Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Marketing

 It's Memorial Day today on May 27th, 2013. I have decided to blog about some things that have been on my mind, but combine the two. Today we honor those who lost their life for our freedom, or served our country in battle, but yet have passed. I believe greatly in honoring those from the Revolutionary War to our present War on Terror.
 Of course marketing is always on my mind. So I think about how those people who died to keep us free. Just so we can all have an opportunity to join these marketing companies. Of course freedom means you can become anything you dream of, but in network marketing more people find success that would of never had a chance in anything else. So I see myself as thankful to those people who I do not know, for dying so I can have an opportunity such as this. It was their sacrifice that has me where I am today.
 I hope many others think about the fact that if these young men and women had not died we would not be able to have nice incomes, homes, and all the great rewards that network marketing has given to so many of us. I believe no matter how much more success I see I will never be as great of a hero as they are. So remember when you make it to the top of your company, that it was only because they were brave enough and willing to lay their lives down that we are able to live free and achieve all we can.
 I also would like to thank all those who have served in our military and are still alive. I appreciate and I am very grateful for the risks you haven taken and your service to keep America the great. If you came to this blog because you are in networking, I hope you too see that without their sacrifice we would not be able to do what we do.
 "Thank you" to all of you who have died for our country!!! You will not be forgotten!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Will You Put The Effort In To Be Successful?

 Being successful isn't what most people see it as. So many think if they were successful, they would take vacations, drive nice cars, just go as they please and have complete freedom. While successful people do those things, it's not like it's a everyday way of life.
 In order to be successful you must put more work and effort into it than most people can handle. Anyone who has a home business has just opened the door to becoming successful. So why does so many believe it's a waste of time or it won't work? It's because so many fail shortly after they begin. They realize it isn't easy, and it takes more effort than they are willing to put into it. So people just look at the ratios and believe it is impossible to make work. They disregard the fact there is several people making 6 and 7 figure incomes. Or they believe those people are "scamming" the others. Yet those people who are "scamming" the others came in the same way and didn't get scammed did they?
 It takes more work and time than most could even think of putting in. If you have started a home business lately and stumbled across this blog, you can be successful if you are willing to do the work. One must be focused, and ready for long days, and no off days. No off days for a while anyway. You have got a business, it is your chance. If you give up then you've closed the door. You must remind yourself the reason you got involved with this everyday to keep from wanting to close the door on opportunity.
 A successful person is always putting in hard work days. That is why they are successful. A broke person can be working very hard all of their life. But since the person isn't working for themselves, they don't get the value they deserve. So it would only make sense to find a way to work for you, and put that same effort and energy into your own pocket.
 How to learn the steps it takes is simple. You need a "trainer" that is available the minute your ready. A person who is your sponsor may be able to shed light on a few things to help you, but you need a way to get the right skills when you need them. If you work at night and come home ready to learn at 2am, your sponsor may not be available. If you have a home business or are thinking about doing it, you will find success much easier using My Lead System Pro My Lead Systems Pro
 If you believe you are willing to put the work into it, and are willing to do anything and everything to make it work, then you will succeed. I promise it won't be easy, but you will succeed with the right amount of effort and training.
 I recommend you look into using MLSP ( My Lead System Pro) to develop the skills you need. It takes care of the issue that many fall victim to.... no sponsor. MLSP will be available when the time is best for you. Most home business owners work full time jobs, so this is perfect for that very reason alone. It's always available. To take a look into it, you can register for their weekly webinars every Wednesday night. You get a glimpse of what you will get once a member. To get registered and begin gaining great knowledge go to My Lead Systems Pro
 Remember that once you become successful, it won't be all fun and games. It will take hard work everyday, but the quality of life get's easier, and you can get out and take a vacation wherever it is you want. But, don't stay away too long, or your business will crumble under your feet while your soaking up the sun.
 Hope you enjoyed the blog, and realized that anyone can make it in the home business industry. My point is that most don't because once in, they realize it is hard work. Others don't get the right skills, or put things off way too long and lose their money invested. Don't let that be you. You can have success, but you have to go get it. Be trained well My Lead Systems Pro and be willing to work. Have fun with it too!

Does It Work To Criticize Another Marketer, Or His Company?

 Have you ever been speaking to another marketer about networking, and all they have to say is your company is no good, but theirs is the real thing. I know you have if you are out doing your job as a marketer and communicating with other marketers and people.
 It turns me off from even considering doing business with them and keeps me from ever joining them or buying the product. When me and another marketer get to talking or emailing, if that person puts down anything trying to get me to believe his or hers is the only way I don't continue with them anymore. It drives me crazy for someone to basically tell you, you don't know what you're doing so join me and I'll get you there. Then I think, if you just put everything down and try to "outsmart" everyone then you can't help me.
 Trust, honesty, and being good to people is the way. You don't make someone feel like they can be successful by telling them they don't know how to be successful unless they are in your company. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! All of the MLM companies just about have great products. It's just true. They all have great products that work. Don't ever tell someone when they say they are with another company, that the company they are with doesn't have what it takes to make a great product. Because the person you say that to will automatically know you are not knowledgeable on your facts about their company.
 I have had conversations with people, trying to convince me to move away from the company I am in and join their company. First, I have built a business that is already generating me money, why do I want to lose it so I can just restart? Second, I like my company and have a team in this company that I don't want to tell I'm moving to another company. Who will stay with someone who jumps around from business to business because they don't want to have to start over every time you find something new.
 Or when someone tells me that the company I am with does not use real ingredients and I'm crazy for putting that nasty stuff in my body. That does not make me think, oh my, I am in the wrong place. I best go with their company because they use the right ingredients. It makes me think this person is just trying too hard to convince me that I don't know what I am doing, and I need them to be healthy, or succeed. It just doesn't work. It makes people want to go further and further away from you instead of trusting in you.
 I would always say when talking to another marketer, that their company is great at what they do, as well as mine is great at what it does. You don't have to be in the same company to work with another marketer. I have many marketers I work with closely and we are in different companies. If you are using MLSP, it matters not what company the person is in. You can work together and earn money together without being connected in an MLM company. I highly recommend you to get MLSP  My Lead Systems Pro
 Once a member there, you have all the tools and knowledge you need to make it in the network world of marketing. It will teach you how to lead with MLSP, and find not only members for your primary business, but other marketers in other companies can be on your team. No matter the company (and believe me I know your company is great at what it does) you can join me through MLSP and learn how I use it to make a secondary income as high as my primary business.
 Take this advice and do not be that person who just criticizes every company other than yours. Everyone believes their company is the greatest at making products, and they are right about that if they believe it. Trying to force everyone onto your team will leave you with no team at all. Leading with content and value is what works. If you have the information that someone needs, they will follow you in whatever company you chose. Most of the time the product has little to no effect on what it take to become successful at this game. So don't bash your fellow networker, embrace them instead. Get on MLSP  My Lead Systems Pro and have them as a team member there. Sometimes half of your MLSP team members wind up joining you in your MLM business as well, so it's a great system to be a part of for that alone. If they don't join you, don't call them stupid. If you are calling people stupid for their decision on a primary MLM company, than clearly it is you who are the one who needs to learn. Thanks for reading, and hope this helps you understand more on what it takes to get to the top of your industry!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Using Tweet Adder To Grow Your Business

