Friday, May 17, 2013

Using Tweet Adder To Grow Your Business

 I have mentioned tools before in previous blogs. But this time I want to go in to detail on the way I use Tweet Adder to grow my business and find leads.
 Tweet Adder is a tool which scans Twitter's data base and has access to all profiles and tweets. There is so many things you can do with Tweet Adder if you have a Twitter account. If you haven't got a Twitter account yet go get one. Come back here and get Tweet Adder, and then use the tips to grow a following fast, and find the right profiles who are interested in what you have.
 I use Tweet Adder first thing when I start up my computer on a business day. I do what's called a tweet search. I use Twitter to find people involved in MLM who can use a lead generator or who can use more education on marketing. I normally type in the tweet search the name of an MLM company such as Isagenix, 5Linx, Herbalife, etc. When I do a tweet search with the keyword, every tweet in the language I select will be pulled up from the Twitter database. I now have hundreds if not thousands of MLM business owners who could use MLSP. MLSP is a program designed to turn a MLM person into a leader. It teaches everything about MLM and attraction marketing. People who use MLSP in their business learn how to have people come to them instead of the other way around like most do. To learn more on MLSP, go to          My Lead Systems Pro
 Now I have thousands of potential prospects to share MLSP with, I begin to follow them. I can let Tweet Adder begin to follow all the profiles while I work on other things. As people see I am following them, most will follow back creating a peson who now can see my tweets on MLSP, or my primary business. When the person follows me back, I receive an email from which I link to their profile. I find a website for most MLM profiles, link to it, and that's where I find either email or phone number if not both. I now have a person I can call and chat with about MLSP, and see how they are doing with their business.
 All the while I'm on the phone with my new prospect, Tweet Adder is following back anyone who follows me first. It is sending a thank you message of my choice, with whatever link I want to drive traffic to. It also has an auto RSS feed, and even will unfollow someone who isn't following back within the selected time I give them. This is important because you need to keep a level amount of followers and the ones you follow.
 I don't suggest any free twitter auto-pilot tools for many reasons. You see those a lot when you get direct messages. A free auto-pilot will message your followers without you wanting it to driving away your follows. It also will not let you decide what to send, or what tweets it sends. Tweet Adder lets you program the tweets you want to tweet and will even send them when you want them sent while you work. A free tool will promote itself, even at the cost of driving away your following. So I highly recommend you use Tweet Adder to keep a following and have complete control of your twitter profile.
 To order Tweet Adder is simple.
You just download Tweet Adder, and then purchase as many profiles as you want. You can run unlimited profiles with Tweet Adder. Meaning you can have multiple campaigns advertising and growing followings for you all on auto-pilot. Unlimited profiles is the best value, since you receive a registration key and can use it for life. How many profiles and campaigns can you think of to help your business?
 Order Tweet Adder and get a following of thousands fast. Use it to drive traffic to several sites. It is a one time purchase, unlike all other auto-pilots that charge every month. Take a look at Tweet Adder now and use the tip I explained and your business will take off and Twitter will be handled more professionally than you could do it yourself, and it will take only 5 minutes of your day!
Once you have purchased Tweet Adder, you can also become an affiliate with Tweet Adder and receive 50% of all sales, and 10% of all affiliates you refer. Become an affiliate now and join me with sharing how Tweet Adder is the greatest auto-pilot for Twitter.