Sunday, September 4, 2016

MLM Traffic Formula: 10 Steps For More MLM Traffic

When you decide you are going to build a MLM business online, you may also notice that generating traffic is not the easiest of tasks. This is why I wanted to share with you a 10 step MLM traffic formula that I personally use that brings me a lot of traffic for my business. I have learned and developed these tactics over the years and now use this MLM traffic formula with every piece of content I create.

The 10 step mlm traffic formula will take time to learn and to master. It isn't very difficult, but may seem overwhelming in the beginning.
This is why I have written a full article detailing each step on my official website which can be found using the link at the very bottom of this article.

For more information, details, and the resources I use when I work my 10 step MLM traffic formula, use the link at the bottom of the article.

Now, let's get started with the steps!

MLM traffic Formula Step 1: Find Your Niche
It is important to know who you are writing or promoting to. Failing to know your niche means all other steps are useless.

MLM Traffic Formula Step 2: Create Content
Create a website that is self branded. Using Wordpress is best. Most likely you need to name it either "" or "catchy and easy to memorize phrase that fits your"

MLM Traffic Formula Step 3: Add Video
By adding videos to your content, increases your traffic in 2 major ways. Through better SEO and pulling traffic from websites where the video is uploaded.

MLM Traffic Formula Step 4: Free Advertising
It's free, so use all you can. You may be surprised at how much traffic using multiple sources of free ads can pull. Resources I use are at my official website, and upgrading to a low cost membership will bring in up to 10 times more traffic on these sources.

MLM Traffic Formula Step 5: Email
You need to build a list anyway, use it for the revisitors each time you release a new piece of content.

MLM Traffic Formula Step 6: Social Media
Social media is where you get to meet people in your niche. Place a link to your site in every signature you leave, and be sure to use their resources and groups to promote to more.

MLM Traffic Formula Step 7: Duplicating Content
Never to write the same, word for word content, but placing pieces of content on other websites will be a force to drive lots of mlm traffic to your official site (like this article)

MLM Traffic Formula Step 8: SEO
You should always practice SEO while creating content. When your content ranks top spots in the search engines, the mlm traffic you get will be the best quality possible. It also brings free mlm traffic for as long as it sits at the top.

MLM Traffic Formula Step 9: Paid Advertising
Use paid ads as soon as possible. These do have a learning curve attached to them, but when you learn to be effective with it, the traffic is the fastest and best for the time the ads are up.

MLM Traffic Formula Step 10: Retargeting
This is where you simply retarget those who visit your site so your paid ads are much more effective. It creates the most revisitors and sells possible. Always retarget your visitors for advertising purposes.

MLM Traffic Formula Bonus Tip - Use A System
Using the system I list on my official website will make generating mlm traffic, and leads much easier and effective than not using a system. Having the ability to create funnels that are customized and professional looking are going to make your list more responsive to your content and offers.
Plus you are kept up with all new marketing strategies, prospects, and educated on how to be successful online. Failing to use a system will bring many unwanted years of struggling.

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