Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Should We Use Scripts With Our Network Marketing Business?

Have you ever been in an organization or team in which they recommended or even demanded you use scripts? Of course, they do this because they want the most possible people to be able to make calls with new prospects, and have some type of success overall.
But, did you ever wonder "Are these network marketing scripts helping or hurting my business?" Let's dive into that discussion today, and find out when it's best to use MLM scripts and when it's not.

The One Liners

I have personally found that the one liners, or things you say that are a sentence (maybe 2) long, and has a purpose to get someone to a presentation, are about the only time scripts in network marketing are good.
The only other scripting that has been effective for myself, are objection handling lines. This leaves a large amount of your conversation with a prospect open to discussion. Use this time to find a common connection between you and the prospect. Using a network marketing script however, will not allow you any room to find that connection.

Network Marketing Scripts Aren't You

network-marketing-scriptsOne issue I have with using MLM scripts, are they take away the realness of the conversation. They leave the prospect feeling as if they are talking to a robot, or answering machine.
People join people in network marketing, and by using your own personality, and your own words, you may see a larger increase in signups.
Due to the fact that no one knows how a conversation will go before they make a call, there is no way to prepare for a prospect. You always have to go off what is given to you. This is where scripts are suppose to play a big role, and keep a team member feeling confident they will know what to say. Once they discover it is more hard to stay on a script when a prospect has questions, they may tend to simply use a script for a possible guideline of what to say and never go word for word again.
So by keeping your calls unscripted, you will most likely see a rise in trust and likability from your prospects. Remember, people join people, so the more personal a call can be, the more likely a person will want to do business with you.

So What Are The Best One Liners?

scripts-network-marketingIf you can learn the one liners, and objection lines that are scripted, you will find more results in your business.
No matter how good you become at network marketing prospecting, you will always get objections from time to time, and you need to know how to handle them. Also, the better you get at prospecting, the less often you will hear those objections.
Also, when it comes to being successful at network marketing, you would have to be a person who is successful at inviting a lot of people to your presentation. There are one liner network marketing scripts that can help you get people to say "yes" and even show up when you call.

With that said and understood, it would be wise to learn from someone who has proven they are capable of accomplishing such tasks.
Watch This Video of a #1 income earner give his best inviting lines, objection handling, and closing tips to help you get more signups into your own network marketing business.

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