Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creating The Steps Of Success

 When you get into "work mode", what is it you do first? Do you even have a certain first step? Do you one day open emails first? Or one day do you call a prospect first? Or do you get into a process where you find yourself spending all day on that one thing?
 Whatever you do, if you are not into a step by step process pattern, you may be setting yourself up for slow growth or even failure. So many people come into the home business industry with excitement and determination for success. As soon as they begin, they don't even know what the first step to take is. They tell themselves everyday "I will get busy on something tomorrow". Of course when the time comes, they tell themselves tomorrow again. Have you caught yourself doing just that? Putting it off?
 First thing you do is take action. You need an idea of what it is you want, and a reason why you are doing this. Figuring out those two things alone can be a great first step. Now you decide based on your budget, how you will go about achieving those goals. Most people begin by talking to their warm market or center of influence. Talking to the ones they are comfortable with, and the ones they know well. Sadly, many people will not come out of that area, and may even find it impossible to get anything out of their warm market.
 Before you do anything with talking to anyone, I have a few suggestions to throw out there. First thing I would do is create a professional image for myself. By doing this you would need a new email address that "fits" you and your business. Set yourself up on social media sites with a professional name and look. Have a few basics taken care of, for the reason that you will want to tell your warm market to visit these sites. Also I suggest to spend the first day of your business educating yourself on the products or services you are providing. With those first steps alone, you have already had a very busy business day.
 Now that you are setup and ready to begin prospecting, I suggest you do start with your warm market. You may possibly pull a few people into your business with you. It's always great to have someone you can share ideas with, and do planning together. It would give you a feeling of building a team. But since that is only a selected amount of people, you know that success will be with talking to strangers. You can learn many ways to find strangers and leads through other blogs I posted prior. But finding leads can be impossible without knowing exactly how. I suggest you watch this free video to get more ideas on how you can generate great leads
 If you can rake in new members into your business, the results will be very rewarding. Once you have gotten to a point where you can impress the people in your warm market who said no the first time, you go back to them and just check up on them. They will see that you do have the ability to make a successful business, and want you to lead them to where you are. It will work on a few more in your warm market, but you will never get them all.
 By now, you should be getting many emails to your new address, phone calls occasionally, and it feels like you are open for business. Here is where you need to have steps created, that are followed everyday, like in a repeated pattern. Check emails, make calls, take lunch, make calls, write blog, make calls, email prospects, eat dinner, make calls, check emails, done.
 Those steps do not have to be your exact pattern, but it is to make a point. You need to have your time broken down to where you can fit it all in each day. I begin everyday first by checking the new emails that have came in. I take them seriously and work on them to make sure everyone is contacted back. Second I take hold of the list I made the night before and begin to call my leads. Keeping a very detailed description on every single lead. Next I will spend a decent amount of time on building my social media presence and interacting with new people. Keeping track of each person and looking at everyone as a possibility, some become new leads. Next would be to make sure I work closely with a few team members. Then call all the leads again that I wasn't able to reach the first time. All the while stopping anytime I have a follow up, or a phone call. Once it has became too late to call, I gather a new list of possible prospects for the following day, write a blog, and do research.
 By continuing this pattern, I begin to build one person at a time. Some days each process or step takes longer than the day before. But none the less I make sure every prospect gets called, and some amount of effort is put into my goals of building.
 If you would do the same, or similar, you will begin to see the same results. It is crucial you do not let yourself get caught up in one process and get stuck all day doing it. You always need to stay focused, and make sure you're not reading all the posts on Facebook when you came to only make a post. Keep these tips in mind and you will begin to feel like you are running a real business within a couple weeks. If you need tools to help you do the job, I have a few good ones you may want to see on my website
Have fun and work hard!