Saturday, January 28, 2017

When To Find The Common Connection With A Prospect

You hear in network marketing by your upline "Be fast" with a prospect. But, you also know that taking your time, and finding a common connection between you and the prospect really increases sales and signups.
So which is best? Be quick, or find a connection? This is what we will be learning more about in this article, and helping you know when it is best to find the common connection with your prospect.

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When To Be Quick With A Prospect

To determine when to be quick, and when to find the common connection, will depend on what stage your MLM prospect is at.
If your prospect has not viewed a presentation, or is clueless to what you are about to offer them, it is wise to not try and start a conversation to find a common connection. Instead, you should be quick, and get them to a presentation, and avoid any unwanted conversation that can lead to questions.

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When Should I Take My Time?

When you find a common connection between you and the network marketing prospect, you will increase the odds of them signing up or purchasing a product.
If a prospect has already seen a presentation, and you are speaking to them, they must have some type of interest in the opportunity or product. This is usually the best time to find a common connection, right before the close of the call.
By doing so, you increase the rapport, trust and likability. Most prospects like the idea of knowing that you are much like them. It keeps the negative image of a person only after money being on the other end of the line. So feel free to find something to discuss that you both understand or like.

Overview Of Finding The Common Connection

Remember if a prospect has viewed the presentation, it is okay and sometimes even wise to build rapport and find a common connection.
By trying to do this ahead of seeing a presentation, you will open the doors to a prospect wanting to ask questions about what they are about to see. So it is always best to build rapport and find a common connection with only those who have reviewed the material, and are actually interested somewhat in what you offer.
This will also keep you from losing time with unwanted or uninterested prospect. In network marketing, time is important. So chose wisely those who deserve the time you have, and those who you must let go quickly to move forward.

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