Thursday, May 16, 2013

How Do I Defeat Fear?

 Fear can be the one emotion that destroys more business men and women than any other. Fear keeps you from making the necessary moves you need to make to succeed. What is your fear?
 For most in MLM businesses the fear of rejection can be overwhelming. It keeps them from speaking to people about their business, and making calls when they should. It can easily bring someone down and have them give up at an early stage. As a matter of fact, most MLM owners try to find alternate ways of doing business to try and go around what it is they fear. In most cases it doesn't go as planned.
 Fear of rejection is something a person must learn or they will crash. Rejection is an everyday experience for an MLM owner. They are rejected way more than they are accepted. That's what makes the top earners who they are. They use different ways of thinking. Such as if rejected 4 times before getting accepted for a $100 sale, they look at it as $20 a decision. 5 decisions led to $100. So the rejection isn't accepted by the person; instead it is a decision.
 Many people want to hop into an MLM business yet afraid of what others may say. Will others make fun of them? Will they be attacked by family or friends? Or some are afraid to make the investment to get started. Wondering if they will feel foolish afterwards and lose their money. These are all fears that keep us from being successful, and we all more than likely experienced one of those issues.
 To overcome fear, one must realize what they are really up against. Themselves. The only challenge in MLM is yourself. To make yourself step out of your comfort zone and take control of yourself.
 It doesn't matter how many people reject you, it only matters how you handle it. The ones who reject you over the telephone, do not even know you. They won't even remember you in a couple days. They never take you calling them as a personal attack, so don't be afraid. Have you ever had a salesman or MLM recruiter call you? When telemarketers call, do you want to look up their names and a picture so you can throw darts at them everyday and hold a grudge towards them? NO! So don't sweat what others will think.
 Make yourself understand, that whatever it takes to be successful you will be willing to do. That's why you came here, to become someone. So if it takes calling leads everyday, do it. If it takes just going to a public place and meeting people face to face, do it. If it takes speaking in front of a crowd, do it. Remember that if you are in a situation of fear, and it is a direct cause from your MLM business, than you are on the right path. You are going the way of success. Don't back out and tell yourself you will find another way, just as long as you don't have to do that. Because if you do, you just got off the right path.
 Remind yourself that when you put yourself in situations that may raise fear, than you are doing the right thing. This is what makes a few successful, and most people not. Always think big ideas. Step outside of your comfort zone. Comfort zones are what keep us to ourselves and safe. So there's no room for comfort zones in MLM if you want to be a 7 figure earner. It takes some time, and it takes a lot of work. But you will become fearless in what it takes. Soon you will be able to handle any situation, call any person, speak to any size crowd, and do anything it will take and not feel even the slightest at ease. But you must take the first step and defeat the fear. Once you have overcome the first step, there will be another to be afraid of, but remember you are on the right defeat the fear and keep moving!
 Thanks for reading. I hope you not scared now of what's coming, but excited knowing that you know what you must do. And prepared to do it!