 I have mentioned tools before in previous blogs. But this time I want to go in to detail on the way I use Tweet Adder to grow my business and find leads.
 Tweet Adder is a tool which scans Twitter's data base and has access to all profiles and tweets. There is so many things you can do with Tweet Adder if you have a Twitter account. If you haven't got a Twitter account yet go get one. Come back here and get Tweet Adder, and then use the tips to grow a following fast, and find the right profiles who are interested in what you have.
 I use Tweet Adder first thing when I start up my computer on a business day. I do what's called a tweet search. I use Twitter to find people involved in MLM who can use a lead generator or who can use more education on marketing. I normally type in the tweet search the name of an MLM company such as Isagenix, 5Linx, Herbalife, etc. When I do a tweet search with the keyword, every tweet in the language I select will be pulled up from the Twitter database. I now have hundreds if not thousands of MLM business owners who could use MLSP. MLSP is a program designed to turn a MLM person into a leader. It teaches everything about MLM and attraction marketing. People who use MLSP in their business learn how to have people come to them instead of the other way around like most do. To learn more on MLSP, go to          My Lead Systems Pro
 Now I have thousands of potential prospects to share MLSP with, I begin to follow them. I can let Tweet Adder begin to follow all the profiles while I work on other things. As people see I am following them, most will follow back creating a peson who now can see my tweets on MLSP, or my primary business. When the person follows me back, I receive an email from which I link to their profile. I find a website for most MLM profiles, link to it, and that's where I find either email or phone number if not both. I now have a person I can call and chat with about MLSP, and see how they are doing with their business.
 All the while I'm on the phone with my new prospect, Tweet Adder is following back anyone who follows me first. It is sending a thank you message of my choice, with whatever link I want to drive traffic to. It also has an auto RSS feed, and even will unfollow someone who isn't following back within the selected time I give them. This is important because you need to keep a level amount of followers and the ones you follow.
 I don't suggest any free twitter auto-pilot tools for many reasons. You see those a lot when you get direct messages. A free auto-pilot will message your followers without you wanting it to driving away your follows. It also will not let you decide what to send, or what tweets it sends. Tweet Adder lets you program the tweets you want to tweet and will even send them when you want them sent while you work. A free tool will promote itself, even at the cost of driving away your following. So I highly recommend you use Tweet Adder to keep a following and have complete control of your twitter profile.
 To order Tweet Adder is simple.
You just download Tweet Adder, and then purchase as many profiles as you want. You can run unlimited profiles with Tweet Adder. Meaning you can have multiple campaigns advertising and growing followings for you all on auto-pilot. Unlimited profiles is the best value, since you receive a registration key and can use it for life. How many profiles and campaigns can you think of to help your business?
 Order Tweet Adder and get a following of thousands fast. Use it to drive traffic to several sites. It is a one time purchase, unlike all other auto-pilots that charge every month. Take a look at Tweet Adder now and use the tip I explained and your business will take off and Twitter will be handled more professionally than you could do it yourself, and it will take only 5 minutes of your day!
Once you have purchased Tweet Adder, you can also become an affiliate with Tweet Adder and receive 50% of all sales, and 10% of all affiliates you refer. Become an affiliate now and join me with sharing how Tweet Adder is the greatest auto-pilot for Twitter.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How Do I Defeat Fear?

