Friday, May 3, 2013

How Do I Build A Network Business On A Tight Budget?

 If you are low on money or have no money, that doesn't mean you can't grow a business. As a matter of fact, I have seen many times those who are broke do better. People who have plenty of money may operate a MLM business as a hobby and not a business. Of course the one who needs it the most will have the most hunger.
 The way to grow a business on a low budget or flat broke is quick, hard work. Use what is free, your mouth. Tell everyone you meet, and remember a few things when you speak to prospects. Always ask everyone if they know someone else who may be good for the job. A referral. Never leave a conversation without getting or trying to get a referral. You need to find ways to reach a large amount of people on the least amount of money possible. That is always great to grow a business and make more profit.
 Flyers are not the greatest way to advertise. However they can be very strong if done correctly. If you make them with great value to them, and have a message people can relate to, they will work. A key to making flyers become worth it is to put a symbol or a logo of your own in clear view on the flyer. Something they will see and remember. The reason for that is so when they see your flyer again in another town, they will connect it to the last place they saw it. You need flyers to be everywhere, on everything. Also use the same message that is on the flyer, on a business card and you can get the message of your business out even more. It will not work if you put out just a few in one town or city. When I say they need to be everywhere I mean by the tens of thousands.
 Once people have seen your message in every town and city they begin to see you are a giant. Just that way alone helps a lot. You may notice when you speak to a stranger about the business, they will quickly say they know who you are because they seen your flyer. I've had that experience a few times.
 So now you are talking to people, hanging flyers, still have not invested a large amount of money yet. So where do you go to find new people to present the business to? Some ideas would be places of public service. Fire stations, Police stations, court houses, etc. Possibly malls and strip malls can be a great place to leave business cards and interact with new faces.
 Events are a serious opportunity to find and grow your business. To attend an event and have a booth may be out of your budget. But if it is not than that is where you should put the money you have. If you can't operate a booth for the event, attend it anyway. It can be a great place to pick up new prospects and pass out business cards. Keep an eye for booths that are other network marketers. If you see one that has a network marketer like you, watch for the people who are interested in the booth. When they leave, approach them and talk with them about yours. They may like your product better, or see you as a better leader.
 Anywhere you go and anyone you speak with be sure to grab their business card too. Handing yours out may be good, but getting theirs is great. You can later give them a call and have them take a look at your presentation. Be sure your presentation is in a video format, with a link that you can email the prospect. It's important that you do not go too far into the opportunity about your business. Just get them to agree to watch the video, and follow up with them.
 Social Media is a great way as well. Learn how to use every site and work as many as you possibly can. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. These can work well when you master them.
 Let's not forget home parties. Some people become great with these. Always when having a party be sure you don't end the party without having another party booked. It can become a great way with expanding your business, and people having a great time will only help ease them into deciding to join you.
 Anyone who is serious about learning more about networking should consider becoming a member of MLSP. It is the greatest way to learn the ropes from the ones who have mastered it themselves. They have great webinars on different topics nearly everyday. It will expand your knowledge and help you grow as a master in networking. It will teach you about lead generation, and all the topics I discussed. If you have a constant flow of leads than you will succeed in this business. You will learn detailed information an each social media site, prospecting tricks, how to generate leads online and offline, and much more. If you are dead serious about getting somewhere I highly recommend you watch this video and become a member.
 Whatever you do in your business is up to you. Be sure you study the industry and learn the ups and downs of it. When it is not possible to be generating leads or working leads, you need to be learning more about how to grow. There is a lot of work ahead of you if you are new. It can be fun for sure, and a learning experience. Have fun with it, and check into the link above and see for yourself how it can change your life completely!