Saturday, June 1, 2013

Serious Marketer Skills

 If you are in marketing and operate a home business, then you need to ask yourself if you are a serious marketer or if you are doing this as a hobby. If it's just a hobby then I wouldn't expect too much success to come from it. It will be fun, maybe a few customers or a family member downline, but if you are wanting the success that the top earners see, you must get serious and aggressive.
 Have a plan. A daily routine. Make sure you have reasonable goals that you accomplish everyday no matter what gets in the way from day to day. You will always have interruptions and responsibilities outside of your business, but never let that be the reason you couldn't meet the goals you laid out for yourself.
 If you are new you need to connect with at least 3 people everyday. Connecting with 5 would be a more serious person's goals, but 3 will create a little momentum real fast. You need a way to keep a constant flow of new people looking into your business, or targeted leads that would be interested in something you have. It is a must have factor in marketing to never have a day where there is no one to speak with.
 So now that the goal is to keep introducing new faces to your business or products, you also must be able to take the time to find those new faces. I highly suggest that you get on with MLSP in order to learn the necessary methods to do this My Lead System Pro
 With all the new people comes even more responsibility since you leave no lead on the table without a decision from them. You must pursue a lead until you have a yes or no answer, or you can be missing out on a possibility. Of course your time becomes more valuable as you grow, so there can be necessary steps to getting a response from someone in order to keep them from wasting your valuable time. To learn more on how to get someone from "floating" to given an answer, which can be yes a lot of the time, watch the videos in the training library once you have became a member on MLSP My Lead System Pro
 Soon enough you will have yourself in a pattern of success. It will gradually grow the more days you stay consistent and by adding new methods to raise the 3 to 5 goal to more like 15 to 20. It's not impossible, but can seem that way to a rookie. You need to be trained and have a mentor to guide you. If you are in need of a mentor, I will be more than happy to help you, even if we aren't in the same business. I can show you exactly how you get to having the 3to5 leads a day tomorrow and how to get to 15 to 20 soon. I never run out of new leads, and have passed them to my team members many times.
 So if you are a serious marketer, and want to achieve what you just read, I will tell you to get involved with MLSP through this link My Lead System Pro and we have automatically became team members. It doesn't matter if we are not in the same company or not. From there I will take you on my calls and show you step by step what I do to achieve up to 30 leads or more a day. I will also show you how to convert these into customers/sponsors into your business.
 So remember ask yourself is this a hobby or do you want the success of the top earners? If you want success and have the heart, soul, and mind to be a aggressive worker, then let's do it! Sign up now, I will be calling you the very next day! My Lead System Pro