Thursday, August 28, 2014

Social Media Marketing Plan

 Are you using social media to build your network marketing business? Or are you using social media correctly when building your network marketing business? In this article I will explain how to create a social media marketing plan that works. Regardless of which social media website you choose.

 The key to having a successful social media marketing plan is to be social. This is why it is called "Social Media." Many people will make the mistake of just posting ads or hype all the time, and it won't work. By engaging with others in friendly messages, you can build a relationship with others who will want to buy from you.

 Instead of posting ads, or pitches, use post that raise curiosity in your social media marketing plan. How many times have you clicked on a post that was a pitch for another company's products or business? Use relevant information, or interesting information that will make people want to click on your post and you can direct them to where you need them to go.


 Once you have began directing people to your hub (which is where you plan to drive the traffic) you then can work on building a relationship with your prospect. People like to buy from people they know, like and trust. Use social media to get to know your customers and your sales will increase.


 Using social media strategies such as a giveaway is a great way to drive traffic to your hub. This needs to be planned out as to what will be given away. You can use giveaways to increase your audience on whichever social platform you are using in your social media marketing plan, or to build your home list.

 The major key to know when creating a social media marketing plan is to give your audience what they want. Don't approach it as in what you want them to do.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How To Sample Effectively In Network Marketing

 Have you been trying to use sampling as a strategy for your network marketing business? Or perhaps you are sampling people but noone is buying? There are a few ways to increase the results when using sampling, so I explain here how to sample effectively in network marketing.

 First consider who you are sampling. Is this person even serious about needing your product? Or are they just wanting free stuff? By just sampling anyone, you will have most of your products thrown in the trash or left and forgotten. So be sure the person is a targeted individual before giving away your products.
 You must take the time to get to know your prospect or potential customer as well before sampling. If you want to know how to sample effectively in network marketing, then build a good relationship with the customer beforehand. 
 Use testimonies of others so your customer will want, or understand the benefit of this product. This will increase the odds of them wanting your product to work for them.
 Also, never give a sample out without getting contact info from your potential customer. Don't expect them to contact you first. A follow-up is most important. By following up with your customer, you will increase sales by an extreme amount.
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Monday, August 25, 2014

How To Get People To Join Your Network Marketing Business

 Are you having trouble with getting people to join your network marketing business? There could be reasons for people not joining you, and believe it or not, it is natural for even the most successful network marketers to face these same issues. So here is what you need to know on how to get people to join your network marketing business.

 Ask yourself a simple question, "Would you join yourself?" If the answer is no, then you need to work on your confidence first. People want to follow someone who is confident in what they are doing. They want someone who can show them the way to success.

 Having a plan in place when speaking with prospects has helped me a lot. I learned that by telling some of my prospects (those that needed to hear it) my plan of action, many wanted in on it. This was something I seen as important for how to get people to join my network marketing business.

 Also, by offering, or showing them that I was willing to work for them for their success was big on how to get people to join your network marketing business. People are in this for themselves, and they want what's in it for them. However, some aren't so confident they can do it at first, so I offered to make calls for them and help them recruit others into their network marketing business. This usually works very well.

 But what really helped me break the wall that so many network marketers face when building a business, was prospecting cold market instead of warm market. Cold market did not know my past, and they had no idea I had just began as an entrepreneur. Remember that confidence plays a large role, so be confident and prospect cold market. Once the cold market begins to build, the warm market is not far behind.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cold Calling Tips

                                                     COLD CALLING TIPS

 If you don't have leads coming in on a daily basis, then perhaps you should consider cold calling. But, cold calling isn't that difficult if you follow a few simple cold calling tips. I used these same cold calling tips and were able to recruit about half of the people I spoke with at times.

 The best way to do cold calling in network marketing is by searching for other people who are already involved in the industry. You can find their information offline on advertising bulletins, or find their business cards laying around.

 But online, you can simply search for websites that list local distributors, or have sites that help people find their local distributor. This is an easy way to get someone's information for a cold call.

 However, I find it best to look for other network marketers who are advertising on websites, or classifieds. This will make an easy approach to the cold call.

 When you cold call the prospect, simply ask them "If the ad is working for them." You can mention you are thinking of running an ad there too if it's getting them great results. So, if they tell you, and more tell you, that an advertising site is working, then I would try it too!

 But simply asking them this will break the ice. That is the best cold calling tip I know of to keep from raising their resistance. When you ask people if their advertisement is working, it will lead to long conversations from most people.

 Remember that you are not trying to recruit every person when using these cold calling tips. These cold calling tips are just so you can build a relationship with the prospect, and that may lead to more calls before they join you.