 Fear can be the one emotion that destroys more business men and women than any other. Fear keeps you from making the necessary moves you need to make to succeed. What is your fear?
 For most in MLM businesses the fear of rejection can be overwhelming. It keeps them from speaking to people about their business, and making calls when they should. It can easily bring someone down and have them give up at an early stage. As a matter of fact, most MLM owners try to find alternate ways of doing business to try and go around what it is they fear. In most cases it doesn't go as planned.
 Fear of rejection is something a person must learn or they will crash. Rejection is an everyday experience for an MLM owner. They are rejected way more than they are accepted. That's what makes the top earners who they are. They use different ways of thinking. Such as if rejected 4 times before getting accepted for a $100 sale, they look at it as $20 a decision. 5 decisions led to $100. So the rejection isn't accepted by the person; instead it is a decision.
 Many people want to hop into an MLM business yet afraid of what others may say. Will others make fun of them? Will they be attacked by family or friends? Or some are afraid to make the investment to get started. Wondering if they will feel foolish afterwards and lose their money. These are all fears that keep us from being successful, and we all more than likely experienced one of those issues.
 To overcome fear, one must realize what they are really up against. Themselves. The only challenge in MLM is yourself. To make yourself step out of your comfort zone and take control of yourself.
 It doesn't matter how many people reject you, it only matters how you handle it. The ones who reject you over the telephone, do not even know you. They won't even remember you in a couple days. They never take you calling them as a personal attack, so don't be afraid. Have you ever had a salesman or MLM recruiter call you? When telemarketers call, do you want to look up their names and a picture so you can throw darts at them everyday and hold a grudge towards them? NO! So don't sweat what others will think.
 Make yourself understand, that whatever it takes to be successful you will be willing to do. That's why you came here, to become someone. So if it takes calling leads everyday, do it. If it takes just going to a public place and meeting people face to face, do it. If it takes speaking in front of a crowd, do it. Remember that if you are in a situation of fear, and it is a direct cause from your MLM business, than you are on the right path. You are going the way of success. Don't back out and tell yourself you will find another way, just as long as you don't have to do that. Because if you do, you just got off the right path.
 Remind yourself that when you put yourself in situations that may raise fear, than you are doing the right thing. This is what makes a few successful, and most people not. Always think big ideas. Step outside of your comfort zone. Comfort zones are what keep us to ourselves and safe. So there's no room for comfort zones in MLM if you want to be a 7 figure earner. It takes some time, and it takes a lot of work. But you will become fearless in what it takes. Soon you will be able to handle any situation, call any person, speak to any size crowd, and do anything it will take and not feel even the slightest at ease. But you must take the first step and defeat the fear. Once you have overcome the first step, there will be another to be afraid of, but remember you are on the right defeat the fear and keep moving!
 Thanks for reading. I hope you not scared now of what's coming, but excited knowing that you know what you must do. And prepared to do it!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creating The Steps Of Success

 When you get into "work mode", what is it you do first? Do you even have a certain first step? Do you one day open emails first? Or one day do you call a prospect first? Or do you get into a process where you find yourself spending all day on that one thing?
 Whatever you do, if you are not into a step by step process pattern, you may be setting yourself up for slow growth or even failure. So many people come into the home business industry with excitement and determination for success. As soon as they begin, they don't even know what the first step to take is. They tell themselves everyday "I will get busy on something tomorrow". Of course when the time comes, they tell themselves tomorrow again. Have you caught yourself doing just that? Putting it off?
 First thing you do is take action. You need an idea of what it is you want, and a reason why you are doing this. Figuring out those two things alone can be a great first step. Now you decide based on your budget, how you will go about achieving those goals. Most people begin by talking to their warm market or center of influence. Talking to the ones they are comfortable with, and the ones they know well. Sadly, many people will not come out of that area, and may even find it impossible to get anything out of their warm market.
 Before you do anything with talking to anyone, I have a few suggestions to throw out there. First thing I would do is create a professional image for myself. By doing this you would need a new email address that "fits" you and your business. Set yourself up on social media sites with a professional name and look. Have a few basics taken care of, for the reason that you will want to tell your warm market to visit these sites. Also I suggest to spend the first day of your business educating yourself on the products or services you are providing. With those first steps alone, you have already had a very busy business day.
 Now that you are setup and ready to begin prospecting, I suggest you do start with your warm market. You may possibly pull a few people into your business with you. It's always great to have someone you can share ideas with, and do planning together. It would give you a feeling of building a team. But since that is only a selected amount of people, you know that success will be with talking to strangers. You can learn many ways to find strangers and leads through other blogs I posted prior. But finding leads can be impossible without knowing exactly how. I suggest you watch this free video to get more ideas on how you can generate great leads
 If you can rake in new members into your business, the results will be very rewarding. Once you have gotten to a point where you can impress the people in your warm market who said no the first time, you go back to them and just check up on them. They will see that you do have the ability to make a successful business, and want you to lead them to where you are. It will work on a few more in your warm market, but you will never get them all.
 By now, you should be getting many emails to your new address, phone calls occasionally, and it feels like you are open for business. Here is where you need to have steps created, that are followed everyday, like in a repeated pattern. Check emails, make calls, take lunch, make calls, write blog, make calls, email prospects, eat dinner, make calls, check emails, done.
 Those steps do not have to be your exact pattern, but it is to make a point. You need to have your time broken down to where you can fit it all in each day. I begin everyday first by checking the new emails that have came in. I take them seriously and work on them to make sure everyone is contacted back. Second I take hold of the list I made the night before and begin to call my leads. Keeping a very detailed description on every single lead. Next I will spend a decent amount of time on building my social media presence and interacting with new people. Keeping track of each person and looking at everyone as a possibility, some become new leads. Next would be to make sure I work closely with a few team members. Then call all the leads again that I wasn't able to reach the first time. All the while stopping anytime I have a follow up, or a phone call. Once it has became too late to call, I gather a new list of possible prospects for the following day, write a blog, and do research.
 By continuing this pattern, I begin to build one person at a time. Some days each process or step takes longer than the day before. But none the less I make sure every prospect gets called, and some amount of effort is put into my goals of building.
 If you would do the same, or similar, you will begin to see the same results. It is crucial you do not let yourself get caught up in one process and get stuck all day doing it. You always need to stay focused, and make sure you're not reading all the posts on Facebook when you came to only make a post. Keep these tips in mind and you will begin to feel like you are running a real business within a couple weeks. If you need tools to help you do the job, I have a few good ones you may want to see on my website
Have fun and work hard!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What is MLSP?

