Friday, August 1, 2014

Social Media Marketing Tips

 How many social media marketing tips have you seen that explain what we need to do, and how many social media marketing tips do you read that warn you of what not to do? Well here is a major tip for social media that may shock you, but people are doing it.

 I was on Linkedin today, like everyday, and I was accepting the connection requests I had gotten. As usual because it is a great social media marketing tip, I contacted them all and did not pitch. Instead I introduced myself and said hello.

 One of the people who asked me to connect with him had sent me a message saying "Read the rules of contacting (his name) and that itself looked a little silly. But, what I read in his rules is what I want to focus on as one of the social media marketing tips I am about to share.

Watch this video to hear the entire story:

 So by saying this to all other network marketers, he is surely closing the door to building a relationship and attracting others. The main rule to succeed in network marketing is to attract others, by building solid relationships. He is preventing these from happening.

 So more social media marketing tips to discuss on what not to do is, don't slander other people, their products or services, and their companies and leaders. By telling us our leaders are not as "Good Looking" as his are, is making me glad I didn't waste my time with him.

 Although his message may prevent some spam, and I doubt it will for the most of it, isn't going to help him because it keeps the good from coming in. By saying not to message him unless it is to join his business, makes me wonder why he is even requesting to connect with me?

 I hope if you are doing this same mistake, you will consider these social media marketing tips and stop. Don't slander, or try to say you look better and are better than others. Plus never use false information about your company like he has.

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