if they were able to view my presentation completely or if they had trouble with it. Just by approaching in a non-sales type of matter, my MLM recruiting becomes so much easier since my prospect normally doesn't turn into defense mode!
 After a couple days, I will email the prospect, give them a drop in with a call, or send a kind card through email. Keeping the trust alive, and the relationship going. There will come a time when they say the right thing and I pop the famous saying "So it sounds like your ready to get started now"

 Remember we are not salesman. We are problem solvers, and friends. People will reject a sales call very quickly, but a friendly approach to the matter is much different to them. Stay confident when you speak to them also. Sound very strong, and let them know without telling them "You don't have to have them, you are just there to help them" and things will begin to make a 180.


 MLM recruiting needs practice. I would suggest using interviewed leads you can purchase for very little. These are good to get practice, and get a few team members too. You should always work to making your own leads, but if you can master MLM recruiting using paid leads, you have yourself heading to the top fast.

 If you got some value from this, please comment or share. MLM recruiting is one of my #1 business abilities and it has made me much success. I want to share as much knowledge to others as I can through blogs, but the truth is you must have hands on experience to fully understand MLM recruiting and what I am teaching.