Friday, March 3, 2017

How To Get Your Warm Market To Join Your Network Marketing Opportunity

I know it may seem like network marketing will be an impossible business model to succeed with once you begin trying to get your warm market to join your network marketing opportunity.
But I assure you it is not what matters most in network marketing, and your warm market isn't needed to become successful.
But since you need to prospect your warm market, it is best to do it right and get the most possible people into your network marketing business as possible. This is why I want to share with you the best way on how to get your warm market to join your network marketing opportunity.

Why Warm Market Is Tough

Understanding why it is so difficult to prospect warm market, can actually help you to learn the right way to go about it.
Warm market knows you, and all about your past. They know if you've joined things only to quit shortly after, they know all your failures, and it makes it more tough for them to believe you can help them to be successful.
This is why when you are prospecting your network marketing warm market, it is best to learn the right way to invite them to presentations. By getting them to see someone else, a person who has proven success, introduce the business model to them will work best.
This takes the trust in you off of them, and places it into someone they do not know or realize has the same past as you just about. This is typical for all people to feel, so learn how to avoid questions when presenting your warm market with an invite to a presentation.

see how this top earner invites people so they show up for presentations

No Means "Not Now"

You've heard this expression. But this doesn't mean you should continue bugging people about your network marketing business, including those in your warm market.
You want to present the opportunity to them, and let their decision be what it is. From this point forward, do not continue telling them about every detail every time you see them.
Let them ask you about your business when the time is right. They will ask from time to time because they expect to hear something negative like you quitting or loosing the battle.
This is when you give them a positive answer. If you have not had any success yet, use a story of someone who has. You can refer to the video, soundbite or my official blog to get more on this.
If you have had some success, even just a little bit, let them know. It can be your first signup, or someone who mentioned they were interested that may do well. Simply put, keep it positive and show your excitement without going into sales mode. A question on how things are going does not mean they are ready to join. Give them a positive answer, and let it go.

The Final Step For Warm Market Network Marketing Recruiting

Now everyone you know, knows of your business. It is time to move on and begin prospecting cold market. Cold market is much easier and takes you more seriously because they do not know your past failures.
Cold market is how I was able to sponsor my warm market into network marketing. The cold market believed I was already successful because I was the one reaching out to them. This lead to several signups, and of course that leads to residual checks in the mail.
When my warm market asked about my business, I had some good news to tell. My rank advancements in the early ranks, my checks, and the extra income is very nice. This had a few of them asking if they could get involved and help too.
For many people, including your network marketing warm market, need to see someone else go first. They need a leader. It can be you they follow once you begin receiving checks and showing some success building and that it is real.
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