 I believe if anything has helped me to become a leader in my team, or as a network marketer, it is because of what I learned in MLSP. Within 3 months of becoming a part of it, I shot like a rocket up the line in my company. All because of the valuable lessons, and training I received through MLSP.
 What is MLSP? MLSP is a lead generating, content sharing, networkers dream. It supplies you with several capture pages for you to litter the internet with, gathering up names, emails, and numbers to people who are looking for exactly what you have. And to make it even better, it teaches you how to use those leads to turn them into your recruits in your MLM business. It uses the marketers who are the most high in certain strategies of lead generation to make webinars and teach others the secrets and skills they use to generate those leads. So you get the best information on the topic you are interested in learning about.
 It covers Facebook with Michelle Pescosillido, who has the highest lead generation using Facebook. She can pull anywhere from 50+ leads everyday, and recruit several people into her business in one single day. It covers Twitter training, and LinkedIn for the social media part. It will teach you ways to use article marketing, PPC, SEO, Youtube or video marketing, classifieds, and much more. So if you ever wonder how someone can keep busy all day long with new prospects to talk to about their MLM business, now you know where to go to learn about it yourself.
 After I became a member of MLSP, I was able to work full time from home in only 3 months. That is how powerful this program is. I began as a gold member, and went to mastery as soon as it was available. The different levels have different tools. The higher the level the more features you will be able to use. In mastery, you can build custom capture pages, videos for your team on MLSP, and gain access to a free auto responder. If you use mastery level, you will become a pro in networking fast and learn so much on all the secrets used by the top earners in the MLM world.
 I'll share a few capture pages so you can see for yourself the quality of the program. Here is the top 10 prospecting tricks, one of my more favorites
Just fill out the page and watch it free.
Here is an example of Facebook marketing you may love.
What may be best for you though is to get registered for their weekly Wednesday webinar, where each week they give new topics and info. Attending these will sharpen your skills as a marketer and is absolutely free
Many marketers lead their business with MLSP. They use it to train their downline, and find like minded people who are in MLM. It is possible to have half the people who sign with you in MLSP to want and join you in your primary MLM business. So really what makes it great is you can have a team member who is not even in your downline, or in the same MLM business as you.
 When you join MLSP, it gets much better. It is a great way to make a secondary income. You can if you wish, become an affiliate with them and receive commissions for everyone you introduce it to. On mastery level, you get 100% of all first page sales. Meaning, when someone joins MLSP, they are shown some offers that are extremely valuable at a great discount. There are offers such as buying a coach for a year, a very educated one, and sales can get you up to $2,000 a sale. After that you can receive up to $100 a month in residual income. Plus 50% of all sales made as a member. It is very easy to find willing people who need MLSP. So it very well can become your primary income.
 If you are serious about building a 6 or 7 figure income using MLM, than you need MLSP. You can try it for only $2 for 3 days. It is nothing to lose if you decide to not continue. I know you will continue, I haven't yet had someone not. You can use these awesome tools and training for under $20 a month. So why not try? Will you take $2 and use it for the skills you need to be generating leads of up to 50 a day? Ask yourself " what would 50 leads a day do for me?" I bet the answer is "succeed"
 To get started on learning and using these tools to generate leads simply go to

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ways To Get Leads For Your MLM Business Tip #5

 Did you ever think, that there have been leads all around you and you never knew it? They were sitting right in front of you, and you didn't even write them down. The whole time you were asking yourself  "Where do I go to find a good lead" or "how do the pros find them so easily?" Well let me be the first to inform you of one of my favorite ways. As a matter of fact it could be the best way to find the strong team members who will produce results for you.
 Basically, you just pick up a business card. Or get the info off a relator sign. Or a flier from another MLM ad. They are everywhere. The relator signs of course are in the yards near the road. Has a name and number on it right? Or the business cards that are handed to you or posted on a bulletin board. Many service stations let people place their cards in a selected spot inside or outside the store. You will find tons of good leads there. Fliers are also posted everywhere on bulletin boards and ice machines. If the person is in an MLM business already, you know that is the right mindset for the job... don't be afraid to give them a call!
 When you have gathered the info for the lead, you will want to have a systematic approach to the contact and steps. Such as: Call the lead, tell them where you found their name and number. Ask them if they would be open to a side project, if it doesn't interfere with what they currently do. Or you can ask if they keep their options open to side projects. Somewhere in that vibe is how you would get to the point of the reason for call. I learned that line from a legend in MLM, Ray Higdon.
 Once you drop the line, they more than likely will say one of two things, yes...or what is it? Here is where you pretend to be busy ( of course we hope you are soon ) and tell the prospect that you will send them some information by email. Explain that you have a very short amount of time, and if you begin explaining it could take an hour. One question always leads to another. They will say it's ok to send it. Get there best email address ( Back to tip #4 ) and find out when they will be able to take a look at it. Be sure you make a sense of urgency to get to it quick. This will also give them the impression that you are serious, and may have a need to find the right person fast. Make them feel if they don't get to it fast, they could lose it to another. Once you have them agreeing to view it within 24 hours, ( no later than 48 or you will let them slip away ) be sure you schedule a follow up call with them. Tell them " I'll get back to you at that time and we can go over what you like best about it."
 Now the email you send them needs to be great content. There needs to be a video link so they can see a great presentation of your company. If your company does not have a presentation (most do) than you can probably find a good video on youtube of someone explaining the way your company works and why it's so great. Try not to sound fake however. People always hear why this company is the best in nutrition or weight loss, and then the next company says the same thing. People get tired of hearing just how great it is, and how this was designed by the best doctor and so on. No one really cares about that part, they care about who can show them how to make money mostly. Leave the other for a customer!
 Be sure to follow up. During the follow use great recruiting skills. Remember these are people who didn't ask for another way to make money, so it changes the methods of engagement a little more. I recommend if you want to master every avenue of MLM you need to watch this video on the top 10 prospecting tricks You will also want to opt in to becoming a member with MLSP, and you will learn to be the pro you desire.
 I hope this new skill will help you in becoming a better networker and now you know how to find a lead today. This method is an easy way to find someone to talk to about the business, but takes an extra little touch to do the talking to them. After you have tried a few you will get better. Don't be afraid to try. Every call you make, makes the next call easier. Before you know it you will be a master. I Look forward to the next blog, which will be entirely on MLSP and how it can change you for the better. See for yourself

