Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do I Have To Be A Salesman?

 How many times have you heard these phrases when talking to a prospect about your business?.. " Well I can't sale anything... Do I have to talk to people?... I'm not a salesman... is this a pyramid scheme?.... Do I have to buy anything to work?... I don't have any money".... and of course there's more but those are some of the top remarks that all MLM people here. Those are the remarks that can destroy a persons dreams they had when they first joined the business. Or were you that person who asked those questions because you were afraid, or hoping that there would be little work involved?
 Point being, you must be a salesman to make it in MLM. Let's face it, you are "selling" a product, and a big part of it is selling you. Instead of thinking you can never get anywhere because you don't contain the knowledge of how to be a salesman, or saleswoman, than why not learn? It's simple. Just learn the skills you need to succeed. No matter what profession you get yourself into, you must learn the skills of the trade right? So learn to be what it takes and become a great sales person.
 Selling the product is really a small part of the business. Selling yourself as a leader is even more important. Most people don't even look at what the product is they must sell, they look at who is the person that's going to show them the way to the top of the industry.
 You joined an MLM to be successful right? So learn what it takes. It's no different than any other trade, you learn the methods and skills it takes. Being a master of knowledge with the product you have is a great tip on being good at selling the product. Learn every detail about the product, such as it's history, how it's made, made from, and facts that can make a person see it as a need rather than a want. You can never know too much about what you are selling.
 More tips on making yourself a good salesman is your character. Make yourself fit the role. Look the role. Talk the role. Find your target audience. There is a certain type person who is perfect for the product you sell. They need it or want it. Don't sell ketchup to a tomato. Sell ice water in the desert. Those are very crucial in being a great sales leader. You need to speak with authority, and when people hear you talk they need to feel the confidence you have. If you don't have confidence than you must learn how to get it. Being knowledgeable about your product is a great way to gain confidence.
 People will try to slam you indeed when there are witnesses around. If you are a rookie, you may want to try it one on one at first until the confidence builds up. If you ever get faced with the smart elect when in a group of people, be sure you don't show offense to his remarks. Act like it's nothing to be offended by. Just make a remark back, and keep on. Don't tuck your tail and run.
 Selling yourself is the greatest way to achieve success in MLM. When you grow a team of thousands you won't have a problem recruiting anymore, but right now, you need to get some people. The greatest way I personally believe, is you do start with friends and family. You may actually get one or two to join you. Maybe some can be just a customer if not a business partner. The rest may laugh and say your wasting your time, but you will be back to ask again when the money is looking great!
 Strangers are the best way to get your business moving. They don't know your past. They don't know you, so if you carry yourself correctly, they can believe you have already made it. They are easier to get onboard indeed than a family member. So why do most people not even approach a stranger? Because they believe they are not salesmen. Don't be that person. This is a business of talking to new people everyday. You need to talk to new faces daily, and you will see a quick rise in your business.
 So my basic point is don't let your opinion of yourself destroy you. Change your opinion about yourself and learn. And learn how to respond when people asks the questions you read at the beginning of this blog. That is another topic of it's own! Have fun with your business. And keep learning, keep talking, and keep thinking positive and you will make it for sure.