Sunday, May 12, 2013

What is MLSP?

 I believe if anything has helped me to become a leader in my team, or as a network marketer, it is because of what I learned in MLSP. Within 3 months of becoming a part of it, I shot like a rocket up the line in my company. All because of the valuable lessons, and training I received through MLSP.
 What is MLSP? MLSP is a lead generating, content sharing, networkers dream. It supplies you with several capture pages for you to litter the internet with, gathering up names, emails, and numbers to people who are looking for exactly what you have. And to make it even better, it teaches you how to use those leads to turn them into your recruits in your MLM business. It uses the marketers who are the most high in certain strategies of lead generation to make webinars and teach others the secrets and skills they use to generate those leads. So you get the best information on the topic you are interested in learning about.
 It covers Facebook with Michelle Pescosillido, who has the highest lead generation using Facebook. She can pull anywhere from 50+ leads everyday, and recruit several people into her business in one single day. It covers Twitter training, and LinkedIn for the social media part. It will teach you ways to use article marketing, PPC, SEO, Youtube or video marketing, classifieds, and much more. So if you ever wonder how someone can keep busy all day long with new prospects to talk to about their MLM business, now you know where to go to learn about it yourself.
 After I became a member of MLSP, I was able to work full time from home in only 3 months. That is how powerful this program is. I began as a gold member, and went to mastery as soon as it was available. The different levels have different tools. The higher the level the more features you will be able to use. In mastery, you can build custom capture pages, videos for your team on MLSP, and gain access to a free auto responder. If you use mastery level, you will become a pro in networking fast and learn so much on all the secrets used by the top earners in the MLM world.
 I'll share a few capture pages so you can see for yourself the quality of the program. Here is the top 10 prospecting tricks, one of my more favorites
Just fill out the page and watch it free.
Here is an example of Facebook marketing you may love.
What may be best for you though is to get registered for their weekly Wednesday webinar, where each week they give new topics and info. Attending these will sharpen your skills as a marketer and is absolutely free
Many marketers lead their business with MLSP. They use it to train their downline, and find like minded people who are in MLM. It is possible to have half the people who sign with you in MLSP to want and join you in your primary MLM business. So really what makes it great is you can have a team member who is not even in your downline, or in the same MLM business as you.
 When you join MLSP, it gets much better. It is a great way to make a secondary income. You can if you wish, become an affiliate with them and receive commissions for everyone you introduce it to. On mastery level, you get 100% of all first page sales. Meaning, when someone joins MLSP, they are shown some offers that are extremely valuable at a great discount. There are offers such as buying a coach for a year, a very educated one, and sales can get you up to $2,000 a sale. After that you can receive up to $100 a month in residual income. Plus 50% of all sales made as a member. It is very easy to find willing people who need MLSP. So it very well can become your primary income.
 If you are serious about building a 6 or 7 figure income using MLM, than you need MLSP. You can try it for only $2 for 3 days. It is nothing to lose if you decide to not continue. I know you will continue, I haven't yet had someone not. You can use these awesome tools and training for under $20 a month. So why not try? Will you take $2 and use it for the skills you need to be generating leads of up to 50 a day? Ask yourself " what would 50 leads a day do for me?" I bet the answer is "succeed"
 To get started on learning and using these tools to generate leads simply go to