Saturday, January 11, 2014

MLM Recruiting System: Build Your Own System

 If you think it can not be done because you have no computer skills, then you may be looking at it in the wrong way.

 MLM Recruiting System: Build Your Own System is focused on how you alone can create a system, or a step by step process and not have to worry about someone else creating some magic system. It is simple to put together, and I will explain how I have put one together, so maybe you can build one for yourself and your team.

 With an MLM recruiting system you may be thinking a lot of IT work and technical stuff. But you can simplify it by using a series of other tools to do the same job. Instead of having a one tool covers all, you can just use different tools, and create your own process.

 In my team, I started out by developing a step by step process with a few friends I met in the company. We merged into one team, and began building.

 Step 1 was we would develop our own leads (Click here if you need help developing leads) or we would purchase leads from a trusted source.

 Step 2 we would contact every lead and "screen" them to see if they were actually interested in learning how they can work from home.

 Step 3 we would then set up a scheduled call with them at an agreed time, where we would do a 3 way call with an upline. Of course in this case, I was that person for the 3 way.

 Step 4 we call the prospect and have the team member read a script we created. Soon after the upline would 3 way a recorded audio we used from a free conference website we created. It allowed one recording to be used for a call in. That recording would explain the process, and do the pitch.

 Step 5 we closed the call after the recording and then moved the new enrollee into their training. A website I purchased for only $15 a year would serve as the training for the new member. We updated it with new training throughout the week we held and recorded.

 Step 6 would be to train and get your new team member to either learn to develop leads to bring to the 3 way calls, or buy some leads to find more peeps. They would begin to add more prospects into the 3 way calls and me or another upline would do the close.

 So as you see. Me, my good friend and business partner, and one other lady in the team, built an entire system in a week. Total cost of system.....$15.

 Did this system work? You bet!

 It is not hard to create a process if you are alone in your MLM business. MLM recruiting system is easy when building your own system. Don't try to over complicate it. Set it up, take your time. I had the help from 2 other people. So one person could develop this system in about 2 to 3 weeks solo. You then have a step by step process that your new enrollee can follow.

 If you received any value, or good ideas to use in your business, please share below. I am hoping others will make this simple MLM system for themselves and see a MLM system that will duplicate itself in a matter of time.