Sunday, May 19, 2013

Does It Work To Criticize Another Marketer, Or His Company?

 Have you ever been speaking to another marketer about networking, and all they have to say is your company is no good, but theirs is the real thing. I know you have if you are out doing your job as a marketer and communicating with other marketers and people.
 It turns me off from even considering doing business with them and keeps me from ever joining them or buying the product. When me and another marketer get to talking or emailing, if that person puts down anything trying to get me to believe his or hers is the only way I don't continue with them anymore. It drives me crazy for someone to basically tell you, you don't know what you're doing so join me and I'll get you there. Then I think, if you just put everything down and try to "outsmart" everyone then you can't help me.
 Trust, honesty, and being good to people is the way. You don't make someone feel like they can be successful by telling them they don't know how to be successful unless they are in your company. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! All of the MLM companies just about have great products. It's just true. They all have great products that work. Don't ever tell someone when they say they are with another company, that the company they are with doesn't have what it takes to make a great product. Because the person you say that to will automatically know you are not knowledgeable on your facts about their company.
 I have had conversations with people, trying to convince me to move away from the company I am in and join their company. First, I have built a business that is already generating me money, why do I want to lose it so I can just restart? Second, I like my company and have a team in this company that I don't want to tell I'm moving to another company. Who will stay with someone who jumps around from business to business because they don't want to have to start over every time you find something new.
 Or when someone tells me that the company I am with does not use real ingredients and I'm crazy for putting that nasty stuff in my body. That does not make me think, oh my, I am in the wrong place. I best go with their company because they use the right ingredients. It makes me think this person is just trying too hard to convince me that I don't know what I am doing, and I need them to be healthy, or succeed. It just doesn't work. It makes people want to go further and further away from you instead of trusting in you.
 I would always say when talking to another marketer, that their company is great at what they do, as well as mine is great at what it does. You don't have to be in the same company to work with another marketer. I have many marketers I work with closely and we are in different companies. If you are using MLSP, it matters not what company the person is in. You can work together and earn money together without being connected in an MLM company. I highly recommend you to get MLSP  My Lead Systems Pro
 Once a member there, you have all the tools and knowledge you need to make it in the network world of marketing. It will teach you how to lead with MLSP, and find not only members for your primary business, but other marketers in other companies can be on your team. No matter the company (and believe me I know your company is great at what it does) you can join me through MLSP and learn how I use it to make a secondary income as high as my primary business.
 Take this advice and do not be that person who just criticizes every company other than yours. Everyone believes their company is the greatest at making products, and they are right about that if they believe it. Trying to force everyone onto your team will leave you with no team at all. Leading with content and value is what works. If you have the information that someone needs, they will follow you in whatever company you chose. Most of the time the product has little to no effect on what it take to become successful at this game. So don't bash your fellow networker, embrace them instead. Get on MLSP  My Lead Systems Pro and have them as a team member there. Sometimes half of your MLSP team members wind up joining you in your MLM business as well, so it's a great system to be a part of for that alone. If they don't join you, don't call them stupid. If you are calling people stupid for their decision on a primary MLM company, than clearly it is you who are the one who needs to learn. Thanks for reading, and hope this helps you understand more on what it takes to get to the top of your industry!