Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome To Rippln

 To say the least, it is a great new way for many people to learn of Network Marketing. It is a new social media site like Facebook, and will also be a store like Amazon. This is the first of it's kind, a social media that pays you to network and tell others about it. The best part of all is it's free to play!
 Rippln is the name, and the reason it's called Rippln is because you get paid off the ripple effect you create. You can invite as many people as you would like and they do the same. Your ripple will grow beyond your imagination as friends invite friends over and over again until the entire world has heard and joined.
 Think about Facebook. It has generated hundreds of billions of dollars because of people sharing it with one another. Think of how many people you may have told about Facebook who are members and the ones they tell and so on. But you never got a dime of that money did you?
 Well now you can! And this app is growing faster than Facebook did in it's first days. You join by invite only and to get an invite is quite simple. You just need to ask me and you get in. Perfect for new networkers since there is a zero risk to get involved and watch your ripple grow.
 It also is a perfect side plan for any networker who is involved with another company. It's an easy project to spread and since it's free to play, everyone will get involved. See how it is powerful?
 Don't be the one who sits out and waits to see if it will grow big. It already is growing big and if you sit it out and wait, your friends will already be involved and your chance will be gone. This is where you look back at a decision you made and will be making hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road. This decision can change your life forever.
 To get involved send a request for the information to me at and I will get you started. This is an easy way to learn new marketing tips and a great income source. Remember you can invite everyone you know, and getting people to join is simple because it is a free app. You get paid based off of how many people are in your ripple, and how much revenue from all the games, sales, and advertising that's bought. So grow a big ripple and get you a big check! Let's go guys! Get that ripple started! See video at bottom of blog for more info. To get started email me with Subject: Rippln Invite @