Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We All Will Struggle

 If you have never experienced struggling in your business, and made it successful with no problems whatsoever, your a liar. Seriously. All successful people know what it is like to struggle before they feel any success. Let's face it. You are new, inexperienced, and you are taking on a challenge that everyone you know, will tell you that you are wasting your time. Heard it before? If not, you haven't been doing your job well.
 Every successful person will tell you about how hard and impossible things seemed to be in the earlier days of their business. Some failed multiple times and were told over and over to give up and get a job. The only reason they made it to where they were wanting to go is because they did not give up. They have seen all the troubles that you have seen. Felt the pain of failure, seen themselves lose everything but the one thing they needed most. Desire.
 It is desire that drives us to do what we do. If you have no desire for something, you see that particular item as useless. If you have no desire to keep moving, than you will give up. That is the secret in all small businesses. You hit a hard struggle, where every angle you search, seems impossible and everything seems useless. You lose the desire, you lose your business.
 Those who keep the desire regardless of how it may seem or look, will be the ones who make it to where they originally had planned. Most will give up. Most will listen to the negative remarks that they hear from some of the closest people they have in their life. Few will keep the desire and find a way. But none the less, they have heard all the same remarks you have.
 One of my mentors had failed in 10 MLM businesses before making it in the 11th. He went to all his friends and family every time he started a new business, and was rejected all 11 times. He said they began to say bad things to his face when he asked them if they wanted to join him. They thought once again he was making the same mistake for his 11th time. He went on to be the top earner for his business, and made millions of dollars almost every month. They who said he would never go anywhere, are still working a low paying job while he vacations anywhere in the world he pleases. Then he comes home to a business that makes him more money than the week before.
 There are many examples of people who faced the same thing you may be facing. But they never quit. It seemed just as impossible to them as it does you. But remember the secret to success. Don't give up, and the answers and break you need will come. Keep your faith, keep a positive mind, and work harder each day than the day before. You will be the next example of why struggling becomes necessary to achieve success.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Who am I?

 Being the first blog post of my blog, I figured a post describing myself would be the right thing to do. I will explain why I chose marketing as my career, and how I got involved.
 I started back in April of 2012, and thought the challenge of marketing would be something I could embrace and work. I knew it wouldn't be an overnight success, and the thought of having something to work for and something that pays unlimited income for my efforts was right for me. I responded to a radio ad I kept hearing, over and over. I thought "why not see what this is about?"
 I shortly received a call from a man named Randy, he got me into a step by step process and on the day of my interview I had made the decision to join Herbalife. I thought if I worked hard at it, I could make it. I had never even heard of Herbalife at that time, but realized soon after it was everywhere.
 I bought my way in at the Supervisor level, and was able to reach World Team after my 5th month. I was proud of my accomplishments, but wasn't seeing much profit at all.
 Then one day in November of 2012, I receive a call from a ex NYPD who told me about an affiliate program called MLSP. I liked the idea of how he explained it. I decided to join with them, and I joined in his network company called Numis Network. They sold coins and I have always loved collecting coins, so why not?
 I studied the MLSP training webinars and videos. I learned so much more than what I was taught in Herbalife. In Herbalife, I was with a group called Ehome Network, and they taught a one style system that consisted of buying "Training Packs" which are what people like myself buy when responding to the radio ads.
 Shortly after joining Numis, the Ehome Network had made a switch from Herbalife to another company called Vemma. The change took place in January 2013. When we got to Vemma, I figured I would put to practice all the skills I had learned from using MLSP. So in early February, I quickly shot up to the top producer in the network. I was bringing in 1 to 2 new sponsors everyday. I got the attention of one of the guys who mentors the team, and he asked how I was doing it. I learned that I was out performing everyone else in the team, and they had spent thousands of dollars to get their leads. That was when I knew I had made a break in Network Marketing.
 I now am enjoying it as my career and couldn't ask for more. I look forward to where it will take me through life, and hope to create many other successful marketers throughout my career. I have created this blog to share stories, marketing ideas, tools and techniques. Hopefully this blog will help someone else find success or the break they are looking for in the same industry, or another!