Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

 Tonight on Spreecast I taught the viewers on how to drive traffic to your blog, or website. I am posting the Spreecast here for you to see if you are searching for ways on how to drive traffic to your blog. I will also explain some of the steps to how you can get lots of traffic if followed correctly.

 Watch August 4th Spreecast by visiting my website JayeCarden.com where the Spreecast is recorded.

You will learn in detail the tips I share below on how to drive traffic to your blog.

 So here are the steps on how to drive traffic to your blog:

1. Stick to a niche
2. Register your blog on all the major search engines
3. Write content with good keyword research
4. Ping your URL of your blog
5. Share on all social media sites, especially in group discussions
6. Backlink the blog for more links and authority
7. Write other blogs with same keyword ad details on authority sites, linking back to your blog
8. Use Traffic Exchanges for more traffic
9. Use social sharing sites for more social signals and traffic
10. Leave call to action at the end of your material

 These 10 steps will increase traffic, and will do it quickly if you remain consistent with posting. The more often you post the more you will drive traffic to your blog, and helps you rank.

 Ranking your blog helps find real organic traffic that is interested in what you have written on. Be sure to try and rank as high as you can, using the tips I share on the Spreecast. Do not get carried away with keyword stuffing or anything that works well on driving traffic to your blog, or your blog can be pulled.

 Make sure you watch the entire Spreecast to get full details on how to drive traffic to your blog. Also be sure to head over to my official website JayeCarden.com and register for the weekly mastermind trainings, and recieve free training and gifts.

 Please share and comment below if you have got value, or want to help your team with driving traffic to their blogs as well.