Monday, May 6, 2013

Ways To Get Leads For Your MLM Business Tip #3

 So paid leads, of course is a definite. Then social media with some hard work is a way to get good quality leads. So now I will write about the third way and like social media, generates quality leads. It is blogging. Just the exact thing I am doing right now. It works. It works well. As a matter of fact it has a great advantage over most every other lead source available. Once it's online it stays online forever.
 If you are thinking that you have nothing important to write about, your wrong. If you think you have no value to share, or good content to express, your wrong again. Everyone has something to give value on. It can be a blog on a book you wrote. A blog about how you handled a prospect, in some weird situation. Everyone can contribute some sort of good value and content. You just have to dig deep inside and find it.
 Once you realize you have several topics and lots of great content to share with the world you are ready to begin blogging. Find a site that can assist you with a blog. I use Google as you can tell. It is a free site, and has everything I possibly need to operate a blog. I don't need any high cost blog just yet, because I simply just don't need it. If you wish to use a paid blog site, there's nothing wrong with that either. You only need to be able to write a blog, and the most important part is taken care of.
 Once you have found a good site to write a blog on, it's time to begin blogging on it. Depending on the MLM business you are in may determine a lot on what topics you will discuss. You may want to blog on a specific product, or about the opportunity. Whatever it is, just make sure you put it in your own words, and show your personality through it. People can almost get to know you through your blog alone. Which also makes you into a leader, someone people will want to do business with. Someone who may possibly take them far in the business with you as their coach. There are many advantages about blogging, and a great example of blogging is a man mentored me. He has written blogs years, and gets about 30 leads or more everyday and makes affiliate sales on blogs he wrote years ago.
 The reason is because the content will stay published online forever and ever. As long as people are searching for the content you provide than a blog you write today can make you a lead or a sale in a year from today. Blogging is also great to get your opinion, ideas, and even get your product online for someone to read about. With what I have just explained alone is a reason to be blogging. Don't let yourself be your worst enemy and talk you out of it. You need it, and if you are a new marketer, you can do it free.
 Have fun with blogging, and make sure you get great value and content online. If you can help someone with a problem they are facing, or give advice to someone, they will thank you and follow you. Sometimes things that seem so easy or understandable to you, may be exactly what your reader or subscriber is looking for.