Saturday, December 7, 2013

MLM Recruiting Secrets

 MLM recruiting secrets are really no secret at all. There is no magic word, or sentence. The reason why this is the truth, is because you can't say the right thing to the wrong person. Simple as that.

 There are things you can learn however to make recruiting in MLM a less frustrating and to have higher results. The first MLM recruiting secrets I will share with you is "Don't be a salesman!"

 We are problem solvers, not salesmen. No one likes to be sold or pitched, so if you are pitching your business everywhere, stop. Start focusing on what the person you are speaking to is looking for. What does that person want? And most importantly, what does that person believe he/she is capable of? Do they believe they can succeed in business with you? Or even by themselves?

 The best MLM recruiting secrets I can share is this. If a person can't trust you, or see themselves being able to succeed in the opportunity, you will not get the person to join you. So keep in mind you want to earn their trust, and make them see the possibilities. I explain more in this video.

 Remember to be real with the prospect. I am not a person who uses scripts. Scripts to me take away the one on one, or the man to man aspect out of the conversation. People will hear you sound like you are good at taking people's money, and they will be on the defense.

 Make your prospect open up and talk about themselves. Make them comfortable and try to relate to them. Here are some key points to remember when prospecting and these are very good MLM recruiting secrets that many don't use.
1. If they work, ask them what they do?  Good way to find things in common perhaps?
2. Ask them if they have tried anything in the past to make money? You will see that the ones who have tried other things in the past will be more likely to take a risk. Find where they failed and offer a solution.
3. When they sound positive and excited say to them "Sounds to me you are ready to get started".
Sometimes you have to make them take that step. Some people will think about it for way longer than they need too. It is important we make them learn to do things they are normally not use to doing, so they can see success they normally don't see!
 Tonight I had a recruiting webinar for my team and some other teams in my company. It was a MLM recruiting secrets type of call. I explained why I was hitting the top numbers in the network again. So I wanted to share with others who did not know of this webinar to attend.

 So lastly I will say this. It takes practice to get better at knowing what and when to say it. The way to MLM recruiting secrets practice is through making a lot of calls. By working new leads on a daily basis. If you need to generate leads on a daily basis then go to the academy of MLM training here. MLM Academy Training