 To increase your results and income with using these cold calling tips, I would recommend becoming a member of MLSP so you can have more to offer your prospect than just another business opportunity. Becoming a member of MLSP will give you more leverage and you can offer your prospect free weekly training to help them build their network marketing business. Many people will not be interested in your opportunity, but will be interested in learning new ways to build theirs and earn a second stream of income. Using MLSP will give you a strong advantage when cold calling.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Facebook Marketing Strategy

 If you are looking for ideas to develop a Facebook Marketing Strategy, then these tips should surely help. Most marketers use Facebook in ways that hurt more than help. So learn these simple Facebook marketing tips to develop the perfect Facebook Marketing Strategy.

 First you must realize that Facebook is a social media website. This means you must be social. By just throwing links on posts to offers and opportunities, will do more harm than good. Don't just friend request a lot of people just to pitch them later. Develop good relationships with others, and your Facebook Marketing Strategy will be a success.

 Use a Fanpage for your Facebook Marketing Strategy instead of a personal profile. A personal will only hold 5,000 friends. A Fanpage will hold unlimited amounts of people. So the idea is to get "likes" on your Fanpage, which is like having a friend join your personal page.

 Once you set up a Fanpage, you need to begin getting "likes" to the page. Start by inviting all your friends from your personal page. Then you must use the chance in any article, video, etc, to grab "likes". A great website to meet others and get a lot of Facebook "likes" is IBOToolbox.

 Be sure to post very vaulable content on your posts. Don't put out what you wish your fans to do, but rather what they want. This will increase engagement. Remember that having a lot of "likes" does no good unless you are getting engagement.

 You can increase engagement by liking, sharing, and commenting on other people's pages and posts. I use my Fanpage to comment on other Fanpages, and this usually leads to lot's of engagement and causes more people to see the post.

 If you really want to take your Facebook Marketing Strategy to another level and build your Fanpage fast, then use PPC and Boosting. This of course can be a costly Facebook Marketing Strategy, but highly effective if you know what to do. I would suggest learning some great PPC and boosting ideas from watching this free video called "Social Media Insanity."

 Also be sure to use images or videos in your posts. These are much higher to get likes, comments, and shares than a post without an image. Useful Facebook Marketing Tip.

 Lastly, do not get caught up in reading and watching all the videos and posts that Facebook offers. When you are pusuing a Facebook Marketing Strategy, then it's best to stay focused, and pay atttention to your strategy.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

 Tonight on Spreecast I taught the viewers on how to drive traffic to your blog, or website. I am posting the Spreecast here for you to see if you are searching for ways on how to drive traffic to your blog. I will also explain some of the steps to how you can get lots of traffic if followed correctly.

 Watch August 4th Spreecast by visiting my website where the Spreecast is recorded.

You will learn in detail the tips I share below on how to drive traffic to your blog.

 So here are the steps on how to drive traffic to your blog:

1. Stick to a niche
2. Register your blog on all the major search engines
3. Write content with good keyword research
4. Ping your URL of your blog
5. Share on all social media sites, especially in group discussions
6. Backlink the blog for more links and authority
7. Write other blogs with same keyword ad details on authority sites, linking back to your blog
8. Use Traffic Exchanges for more traffic
9. Use social sharing sites for more social signals and traffic
10. Leave call to action at the end of your material

 These 10 steps will increase traffic, and will do it quickly if you remain consistent with posting. The more often you post the more you will drive traffic to your blog, and helps you rank.

 Ranking your blog helps find real organic traffic that is interested in what you have written on. Be sure to try and rank as high as you can, using the tips I share on the Spreecast. Do not get carried away with keyword stuffing or anything that works well on driving traffic to your blog, or your blog can be pulled.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Social Media Marketing Tips

 How many social media marketing tips have you seen that explain what we need to do, and how many social media marketing tips do you read that warn you of what not to do? Well here is a major tip for social media that may shock you, but people are doing it.

 I was on Linkedin today, like everyday, and I was accepting the connection requests I had gotten. As usual because it is a great social media marketing tip, I contacted them all and did not pitch. Instead I introduced myself and said hello.

 One of the people who asked me to connect with him had sent me a message saying "Read the rules of contacting (his name) and that itself looked a little silly. But, what I read in his rules is what I want to focus on as one of the social media marketing tips I am about to share.

Watch this video to hear the entire story:

 So by saying this to all other network marketers, he is surely closing the door to building a relationship and attracting others. The main rule to succeed in network marketing is to attract others, by building solid relationships. He is preventing these from happening.

 So more social media marketing tips to discuss on what not to do is, don't slander other people, their products or services, and their companies and leaders. By telling us our leaders are not as "Good Looking" as his are, is making me glad I didn't waste my time with him.

 Although his message may prevent some spam, and I doubt it will for the most of it, isn't going to help him because it keeps the good from coming in. By saying not to message him unless it is to join his business, makes me wonder why he is even requesting to connect with me?

 I hope if you are doing this same mistake, you will consider these social media marketing tips and stop. Don't slander, or try to say you look better and are better than others. Plus never use false information about your company like he has.

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