Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MLM Recruiting Secrets

MLM recruiting secrets are important to learn if you want to be able to recruit more people into your MLM business. I will share a few MLM recruiting secrets with you and show you how I am hitting top recruiter in may projects I work in.                                


First I'll tell you how to get a prospect to do what we call "get off the fence" and make a decision. Let's face it, you can't have too many people who are thinking about it to have to keep up with, it get's too much sooner or later. So the best way to get them to join is on the first call with them. After you have let them view your presentation is when you will need to use this MLM recruiting secrets to up the chance of them joining.

Ask them what did they like about the presentation?

Never ask "what did you think about it" because this opens the door for negativity. You want your prospect speaking only positive remarks to open their minds to a positive thinking approach. That's a MLM recruiting secrets itself, but is not the main one. The main MLM recruiting secrets you need to know is when they tell you a positive feature about what they like, you agree as if it is what you liked best too. Then without getting too far off track, tell them " Sounds to me then you are ready to get started". This will either let you know they are not ready, but in many cases, it gets them to take the ride! This MLM recruiting secrets will help you gain many new signups fast. Never let them think too long or they will think themselves out in fear.

Another great MLM recruiting secrets is to use the paper application when signing up a prospect. Let's say you just used MLM recruiting secrets I shared above and you got a person to say "yes". Now you need to use another MLM recruiting secrets and write their information down on paper. Then call the other prospects that didn't commit to the first MLM recruiting secrets I shared, and tell them you have someone who did commit and since you spoke to them first, you want to let them have this person below them if they get in today. You can continue this as long as you want with as many as you have on the fence and get a whopping 4 or 5 people in one single day with this MLM recruiting secrets.

One more MLM recruiting secrets I use is when I tell people that I recruit one to two people everyday, and since we have a binary compensation plan, they can get paid on them also. This works very well and can help you keep signing people up daily. Because they want to profit from your one to two signups a day, they become that one to two signups you get. Keeping it a true fact that you can sign up one to two a day.

Hope you enjoyed and got value from my post on MLM recruiting secrets. Please comment and share with as many of your team members as possible so they too can learn the MLM recruiting secrets I shared.