Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ideas For Recruiting

  Ideas for recruiting are important in order to build your business. Recruiting people into your business is the life and backbone of building. So if you are searching around the internet looking for ideas for recruiting, here are a few tips to help you get more out of you recruiting.

Ideas for recruiting can be easier explained by telling it to you in words. I will write down the basics, so be sure you watch my video below called "Ideas for Recruiting".

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #1. Be confident. Being confident in your program or business will reflect to your prospect. I here everyday people tell me they believed everything they tried was a scam, but trust me. Mostly because I am passionate about the business I have chose, and I release the excitement and passion when I talk to others about it.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip#2 Imagine yourself as the position you wish you were. When you walk, talk, and act like you are the highest position in your company, you will become it. It will reflect in you and will be seen by others and they will be more attracted to join you.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #3 Speak positive words always. Never speak negativity in any sort. By speaking only positive words, it will help attract more people to you. Would you join someone who is always complaining and fussing or telling you "It's not worth it" or "It'll never happen for me" and so on? Be positive and it will begin to change your entire world. It will change your thinking too!

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #4 Be giving. Give to others as much as you can and they will follow you closer. In a binary compensation plan this ideas for recruiting tip works wonderful. When you have gotten someone to agree and signup, have them signup on a paper application. Then approach your prospects from the past who were thinking about it, and let them know since you spoke to them first you will place this person below them. You may decide to give them the credit for enrollment. Or just to have them below them. You can work your way up as many people as you can and each person you speak to, it will be more like "I have X amount of new members who have agreed and since I spoke to you first, all X amount will be below you!

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #5 Increase your prospecting. Network marketing is a numbers game. By increasing your number of daily prospects you speak to, this will gain more recruits for you. The more you speak to, the more people you have to use all ideas for recruiting tips, and especially ideas for recruiting tip #4. You can learn more ways of getting leads on past blog post I have.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #6 Be sure you ask questions. You need to know their reason for looking, and why they need to make the money. Everyone wants money, so be sure for what it is they need it for. Doing this gives you ammo to use when they start to seem like they are backing out. Questions you need to ask: Why are you open to an opportunity? Or when they ask you a question you can ask them "By knowing this will it be what you need to get started?" Learning your prospect's life can be very important in order to build rapport. If you speak to a female prospect, it's always great to ask about their children. A male is also good to ask the same, but you can also ask how their job is coming along. Plain and simple, be sure you ask questions to get the information you need.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: tip #7 Stay in control. Never let the prospect get you backed up in a corner. Some will try this by asking you the questions. Remember you  need to ask the questions because the person asking the questions is in control of the conversation. People may try calling you a scam, or a pyramid scheme be sure you are knowledgeable in how to respond. I have more info on those remarks in past blog posts. 

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: Tip #8 Be nice. Always remain nice no matter what the circumstances are. You must always be professional while you are prospecting, and being nice is important. Many of us know that as business owners, but some believe they can get cocky with anyone at anytime if they feel like it. Prospects are going to push buttons, but a professional does not take it to heart or gets offended by anything.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: Tip #9 Be a leader. Be sure you take control and be a leader for those who join you. Others will see you as someone to help them. Remember it is not always a great product that gets people to join. Lead with yourself more, and the help you can provide. Host your own webinars, and information blogs or videos. People are much more highly likely to join a person they believe can show them the way to success over a product that is being sold. Be a leader is an important ideas for recruiting tip.

 IDEAS FOR RECRUITING: Tip #10 Look the part you play. I am a big believer and for a big reason, that a person needs to look like the right person as well. This means do not go into networking events dressed like you were outside working on your car. Dress nicely, and be presentable. No one will even think or believe what you say if you walk in looking trashy or not dressed for success. I've seen may by just wearing a suit, or a collar shirt, recruit massive numbers of people. It's because they look successful already, and people are attracted to that.

I hope you got value from this, and it has helped shine a light of hope if you needed it. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and "like" my page so you can keep up with my posts and new updates of information. Also subscribe to my blog to receive new updates and information. Work hard, and feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions or need help.
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