Saturday, December 28, 2013

MLM Secrets: Getting past "I Don't Have Money" excuse

 This is the excuse everyone in MLM, or network marketing hears all the time. "I don't have any money".

 It's really nothing more than a person telling you "I am not going to buy anything or have you try and make me join". So I want to share some MLM secrets with you that I use to not only get things turned around, but to make money from that prospect regardless.

 First, the MLM secrets to getting the prospect to change their mind, is to hit them with something that will make them admit they are lying, or make them realize they need to change. When they say "I don't have any money" you simply ask them "How does that feel?"


 This should either make them open their eyes, or make them go away if they aren't serious. We don't want to waste a second on a person who is not serious. Practice that line with your prospects, and you will see a new kind of person come forth and become a legit prospect after all.

 The other MLM secrets I want to share, is how do I make money from these broke prospects? That is much easier than it seems. First I work them into my business if I can, and make residual income from their efforts. If it seems that can not be accomplished due to the "no money" issue, I simply help them make a little money.

 There is an opportunity that pays it's referrals well. It isn't residual, and you make a payment of anywhere between $25-$58 per person.


 I begin with telling them I can help them change their situation. I mention about companies paying to test out products and free trials. It is true, they will do this. I send my prospect to my website, and they begin their business with no money upfront. If they never go onto working, or if they lose interest, it's still okay because there was anywhere from $25-$58 put into my Paypal account.

 It will also open the door to get them into my webinars for training. It helps build trust. It also brings in a few to my business where residual income is made.

 If you don't have a source to earn income from the "No Money" excuse, then you should do as I do. The money I make in this alone pays for my entire business. That is how many people will do this.

 This is the greatest of all MLM secrets I know. Now almost 100% of your prospects are valuable and make money for your business.

 Be sure to get started with this program so you too can profit from the "no money" excuse. Click Here to visit my page, and get started. It will cost nothing to join, and is easy to make money, and pull in new prospects. Enjoy these MLM secrets!