Friday, August 8, 2014

Facebook Marketing Strategy

 If you are looking for ideas to develop a Facebook Marketing Strategy, then these tips should surely help. Most marketers use Facebook in ways that hurt more than help. So learn these simple Facebook marketing tips to develop the perfect Facebook Marketing Strategy.

 First you must realize that Facebook is a social media website. This means you must be social. By just throwing links on posts to offers and opportunities, will do more harm than good. Don't just friend request a lot of people just to pitch them later. Develop good relationships with others, and your Facebook Marketing Strategy will be a success.

 Use a Fanpage for your Facebook Marketing Strategy instead of a personal profile. A personal will only hold 5,000 friends. A Fanpage will hold unlimited amounts of people. So the idea is to get "likes" on your Fanpage, which is like having a friend join your personal page.

 Once you set up a Fanpage, you need to begin getting "likes" to the page. Start by inviting all your friends from your personal page. Then you must use the chance in any article, video, etc, to grab "likes". A great website to meet others and get a lot of Facebook "likes" is IBOToolbox.

 Be sure to post very vaulable content on your posts. Don't put out what you wish your fans to do, but rather what they want. This will increase engagement. Remember that having a lot of "likes" does no good unless you are getting engagement.

 You can increase engagement by liking, sharing, and commenting on other people's pages and posts. I use my Fanpage to comment on other Fanpages, and this usually leads to lot's of engagement and causes more people to see the post.

 If you really want to take your Facebook Marketing Strategy to another level and build your Fanpage fast, then use PPC and Boosting. This of course can be a costly Facebook Marketing Strategy, but highly effective if you know what to do. I would suggest learning some great PPC and boosting ideas from watching this free video called "Social Media Insanity."

 Also be sure to use images or videos in your posts. These are much higher to get likes, comments, and shares than a post without an image. Useful Facebook Marketing Tip.

 Lastly, do not get caught up in reading and watching all the videos and posts that Facebook offers. When you are pusuing a Facebook Marketing Strategy, then it's best to stay focused, and pay atttention to your strategy.

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 Be sure to also share this with your team, and anyone who may need or want Facebook Marketing Strategy tips.