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ways To Get Leads For Your MLM Buisness Tip #4

 So now you have learned ways to generate leads at no cost, and a way that can be low cost. But buying leads, social media, and blogging is not the end of the road. You must put this tip into action and master it. This can be useful, for some it will become an empire of lead generating.
 It's email. As a matter of fact, when you first begin your business in MLM you must automatically begin creating your list of emails. You need a list and you need to manage it well. Keep bad emails out, and new emails in. You should be able to get several emails everyday for this technique. It is simple to get someone's email.
 First thing I will discuss is how to gather up emails. If you use the paid leads, well there's a lot of email addresses that willingly gave you their email addresses. You can find business cards laying around with emails on them. These people want their email to the public, and their number, so go ahead, take it and put it in your lists. I would. Whenever you speak to someone, get their email and tell them you would like to send them some information on ways to make money using the internet. You also can buy email leads for real low costs. This may actually be a good thing if you have an email that is packed with value.
 There are several ways you will be finding emails and receiving them. Be sure you keep up with everyone and have a list or folder that each email fits in. You don't want to put a interested prospects email in with a blind lead. Or vice versa. Keep them separated in a category, and create each category it's own email.
 You need to get an auto responder that can run your email campaign. Let's face it. Free email addresses can't do fancy emails with all the videos, surveys, colors, and send emails out automatically on time, all in one. Auto responders ( AR ) can simplify the process and make your emails seem much more professional. That's what you want anyway, professional emails. A prospect will seem to believe in you more when they see you are a big successful marketer. And that's exactly what the AR is going to make you appear as.
 Be sure that the emails catch or grab the person's interest. Use content, value, and maybe throw in a contest, survey, or something to get the person involved. If you get them involved in your email campaigns, people don't direct you to spam or delete your emails. The creation and content of the email is very crucial to pull this off. That is why an AR is needed if you are going to take email campaigns seriously.
 I suggest that you use AWeber. It is extremely more professional than most ARs and is much less in price. You can also become an affiliate with AWeber, so that is even more reason to use them. That is why you became a marketer. All successful marketers have multiple streams of income. Multiple. You will hear me say that a lot.
 Bottom line is that email marketing has been the one of the oldest if not the oldest form of marketing used for internet. The strange thing is that many companies still use this as a powerful way to generate revenue, and it hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. However you must take in consideration the tips I shared, keep content and value to your emails. Use engaging type material such as surveys, videos, contests, giveaways, etc. Keep each contact in its appropriate folder. Of course, last but not least, use an AR that is professional and can make you look like a rockstar of marketing
 Hope this helps and has caused you to consider using email as a source to generate prospects. Remember that an email is already a lead. But, emails can bring out the leads that are ready and willing to be customers or business partners; without having to call them or prospect them to find out! Until next time, work hard!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ways To Get Leads For Your MLM Business Tip #3

 So paid leads, of course is a definite. Then social media with some hard work is a way to get good quality leads. So now I will write about the third way and like social media, generates quality leads. It is blogging. Just the exact thing I am doing right now. It works. It works well. As a matter of fact it has a great advantage over most every other lead source available. Once it's online it stays online forever.
 If you are thinking that you have nothing important to write about, your wrong. If you think you have no value to share, or good content to express, your wrong again. Everyone has something to give value on. It can be a blog on a book you wrote. A blog about how you handled a prospect, in some weird situation. Everyone can contribute some sort of good value and content. You just have to dig deep inside and find it.
 Once you realize you have several topics and lots of great content to share with the world you are ready to begin blogging. Find a site that can assist you with a blog. I use Google as you can tell. It is a free site, and has everything I possibly need to operate a blog. I don't need any high cost blog just yet, because I simply just don't need it. If you wish to use a paid blog site, there's nothing wrong with that either. You only need to be able to write a blog, and the most important part is taken care of.
 Once you have found a good site to write a blog on, it's time to begin blogging on it. Depending on the MLM business you are in may determine a lot on what topics you will discuss. You may want to blog on a specific product, or about the opportunity. Whatever it is, just make sure you put it in your own words, and show your personality through it. People can almost get to know you through your blog alone. Which also makes you into a leader, someone people will want to do business with. Someone who may possibly take them far in the business with you as their coach. There are many advantages about blogging, and a great example of blogging is a man mentored me. He has written blogs years, and gets about 30 leads or more everyday and makes affiliate sales on blogs he wrote years ago.
 The reason is because the content will stay published online forever and ever. As long as people are searching for the content you provide than a blog you write today can make you a lead or a sale in a year from today. Blogging is also great to get your opinion, ideas, and even get your product online for someone to read about. With what I have just explained alone is a reason to be blogging. Don't let yourself be your worst enemy and talk you out of it. You need it, and if you are a new marketer, you can do it free.
 Have fun with blogging, and make sure you get great value and content online. If you can help someone with a problem they are facing, or give advice to someone, they will thank you and follow you. Sometimes things that seem so easy or understandable to you, may be exactly what your reader or subscriber is looking for.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ways To Get Leads For Your MLM Business Tip #2

