Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MLM Downline

 MLM Downline is the most important part of building a MLM business. It is the backbone of your business when you are using MLM. I have noticed that many people do not seem to focus on their MLM downline in the smartest ways. They focus on only growing their MLM downline by recruiting more, and more people, and not spending enough time on helping their MLM downline grow their own MLM downline. It may be because they see the first sale as the most important part, or a bonus for recruiting a certain amount of people within a certain amount of time. So if you are looking for a way to grow your MLM downline, read my posts on lead generation and recruiting. However, if you are looking for how to get your MLM downline to grow their own MLM donline, then continue reading.

 Sometimes we have to take control of our MLM dowline when we see the support or upline we have are not willing to teach or provide the support needed for the team. Maybe they are focused on growing their own business and forgetting that the people below them, or their MLM downline, are their business. I have been told in the past to not worry with your downline when they are calling you or emailing you. I was told they will take up too much time, and they have to learn it on their own. But I see it as they are coming to me so they can learn it on their own. They need help. If I feel they ever are trying to use me to get me to do their job, then I can draw a line, but when your MLM downline are new, is when they are most fragile.

 Keep in touch a lot with new MLM downline. Do not forget to contact them and check on them. Be sure you take the lead of your own team. Be the leader. Some people feel like they aren't a leader because the person or people above the person who recruited them are the leaders. But the truth is, when you join a MLM business, or any type business, you become the owner. You must be your own boss, so you need to consider being the one to make the decisions.
 I am always on the lookout for new ideas, tools, and anyway possible I can help or share something beneficial with my MLM downline. It has helped me keep a high percentage of them in my business. I will put a list of links below so you can use these to help your MLM downline too.
 I registered for my own webinars, conference lines, and got all the tools I needed to run a MLM downline of thousands, well before I had it. Most people in your MLM downline will not do these things, because most don't want to lead, they want to be led. So it is important that you become the one who leads. The one who steps up and takes charge will be the one who builds a successful team.

 Good luck in building your MLM downline, and use these tools below to help grow your team. These links will help you and your MLM downline get free advertising, learn to generate leads, build their social media profiles, learn recruiting skills, and learn everything they need about online marketing, and offline team building. Hope it helps, and don't neglect your team.....ever!

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