Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cold Calling Tips

                                                     COLD CALLING TIPS

 If you don't have leads coming in on a daily basis, then perhaps you should consider cold calling. But, cold calling isn't that difficult if you follow a few simple cold calling tips. I used these same cold calling tips and were able to recruit about half of the people I spoke with at times.

 The best way to do cold calling in network marketing is by searching for other people who are already involved in the industry. You can find their information offline on advertising bulletins, or find their business cards laying around.

 But online, you can simply search for websites that list local distributors, or have sites that help people find their local distributor. This is an easy way to get someone's information for a cold call.

 However, I find it best to look for other network marketers who are advertising on websites, or classifieds. This will make an easy approach to the cold call.

 When you cold call the prospect, simply ask them "If the ad is working for them." You can mention you are thinking of running an ad there too if it's getting them great results. So, if they tell you, and more tell you, that an advertising site is working, then I would try it too!

 But simply asking them this will break the ice. That is the best cold calling tip I know of to keep from raising their resistance. When you ask people if their advertisement is working, it will lead to long conversations from most people.

 Remember that you are not trying to recruit every person when using these cold calling tips. These cold calling tips are just so you can build a relationship with the prospect, and that may lead to more calls before they join you.

 To increase your results and income with using these cold calling tips, I would recommend becoming a member of MLSP so you can have more to offer your prospect than just another business opportunity. Becoming a member of MLSP will give you more leverage and you can offer your prospect free weekly training to help them build their network marketing business. Many people will not be interested in your opportunity, but will be interested in learning new ways to build theirs and earn a second stream of income. Using MLSP will give you a strong advantage when cold calling.

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 Did you get value, or did these cold calling tips help you find new ways to prospect? If so, please comment and share. Be sure to share with your team members who are in need of finding new prospects.

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