Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ways To Get Leads For Your MLM Business Tip #2

 So you need more than just one way to get leads right? I explained some on the ups and downs of paid leads. They are good to keep business moving, but you must focus on generating the leads yourself. When you have mastered lead generation you begin saving money from not having to buy leads, and when you generate them yourself the quality of the lead is much better.
 I want to focus on social media. Social media is a leader on the internet when it comes to traffic. There is a ton of traffic on the social media sites, so you need to take advantage of this and turn the traffic into leads. Leads are what matter. Remember that you can have traffic all day long, and does no good without converting the traffic into leads.
 Now Facebook is the largest of all the social media sites. You need to master it by creating a fanpage, or business page to brand yourself as a leader. Facebook offers PPC ( pay per click) and post promotions. You can set a daily budget as low as $5 and you will not pay over that amount. This can help bring in leads very fast if used correctly. You do not however, want to use a personal page to try and make sales all day with hundreds of posts. This can drive your friends into blocking you. If you want to learn from the most successful person using facebook, watch this video on Facebook lead generation
 Twitter is behind Facebook in members and is a excellent way to drive traffic to your site of choice. Twitter has been the most powerful for me personally, and should not be disregarded. On Twitter you send out "tweets" which are phrases usually a sentence or two long. Make sure your tweets have value or good content and people will interact with your tweets. A large following on Twitter is important. Only those who follow can read your tweets so build a large following. Twitter must be a consistent habit and use the right steps on every follower. First you want to direct message your followers and leave a thank you, and a link to what it is you are wanting them to take a look at. Don't over message people, Twitter is not like Facebook, most followers aren't friends. After messaging them, follow back and they mostly will appreciate that. Make sure you post at least 20 to 30 tweets a day that contain good content and value. Of course this much attention can take much of your time away and take hours a day to maintain. However it still is important you keep it maintained. The perfect way to run a successful twitter campaign is to use an automation tool. The best tool for Twitter by far is This can have you running multiple Twitter profiles all on auto pilot saving you the time. It does all the work, follows, follows back, messages, tweets, and much more. It is a must for any serious marketer. Also here is a great training video on how to use Twitter like a professional marketer should
 LinkedIn is another site you must be a member in if you are going to take your career seriously. LinkedIn is the "white collar" social media site, and it's basically putting a resume on public view. When you become a member of LinkedIn you must keep in mind a few details that will make it much easier to get connections. You must use a photo on LinkedIn. Make the photo a business style or your most professional looking picture. You don't want a pic of you getting drunk or hanging with friends for this site. People do read your profile. So the profile needs to be as professional as possible. If you want to make the most out of LinkedIn you need to register with the MLSP which is the greatest training you will find as a marketer. To look into MLSP simply visit
 Google+ is a fast growing social media site that should be looked into. What's great about Google+ is you can do just as I am writing blogs and sharing it directly on Google+. They are connected in many ways and are a great tool to reach people who you have interests in.
 Pinterest is another hot growing site. It is a pin board where you can pin ideas and pictures. It is mostly a woman followed site, so be sure you put a feminine touch to it! You can repin other peoples pins, follow the ones you like, and make several pinboards. Some people are finding huge success in Pinterest so don't overlook it or think it can't help.
 Instagram is a site that focuses on pictures. It is a visual site. It too works very similar to the other social media sites, with it's own special touch. I'm sure it will be a very popular site soon, so get on it soon and be a master at it.
 Of course there is the video social media of Youtube. This can be an extremely strong way to generate leads. It's video marketing, and video marketing gets you noticed fast. It also helps the viewer sort of "get to know you" and builds a trust in your viewer. If you master video marketing you will see hundreds of leads a week. So that is something to consider. Here is a video to help you master video marketing much faster
 There are a ton of social media sites you can become a member at and use to generate leads and drive traffic to your websites. Be sure you take one at a time and get the hang of it before jumping into another. Take one technique in lead generation, and get to where you get a few leads everyday before adding a new technique to it. Social media is a great tool to use, and what makes it even better is that it is free. Another great place for a beginner to begin at in lead generation.
 Be sure you get well educated on working each individual site. If you are looking to create a 6 or 7 figure career in network marketing you must be well educated in the industry. I highly recommend you watch the videos from the links I supplied. You will get much value from it, and learn skills that can turn your business into what you have dreamed of! Work hard, smart, and have fun with it. You will get stressed out here and there, but that will happen to us all.
 These were just a few of the top sites on the internet. If you decide to look into others it's fine, just make sure you can fit your business into it. If you want more in depth details of working social media look into This will sharpen your recruiting skills, lead generation skills, and make you a master of every social media site, SEO, keyword research, and prospecting. No MLM business owner should be without the knowledge MLSP brings.
 Look forward to tip #3 which will be on blogging! See you tomorrow!