Tuesday, November 19, 2013


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Spreecast is a website that lets you do live webinar style meetings with the public and helps you advertise these broadcasts. I will be doing a Spreecast on the benefits of a home business on 11/25/13 and have decided to begin doing a Spreecast every Monday from here on out.
 Even if you find this after the date, you can always go and watch the recorded version of it. Spreecast allows you to record every Spreecast you make for people to watch that may be new or missed it live. Being there live is indeed better because you get to ask questions, and comment.
 Spreecast has all kinds of topics being discussed on it's site. Anything you wish to discuss can be spreecast. From sports, to politics, celebrities, and of course home based businesses, Spreecast has something for everyone.
 I will be covering on next Monday's Spreecast benefits for home businesses such as tax breaks, reasons why others love having one, and much more to help others see why it is becoming so popular. Many people are scared to get started in a home business, and that's normal. Even I got scared when it came time to put the money in. But I want people to understand that today there is a opportunity that can fit all people. So many people don't understand why they need to pay to own a home business, and that seems to be an easy thing to understand. So I will explain not only why, and compare it to how having a job may cost you even more, but why it is a good thing.
 So if you want to RSVP do so now and get registered to watch the Spreecast. You may want to invite people you know that won't commit that final step (fence sitters) or any of your new prospects. You can use my Spreecast as a tool to help those you have "thinking about it" make a decision. RSVP now, and make sure everyone you are prospecting attends, and you may as well get you some new business partners after the Spreecast is over.  RSVP HERE