Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ways To Get Leads For Your MLM Business Tip #1

 Leads are the backbone of all MLM businesses. I will discuss the methods I use and have used in the past, to tell you which ones worked and the ones to stay away from. When I joined my first MLM I was put into a network where you were taught a one way system and was never taught anything outside of their designed system. Which led me to go out and explore my own ways, and some I learned the hard way.
 The topic I want to examine first is paid leads. Why paid leads? Anyone can get paid leads. There are many companies that will sale leads to you. And many companies that will sale the same leads you bought to me too!
 What is a paid lead? A paid lead is where you buy the information of a person who usually has opted into a capture page set out by the lead company. Paid leads can vary with what information that comes with the lead. The more information you can get on a lead is better. Name, number, email, address, city, state, etc. There are usually packages you can buy that vary with certain details. Such as email leads, which are the least expensive. It's only an email address and more than likely a name too. You can these by the thousands and are great if you have an auto-responder.
 Now you know the idea of what a paid lead is, let's first look at the down side of leads. Like I mentioned more than one person has bought the name and the lead may receive several calls from many other MLM or business opportunities. Meaning the lead can be burned out before you even get them on the phone. The lead can also be given an incentive to fill the capture page out. So they may not even care or want to have a home business, just the money for becoming a lead. Be sure when you look for leads to buy online you keep up with how the leads respond and the ratio of what percentage are actually interested. This may be the sign of never purchasing from the same company again.
 However the up side of paid leads are worth mentioning. It is great prospect practice, and it is a way to get your business moving instead of waiting on a new family member to ask. You can make a conversion off of a paid lead.
 The ratio of paid leads should be around 3-5% if you are doing it well. If you can get at least those results, you are not doing that bad. You need to consider how much you paid for them, and how much your return is. Not all lead companies are good. Many care nothing if you get a return or not. So do a lot of research if you decide to use this method.
 I have known many marketers who use only paid leads and have become very successful with them. They are not afraid of rejection, and paid leads will be mostly rejections. Remember you are just scouting through the contacts and looking for the right people. Many will not be the right one.
 You need to have a routine with paid leads. You first should call the leads. Make a note if this number is a cell phone or a landline. It's easy to tell by the answering service, and you will get a lot of those! Be sure you have a good message to leave the prospect. Some will call back, most won't. If your message sounds unprofessional, don't expect any of them to call you back. After you have called and left messages, next you need to send a text message to all the cell numbers that were on the list. This will get a few responses back as well. Many people will never answer the phone, but will reply to a text. Afterwards be sure a nice email loaded with value and content is sent to all the leads. Video inside the email is great, and be sure there is a link to a presentation or a site that the prospect can get the right information from.
 You need to call the leads again who did not respond to any form of communication. You will begin to locate more and more of them. Be sure you call them with your number showing on caller ID and with it blocked. Make a goal to call the leads a few times each day until you reach them or until it has became a dead end. If you get any disconnected numbers be sure to keep all the information on the lead (email, address, phone, etc) and quickly have the lead replaced if the seller has agreed to replace bad leads. If the lead seller has replaced it, you still have the info to keep searching the lead.You can search online for a new number to reach the prospect at. Usually or other phone related sites can be used to locate a correct number on the lead. That is where all the address information can come in handy.
 Pursue the leads with aggression. Do not be afraid, and have your material created before you purchase the leads. Have a message that makes them call back, an email that excites them, and be sure you make them see that you can be a mentor who they can believe in.
 Paid leads take more time than generated leads. But when you are new to the game it can be a way to find a few recruits, all the while you are building your presence online. When your new you more than likely have more time than money, so it is an option to consider.
 I have only used a couple of lead companies. National Leads has been the company of my choice. I can buy leads that are interviewed prior to me calling, and they have great deals often where you can double your order for same price. They have many affordable leads and many different styles such as female only, weight loss, surveyed, local, etc.
 When you begin to generate your own leads you may not want to spend time with paid leads. There are no promises when buying paid leads. Just remember if you can pull 3-5% you aren't doing bad at all. If you do higher than it would be only wise to keep buying from the same company. Have fun with it, and stay consistent. Have a routine like I explained, and don't fall out. Hope this helped if you were already looking at buying leads or if you are new. Thanks for reading.