Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ways To Get Leads For Your MLM Buisness Tip #4

 So now you have learned ways to generate leads at no cost, and a way that can be low cost. But buying leads, social media, and blogging is not the end of the road. You must put this tip into action and master it. This can be useful, for some it will become an empire of lead generating.
 It's email. As a matter of fact, when you first begin your business in MLM you must automatically begin creating your list of emails. You need a list and you need to manage it well. Keep bad emails out, and new emails in. You should be able to get several emails everyday for this technique. It is simple to get someone's email.
 First thing I will discuss is how to gather up emails. If you use the paid leads, well there's a lot of email addresses that willingly gave you their email addresses. You can find business cards laying around with emails on them. These people want their email to the public, and their number, so go ahead, take it and put it in your lists. I would. Whenever you speak to someone, get their email and tell them you would like to send them some information on ways to make money using the internet. You also can buy email leads for real low costs. This may actually be a good thing if you have an email that is packed with value.
 There are several ways you will be finding emails and receiving them. Be sure you keep up with everyone and have a list or folder that each email fits in. You don't want to put a interested prospects email in with a blind lead. Or vice versa. Keep them separated in a category, and create each category it's own email.
 You need to get an auto responder that can run your email campaign. Let's face it. Free email addresses can't do fancy emails with all the videos, surveys, colors, and send emails out automatically on time, all in one. Auto responders ( AR ) can simplify the process and make your emails seem much more professional. That's what you want anyway, professional emails. A prospect will seem to believe in you more when they see you are a big successful marketer. And that's exactly what the AR is going to make you appear as.
 Be sure that the emails catch or grab the person's interest. Use content, value, and maybe throw in a contest, survey, or something to get the person involved. If you get them involved in your email campaigns, people don't direct you to spam or delete your emails. The creation and content of the email is very crucial to pull this off. That is why an AR is needed if you are going to take email campaigns seriously.
 I suggest that you use AWeber. It is extremely more professional than most ARs and is much less in price. You can also become an affiliate with AWeber, so that is even more reason to use them. That is why you became a marketer. All successful marketers have multiple streams of income. Multiple. You will hear me say that a lot.
 Bottom line is that email marketing has been the one of the oldest if not the oldest form of marketing used for internet. The strange thing is that many companies still use this as a powerful way to generate revenue, and it hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. However you must take in consideration the tips I shared, keep content and value to your emails. Use engaging type material such as surveys, videos, contests, giveaways, etc. Keep each contact in its appropriate folder. Of course, last but not least, use an AR that is professional and can make you look like a rockstar of marketing
 Hope this helps and has caused you to consider using email as a source to generate prospects. Remember that an email is already a lead. But, emails can bring out the leads that are ready and willing to be customers or business partners; without having to call them or prospect them to find out! Until next time, work hard!