Sunday, April 17, 2016

LeadsLeap Review: How To Maximize Your Profits Using LeadsLeap

If you are looking for more traffic to promote your offers, and would like an additional income, then pay close attention to this LeadsLeap review where I will explain the benefits of using LeadsLeap. First we will look at the tools and features LeadsLeap provides, then we will look into how you earn additional income from the platform itself.

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Tools And Features

LeadsLeap offers a variety of tools you can use to help you get more traffic.

First, there is the traffic exchange tool. This is not like most traffic exchanges because it does not use a timer. This means that if you want to promote a blog or website, it can improve your bounce rate. LeadsLeap will reward other members to stay on your blog, and click other pages.

LeadsLeap also offers a very useful tracker so you can keep up with all the activity your visitors are doing on your site. This will help you to know which pages are the most attractive to your visitors, and which aren't. Tracking is one feature all professional marketers use.

You can also get pop-up ads for your blog or site using Pop-ups can generate more leads for your business, and are the highest converting lead magnet blogs have. Regardless of their reputation, you would benefit greatly using a custom pop-up ad on your blog.

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How Do I Maximize My Profits Using LeadsLeap?

If you are already a LeadsLeap member, then perhaps you may benefit from this part of the post.

If you have a separate device to access internet, you can run the LeadsLeap traffic exchange all day while you work on your business.

This will increase your credits, meaning you can either use them for ads and traffic, or sell them back to

Starting a Pro-Membership with LeadsLeap will keep you from needing credits to run ads. So it is best to become a pro-member when you use LeadsLeap. This way you can sell back all your credits.

Also, as a pro-member your daily revenue shares double. Weekly revenue shares and affiliate commissions also double. So in order to increase your shares, use the LeadsLeap widget on your blog, and as many places as you can. This increases your clicks to the widget, which increases your revenue shares.

LeadsLeap is the most powerful traffic exchange, and system to help bloggers, and internet marketers. I highly recommend LeadsLeap for any type of home based business.

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