Monday, December 16, 2013

MLM Marketing Strategies: Getting Past The Excuses

  MLM marketing strategies are necessary to get yourself through this tough industry. In this post I want to share MLM marketing strategies about getting past the excuses, and it's not just yours, but the prospects!

 How many times do you hear it? "I don't have any money" or "Is this a scam?" Or even better yet "This is one of those pyramid schemes isn't it?"

 If you have been in MLM for at least a day you have heard the excuses from the prospects. So I want to share with you on how I get around the excuses, and recruit even those who had said "No" to so many others.                                              

 Here is a tip: Never approach a lead or prospect with hype. It can work in some cases, but all ways will sooner or later. What we are looking for is to be better, and more professional. So you need to approach a prospect as a professional. Skip the hype about how this guy made millions, and they can win a car. That instantly puts their minds into "scam" mode. They are going to block you out in their head, and some will just tell you "No" before you finish with how they too can drive the car one day.

 Most people believe that MLM marketing is a waste of time and all the excuses above. Your job isn't to sell them on the spot, but just get them to a presentation. Ask them simply " Would you like to earn some extra money if it doesn't interfere with what you do now?" Or you can ask "Would you be open to a side project if it doesn't interfere with what you currently do?"

 You now have them thinking in their employee type mindset. Of course most will say "Yes" or "Sure" or "What is it" If they ask "What is it" simply tell them to give you their name, number and email and you can get the info to them. You are busy, and it may take time to go over all the details. Maybe it's best if you just email them the information, and follow up with them later, when the two of you aren't quite so busy.


 It works! These MLM marketing strategies will keep the excuses of getting rid of you away. It also gets a presentation in front of a pair of eyes. In case you haven't realized it yet, the greatest MLM marketing strategies are getting the most presentations to the most people. If you do that, and be professional, you will grow as a MLM marketer.

 As far as you go with excuses, don't ever use them. Don't say "Everyone says it's a scam" or "No one wants to work with me". If you do these things, (I call it crying) it will drive away people. Ask yourself if you would want you as a coach?
 Don't cry about failure, learn from it. Use the MLM marketing strategies above to get around the upfront prospect excuses, and you will not feel like you need excuses.