Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MLM Tips: Ways To Find Customers

 In this series of MLM Tips, we will focus on "ways to find customers".

 It is important that we have a good balance in MLM between customers and affiliates. Customers are what matter, let's face it, even your affiliates or team members are your customers.


                                                           WAYS TO FIND CUSTOMERS

 MLM Tip #1: Sampling is probably the way you hear most in your company if it has a consumable product. Sampling is indeed a good way to find customers, but it can also be a good way to burn your wallet. Don't just blindly go handing out products to just anyone, they more than likely just want something free.
 Instead use targeted focus. Who is the right person for the product? Determine by age, sex, race, gender, or whatever you must to find out who is the perfect person or the right person in need of the products.
 Focus on those people in the right profile for the product. Also sample to anyone who is of interest when they hear about the opportunity as well. I lead with opportunity, and then sample and have a near 80% turn rate on my samples.

MLM Tip #2: Giveaways are great to get people taking a look at your product. It still falls in the sample category, but has many differences as well. Giveaways, or contests, can have the right people coming out to request for the product. This means there is a higher chance of them actually being interested. Think of it like this.... they came to you, put some effort into filling out something, or calling. In sampling you are asking them to take it. In giveaways people come because they see a need for your product.


MLM Tip #3: Use Fliers and posters in an area where your targeted audience may be. You can promote a product and opportunity at once if you wish, but have it where your ideal customer may go. Weight loss or body transformation products would work well near a gym for example. Or if you sell anti aging face cream, near a beauty salon would be ideal.

MLM Tip #4: When you do get a customer, be sure you keep close to them. Offer something extra in their purchase. It can be something inexpensive to you but mean a lot to them. Offer a sample of a product that's new, or something they haven't tried yet. Always reach to expand their taste for your products.

MLM Tip #5: Events are great for finding new customers. Rent a booth, and sell in smaller amounts is the key to more sales. People while at an event enjoy spending a few dollars here and there. They don't like to spend the large amounts of money on just one item. So if you can make a way to sale individual products or make a shake, it will make more sales and introduce more people to the product.


MLM Tip #6: Start a blog and use high amounts of content about the products. On your blog you can do giveaways, offer samples, and review products or announce new products. Blogging would be a good way to get your products in front of people who are not in your area.

MLM Tip #7: Make videos about your products, giveaways, and samples. Offer deals, or offer information on a specific topic that would pertain to someone who could use the product.

MLM Tip #8: Offer your existing customers free products for referrals. Always let people know that for every referral they bring you, you will give them something. Maybe a "Bring me 3 and yours is free" type of offer.

 If you have a specific way to find customers that isn't mentioned above, please comment on the tip. Be sure to share this with others if you find it useful or if you know someone in MLM.


                                                             MLM Tips: Ways To Find Customers