Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Marketing Presentation: How To Invite

 Are you wondering why everytime you have a marketing presentation scheduled your prospect doesn't show? Well this could be easily solved, by following a few simple tips on getting more people to show up for network marketing presentations.

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 So, let's go over these network marketing presentation tips:

1. First problem you may be having is your prospects are seeing you more of a salesman than a problem solver. If they think you are only out to sell them something, forget the marketing presentation. You need to be a problem solver, and have a solution to their needs. Once they have trust in you, it may be best to invite.

2. Perhaps you tell too much before you get your prospect to the marketing presentation? When you are inviting someone to a marketing presentation, don't sling hype, vommit information, and basically give the presentation. It's best to say less to more. Let the marketing presentation, be the marketing presentation.

3. Do you send your prospect to the marketing presentation, and tell them "You will get to them when it's over" perhaps? That is a big reason you don't hear from them after they viewed it. They will more than likely think it's a great idea, or opportunity, and go straight to their friends and tell them what they seen. Well we can figure it out what their friends will fill their heads with, and you never hear from your prospect again. You need to be the one to answer the questions of your prospects, and only you. Be sure to be present for the presentation, so when it's over, it's just you and the prospect.

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