 So you need more than just one way to get leads right? I explained some on the ups and downs of paid leads. They are good to keep business moving, but you must focus on generating the leads yourself. When you have mastered lead generation you begin saving money from not having to buy leads, and when you generate them yourself the quality of the lead is much better.
 I want to focus on social media. Social media is a leader on the internet when it comes to traffic. There is a ton of traffic on the social media sites, so you need to take advantage of this and turn the traffic into leads. Leads are what matter. Remember that you can have traffic all day long, and does no good without converting the traffic into leads.
 Now Facebook is the largest of all the social media sites. You need to master it by creating a fanpage, or business page to brand yourself as a leader. Facebook offers PPC ( pay per click) and post promotions. You can set a daily budget as low as $5 and you will not pay over that amount. This can help bring in leads very fast if used correctly. You do not however, want to use a personal page to try and make sales all day with hundreds of posts. This can drive your friends into blocking you. If you want to learn from the most successful person using facebook, watch this video on Facebook lead generation
 Twitter is behind Facebook in members and is a excellent way to drive traffic to your site of choice. Twitter has been the most powerful for me personally, and should not be disregarded. On Twitter you send out "tweets" which are phrases usually a sentence or two long. Make sure your tweets have value or good content and people will interact with your tweets. A large following on Twitter is important. Only those who follow can read your tweets so build a large following. Twitter must be a consistent habit and use the right steps on every follower. First you want to direct message your followers and leave a thank you, and a link to what it is you are wanting them to take a look at. Don't over message people, Twitter is not like Facebook, most followers aren't friends. After messaging them, follow back and they mostly will appreciate that. Make sure you post at least 20 to 30 tweets a day that contain good content and value. Of course this much attention can take much of your time away and take hours a day to maintain. However it still is important you keep it maintained. The perfect way to run a successful twitter campaign is to use an automation tool. The best tool for Twitter by far is This can have you running multiple Twitter profiles all on auto pilot saving you the time. It does all the work, follows, follows back, messages, tweets, and much more. It is a must for any serious marketer. Also here is a great training video on how to use Twitter like a professional marketer should
 LinkedIn is another site you must be a member in if you are going to take your career seriously. LinkedIn is the "white collar" social media site, and it's basically putting a resume on public view. When you become a member of LinkedIn you must keep in mind a few details that will make it much easier to get connections. You must use a photo on LinkedIn. Make the photo a business style or your most professional looking picture. You don't want a pic of you getting drunk or hanging with friends for this site. People do read your profile. So the profile needs to be as professional as possible. If you want to make the most out of LinkedIn you need to register with the MLSP which is the greatest training you will find as a marketer. To look into MLSP simply visit
 Google+ is a fast growing social media site that should be looked into. What's great about Google+ is you can do just as I am writing blogs and sharing it directly on Google+. They are connected in many ways and are a great tool to reach people who you have interests in.
 Pinterest is another hot growing site. It is a pin board where you can pin ideas and pictures. It is mostly a woman followed site, so be sure you put a feminine touch to it! You can repin other peoples pins, follow the ones you like, and make several pinboards. Some people are finding huge success in Pinterest so don't overlook it or think it can't help.
 Instagram is a site that focuses on pictures. It is a visual site. It too works very similar to the other social media sites, with it's own special touch. I'm sure it will be a very popular site soon, so get on it soon and be a master at it.
 Of course there is the video social media of Youtube. This can be an extremely strong way to generate leads. It's video marketing, and video marketing gets you noticed fast. It also helps the viewer sort of "get to know you" and builds a trust in your viewer. If you master video marketing you will see hundreds of leads a week. So that is something to consider. Here is a video to help you master video marketing much faster
 There are a ton of social media sites you can become a member at and use to generate leads and drive traffic to your websites. Be sure you take one at a time and get the hang of it before jumping into another. Take one technique in lead generation, and get to where you get a few leads everyday before adding a new technique to it. Social media is a great tool to use, and what makes it even better is that it is free. Another great place for a beginner to begin at in lead generation.
 Be sure you get well educated on working each individual site. If you are looking to create a 6 or 7 figure career in network marketing you must be well educated in the industry. I highly recommend you watch the videos from the links I supplied. You will get much value from it, and learn skills that can turn your business into what you have dreamed of! Work hard, smart, and have fun with it. You will get stressed out here and there, but that will happen to us all.
 These were just a few of the top sites on the internet. If you decide to look into others it's fine, just make sure you can fit your business into it. If you want more in depth details of working social media look into This will sharpen your recruiting skills, lead generation skills, and make you a master of every social media site, SEO, keyword research, and prospecting. No MLM business owner should be without the knowledge MLSP brings.
 Look forward to tip #3 which will be on blogging! See you tomorrow!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ways To Get Leads For Your MLM Business Tip #1

 Leads are the backbone of all MLM businesses. I will discuss the methods I use and have used in the past, to tell you which ones worked and the ones to stay away from. When I joined my first MLM I was put into a network where you were taught a one way system and was never taught anything outside of their designed system. Which led me to go out and explore my own ways, and some I learned the hard way.
 The topic I want to examine first is paid leads. Why paid leads? Anyone can get paid leads. There are many companies that will sale leads to you. And many companies that will sale the same leads you bought to me too!
 What is a paid lead? A paid lead is where you buy the information of a person who usually has opted into a capture page set out by the lead company. Paid leads can vary with what information that comes with the lead. The more information you can get on a lead is better. Name, number, email, address, city, state, etc. There are usually packages you can buy that vary with certain details. Such as email leads, which are the least expensive. It's only an email address and more than likely a name too. You can these by the thousands and are great if you have an auto-responder.
 Now you know the idea of what a paid lead is, let's first look at the down side of leads. Like I mentioned more than one person has bought the name and the lead may receive several calls from many other MLM or business opportunities. Meaning the lead can be burned out before you even get them on the phone. The lead can also be given an incentive to fill the capture page out. So they may not even care or want to have a home business, just the money for becoming a lead. Be sure when you look for leads to buy online you keep up with how the leads respond and the ratio of what percentage are actually interested. This may be the sign of never purchasing from the same company again.
 However the up side of paid leads are worth mentioning. It is great prospect practice, and it is a way to get your business moving instead of waiting on a new family member to ask. You can make a conversion off of a paid lead.
 The ratio of paid leads should be around 3-5% if you are doing it well. If you can get at least those results, you are not doing that bad. You need to consider how much you paid for them, and how much your return is. Not all lead companies are good. Many care nothing if you get a return or not. So do a lot of research if you decide to use this method.
 I have known many marketers who use only paid leads and have become very successful with them. They are not afraid of rejection, and paid leads will be mostly rejections. Remember you are just scouting through the contacts and looking for the right people. Many will not be the right one.
 You need to have a routine with paid leads. You first should call the leads. Make a note if this number is a cell phone or a landline. It's easy to tell by the answering service, and you will get a lot of those! Be sure you have a good message to leave the prospect. Some will call back, most won't. If your message sounds unprofessional, don't expect any of them to call you back. After you have called and left messages, next you need to send a text message to all the cell numbers that were on the list. This will get a few responses back as well. Many people will never answer the phone, but will reply to a text. Afterwards be sure a nice email loaded with value and content is sent to all the leads. Video inside the email is great, and be sure there is a link to a presentation or a site that the prospect can get the right information from.
 You need to call the leads again who did not respond to any form of communication. You will begin to locate more and more of them. Be sure you call them with your number showing on caller ID and with it blocked. Make a goal to call the leads a few times each day until you reach them or until it has became a dead end. If you get any disconnected numbers be sure to keep all the information on the lead (email, address, phone, etc) and quickly have the lead replaced if the seller has agreed to replace bad leads. If the lead seller has replaced it, you still have the info to keep searching the lead.You can search online for a new number to reach the prospect at. Usually or other phone related sites can be used to locate a correct number on the lead. That is where all the address information can come in handy.
 Pursue the leads with aggression. Do not be afraid, and have your material created before you purchase the leads. Have a message that makes them call back, an email that excites them, and be sure you make them see that you can be a mentor who they can believe in.
 Paid leads take more time than generated leads. But when you are new to the game it can be a way to find a few recruits, all the while you are building your presence online. When your new you more than likely have more time than money, so it is an option to consider.
 I have only used a couple of lead companies. National Leads has been the company of my choice. I can buy leads that are interviewed prior to me calling, and they have great deals often where you can double your order for same price. They have many affordable leads and many different styles such as female only, weight loss, surveyed, local, etc.
 When you begin to generate your own leads you may not want to spend time with paid leads. There are no promises when buying paid leads. Just remember if you can pull 3-5% you aren't doing bad at all. If you do higher than it would be only wise to keep buying from the same company. Have fun with it, and stay consistent. Have a routine like I explained, and don't fall out. Hope this helped if you were already looking at buying leads or if you are new. Thanks for reading.

Friday, May 3, 2013

How Do I Build A Network Business On A Tight Budget?

 If you are low on money or have no money, that doesn't mean you can't grow a business. As a matter of fact, I have seen many times those who are broke do better. People who have plenty of money may operate a MLM business as a hobby and not a business. Of course the one who needs it the most will have the most hunger.
 The way to grow a business on a low budget or flat broke is quick, hard work. Use what is free, your mouth. Tell everyone you meet, and remember a few things when you speak to prospects. Always ask everyone if they know someone else who may be good for the job. A referral. Never leave a conversation without getting or trying to get a referral. You need to find ways to reach a large amount of people on the least amount of money possible. That is always great to grow a business and make more profit.
 Flyers are not the greatest way to advertise. However they can be very strong if done correctly. If you make them with great value to them, and have a message people can relate to, they will work. A key to making flyers become worth it is to put a symbol or a logo of your own in clear view on the flyer. Something they will see and remember. The reason for that is so when they see your flyer again in another town, they will connect it to the last place they saw it. You need flyers to be everywhere, on everything. Also use the same message that is on the flyer, on a business card and you can get the message of your business out even more. It will not work if you put out just a few in one town or city. When I say they need to be everywhere I mean by the tens of thousands.
 Once people have seen your message in every town and city they begin to see you are a giant. Just that way alone helps a lot. You may notice when you speak to a stranger about the business, they will quickly say they know who you are because they seen your flyer. I've had that experience a few times.
 So now you are talking to people, hanging flyers, still have not invested a large amount of money yet. So where do you go to find new people to present the business to? Some ideas would be places of public service. Fire stations, Police stations, court houses, etc. Possibly malls and strip malls can be a great place to leave business cards and interact with new faces.
 Events are a serious opportunity to find and grow your business. To attend an event and have a booth may be out of your budget. But if it is not than that is where you should put the money you have. If you can't operate a booth for the event, attend it anyway. It can be a great place to pick up new prospects and pass out business cards. Keep an eye for booths that are other network marketers. If you see one that has a network marketer like you, watch for the people who are interested in the booth. When they leave, approach them and talk with them about yours. They may like your product better, or see you as a better leader.
 Anywhere you go and anyone you speak with be sure to grab their business card too. Handing yours out may be good, but getting theirs is great. You can later give them a call and have them take a look at your presentation. Be sure your presentation is in a video format, with a link that you can email the prospect. It's important that you do not go too far into the opportunity about your business. Just get them to agree to watch the video, and follow up with them.
 Social Media is a great way as well. Learn how to use every site and work as many as you possibly can. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. These can work well when you master them.
 Let's not forget home parties. Some people become great with these. Always when having a party be sure you don't end the party without having another party booked. It can become a great way with expanding your business, and people having a great time will only help ease them into deciding to join you.
 Anyone who is serious about learning more about networking should consider becoming a member of MLSP. It is the greatest way to learn the ropes from the ones who have mastered it themselves. They have great webinars on different topics nearly everyday. It will expand your knowledge and help you grow as a master in networking. It will teach you about lead generation, and all the topics I discussed. If you have a constant flow of leads than you will succeed in this business. You will learn detailed information an each social media site, prospecting tricks, how to generate leads online and offline, and much more. If you are dead serious about getting somewhere I highly recommend you watch this video and become a member.
 Whatever you do in your business is up to you. Be sure you study the industry and learn the ups and downs of it. When it is not possible to be generating leads or working leads, you need to be learning more about how to grow. There is a lot of work ahead of you if you are new. It can be fun for sure, and a learning experience. Have fun with it, and check into the link above and see for yourself how it can change your life completely!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do I Have To Be A Salesman?

 How many times have you heard these phrases when talking to a prospect about your business?.. " Well I can't sale anything... Do I have to talk to people?... I'm not a salesman... is this a pyramid scheme?.... Do I have to buy anything to work?... I don't have any money".... and of course there's more but those are some of the top remarks that all MLM people here. Those are the remarks that can destroy a persons dreams they had when they first joined the business. Or were you that person who asked those questions because you were afraid, or hoping that there would be little work involved?
 Point being, you must be a salesman to make it in MLM. Let's face it, you are "selling" a product, and a big part of it is selling you. Instead of thinking you can never get anywhere because you don't contain the knowledge of how to be a salesman, or saleswoman, than why not learn? It's simple. Just learn the skills you need to succeed. No matter what profession you get yourself into, you must learn the skills of the trade right? So learn to be what it takes and become a great sales person.
 Selling the product is really a small part of the business. Selling yourself as a leader is even more important. Most people don't even look at what the product is they must sell, they look at who is the person that's going to show them the way to the top of the industry.
 You joined an MLM to be successful right? So learn what it takes. It's no different than any other trade, you learn the methods and skills it takes. Being a master of knowledge with the product you have is a great tip on being good at selling the product. Learn every detail about the product, such as it's history, how it's made, made from, and facts that can make a person see it as a need rather than a want. You can never know too much about what you are selling.
 More tips on making yourself a good salesman is your character. Make yourself fit the role. Look the role. Talk the role. Find your target audience. There is a certain type person who is perfect for the product you sell. They need it or want it. Don't sell ketchup to a tomato. Sell ice water in the desert. Those are very crucial in being a great sales leader. You need to speak with authority, and when people hear you talk they need to feel the confidence you have. If you don't have confidence than you must learn how to get it. Being knowledgeable about your product is a great way to gain confidence.
 People will try to slam you indeed when there are witnesses around. If you are a rookie, you may want to try it one on one at first until the confidence builds up. If you ever get faced with the smart elect when in a group of people, be sure you don't show offense to his remarks. Act like it's nothing to be offended by. Just make a remark back, and keep on. Don't tuck your tail and run.
 Selling yourself is the greatest way to achieve success in MLM. When you grow a team of thousands you won't have a problem recruiting anymore, but right now, you need to get some people. The greatest way I personally believe, is you do start with friends and family. You may actually get one or two to join you. Maybe some can be just a customer if not a business partner. The rest may laugh and say your wasting your time, but you will be back to ask again when the money is looking great!
 Strangers are the best way to get your business moving. They don't know your past. They don't know you, so if you carry yourself correctly, they can believe you have already made it. They are easier to get onboard indeed than a family member. So why do most people not even approach a stranger? Because they believe they are not salesmen. Don't be that person. This is a business of talking to new people everyday. You need to talk to new faces daily, and you will see a quick rise in your business.
 So my basic point is don't let your opinion of yourself destroy you. Change your opinion about yourself and learn. And learn how to respond when people asks the questions you read at the beginning of this blog. That is another topic of it's own! Have fun with your business. And keep learning, keep talking, and keep thinking positive and you will make it for sure.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mind Games

 Your mind can be your best friend, or it can be your worst enemy. It tells you how to live, what way to view things, can even lie to you and make you believe it.  It is the most important part of being the person you desire to be. If you let it, it can also be what keeps you from reaching your desired goals.
 In my industry of network marketing, the mindset we are taught, is what makes one person succeed and the other person fail. If you keep a positive mind and outlook nothing can stop your success. That is just the way it is, and is completely true. Positive thinkers achieve way more success than those who give up when a challenge is brought to them. Sometimes things seem overwhelming and impossible to beat. So do you give up? Do you believe there is no way because of the problem? Or do you control your mindset and figure out a way to go around the problem and achieve what you originally planned on?
 Those who have a positive mindset can do anything and accomplish anything. They believe it is meant to be and will stop at nothing to get it. While those who let mind games destroy their focus find themselves back in depression and believing they can do nothing to change their lives.
 Don't let thoughts of rejection or comments and insults bring you down. Don't listen or even consider those comments as possible or true. Once you begin to believe the insults, or believe everyone will reject you, your confidence begins to crumble. That is mind games at it's worse.
 Instead, try what I do. And believe me I have heard my share of ugly comments. I use those as a tool for more desire, or more of the fire that is inside of a person when they want to achieve a goal. It gives me a reason even more to wake up early and go to bed late, and work every second of the day. Just so I can put those words back into the mouths of those who used them to stop me.
 So the secret is out of the bag. If you think in your mind and truly believe that you will make it to where it is you want to go, your already heading there. You just now need to see it. When you have a positive mind and outlook on things, it begins to attract everything into your life that is positive. The people who you meet will be the ones you need. You are already on your way there. So keep moving ahead and working harder, and remember the most important part...don't let the mind games send you the wrong way!